Return from Fear. (Open)

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    Return from Fear. (Open)

    Post by Kyrin Aminev on Sat 3 Oct - 0:16


    The wind once more had been cold and foreboding the return from the phoenix mountains and subsequent fear overridden by the girl had annoyed the spirit and yet he could not fight her in the end, “We should not have ran! The blood we could have spilled the destruction wrought! The FEAR!” he knew the girl was afraid and unable to cope she was not one born in fear like it but it knew the ways to calm her, “Now now Nera! When we get back to the guild all will be fine~ I will make sure to seal the pain like always alright?” It had to admit the feeling of manipulating this girl into doing what it wanted in this world was fun and yet it could not shake the feeling that the Guild Master would not be happy about this outcome from the cowardice shown.

    As they reached the door she could feel more fear welling up her eyes were watering and freezing from the cold as she opened the door to the guild known as basilisk fang with a weak push as she slipped in. “A-Are you sure you will help Latice?” She was terrified as normally more people were here but a man she knew as a devil slayer was gone and now it almost seemed dead inside, perhaps she caused the deaths due to her abandoning her post but she knew VERY well that it was not quite dead in the guild. As she moved further in she let out a yelp as the door slammed shut behind her due to the wind and began to cower beneath a table in fear, “L-Latice!!!” She wanted out she wanted to hide in a town away from everyone but the monster would never let her.

    With a small sigh in his breath her moved over the girl and slowly took over as her eyes went from their natural green to his dark glowing purple as her looked around and got out from under the table she had been cowering under before hand. “I am back due to the cowardice of Nera. . . Sorry about abandoning the area we were tasked with guarding.” The demon could care less about the deaths of anyone all it cared about was that the guild got paid and it’s life was spared.

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    Re: Return from Fear. (Open)

    Post by Sol on Sat 3 Oct - 6:15

    Sol was leaning against one of the walls in the guild with a drink in his hand, he was settling in nicely and had yet to get into a fight with anyone and as he heard the door open he glanced towards the door to see a young blond girl stepping inside. She seemed very timid and while she managed to utter only one thing Sol could clearly hear the fear in her voice as she darted under a table. After a moment the girl emerged from under the table and her whole demeanor changed. she seemed to exude interference and even referred to the herself as an entirely different person.

    Sol just blinked as he took a drink of spiced rum, he knew as a member of a guild he would see some strange people but this was a first for him.” either the kids got a spilt personality or she is just friggen crazy I wonder which one it is” he muttered more to himself then to her. The girl now known as Nera was mention to have abandoned a station that she was supposed to guard and the maroon haired mage just kept his hearing active and listened for more details.


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