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    Earthland and Beyond!


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    Completed Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Rainn 2nd October 2015, 1:38 pm

    Episode: 3
    To Earthland and Beyond!

    Hargeon City, a beautiful city on the bay, was Rainn’s destination. He had decided to get hold of a passport. A small piece of paper that granted it’s owner right to the outside world. The small town bartender would be able to go out into the world and travel to his heart’s content. Travel wasn’t something that he thought he’d be doing once he joined Blue Pegasus, but it was something that jobs may require, so this was a necessary step.

    Passports and Other Travel Needs just this way. A sign pointed down a bright white path toward the center of the town. He didn’t expect to head to the very heart of this place. Large crowds of people were bound to herd round, and Rainn didn’t exactly enjoy such gatherings. Sure he was a bartender and all, but that didn’t exactly make him fond of people. He has sat through a number of wise tales and been brushed in the wrong way thousands of times. Such things were bound to happen if he were to be caught up in any such fashion.

    Lo and behold, he found nothing more than what he didn’t want, a sea of people. Each of them crowding into the small lines for the ONE thing he was here for, passports. “Great. Just. Great.” He sighed placing his head in his right palm as he made way to the back of a line.

    “Estimated wait for newcomers is currently 3 hours.” Rainn’s face sunk deeper into his palm at the sound of the announcement.

    Good thing I’m on leave and have nothing better to do tod…” His words were cut short as a child shoulder charged his back. Stay calm, just stay calm. Don’t lose it… Stay calm… His subconscious repeated over and over again as he turned. Looking down on the child, he was met with nothing more than a long stare. The child didn’t quite know what to say. Should he apologize or just run past and fight harder for the front of the line? He nor Rainn knew. They just looked at each other blankly for a moment.

    “Sorry?” The child’s voice let on with an upwards inflection, “I was trying to get back up with my parents and wasn’t exactly watching where I was running.” The kid brought his right hand up and began to scratch at the back of his head. “Say you’re a tall and look quite mad….. Would ya mind helpin me get up to my mom and dad?” He inquired with a point up to his parents. They were second in line which was miles beyond where Rainn currently stood.

    The bartender just stared expressionless at the child(-_-). He didn’t want to help the little brat, but at the same time it might make things go a bit faster, or it would bite him in the ass and put him even further behind schedule of getting this damned passport. He very much hoped for the latter. “Normally, I’d say no. Today though… I guess I can help you out, BUT we have to make a believable story to cut through these people.

    “Okay, whatcha got in mind?”

    Hold still... ” He spoke with an immediate pause. Pulling back his right hand he gave a nice swift direct punch to the kid’s shoulder. Tears began to swell up in his eyes. “Now that’s believable, keep it up!

    The bartender grabbed on to the kid’s hand and started pushing his way through the crowd. No one even tried to stop him. They could clearly see he was guiding a distraught child to his parents, and no one wanted to hear a kid cry for any longer than they had to.

    “Th.th.there th.th.they are.” The kid fought to release the words. His parents were now in arm’s reach. They could, well should, be able to hear his whimpers, but they didn’t react to it. Maybe they thought it was another child? It was quite the packed day out here.

    Next” The teller called out and the family stepped up. “I.D Please.” She continued going through the motions just to be interrupted…

    Hey, um, is this your son? I found him crying at the back of the line. All he could do was point in your direction.

    The mother dropped to her knees and grasped the child. She didn’t seem to care about replying. All that could be heard was the constant questioning of “Are you okay?” and the child would come back with “I was just so lost and worried”. He was really laying it on thick.

    “b.b.but this man helped me.” The teary eyed runt pointed up from his mother’s shoulder.

    “Well thank you, sir. Would you care for anything? A small tip for your good deed? Anything?” She bombarded as she forced her way back to her feet.

    I.Ds Please… We need to keep this moving! Can you not see the crowd behind you?” An enraged teller interjected.

    Rainn only pointed at the desk and smiled. The family took note of the gesture and motioned a thank you once more. “Here ya go.” Rainn dropped his I.D on the desk with a smile.  
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