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    The Hunter [job~Ivy&Kiki] Empty The Hunter [job~Ivy&Kiki]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 27th September 2015, 8:12 am

    A few days ago...

    A letter came to the Basilisk Fang guild hall, and Ivy was the first to find it. It spoke of a treasure that was hidden in some tome, and the first mages who find it as opposed to this random person would be able to keep 10,000 jewels from it as well as one choice item. This didn't make sense to Ivy, so the first thing she naturally did was bring it to Nunzia, as she is the person Ivy goes to normally for everything when she doesn't have the answer to it.

    " Legend tells that somewhere within the Ancient Ruins; the original Ten Wizard Saints of old, one millenia ago; the ten of them gathered, and collectively hid away their most valuable artifacts and treasures. These men and women had items of great value, and riches beyond the biggest pile in the world, Some items are even said to mold their appearance and abilities to the person who finds them, therefore we musn't let anyone with a bad heart get it... but I don't know what to do, I couldn't possibly go out there."

    This piqued Ivy's interest, as she herself wanted to mold something's features to fit her own. She jumped up, and looked at Nana. "Nana you stay here, Nunzia I'll go get it! Don't worry I can handle myself, and plus it says letters were sent out to every guild, there is bound to be another person!" Ivy went to her room to get her weapon and her bracelets, and after packing some food she went and headed out.


    It has now been three days of walking, but Ivy herself didn't get tired out that easily, and her legs wouldn't really "feel the burn," as she is immune to minor pains like that. She went through most of her food, which was fine, she could just hunt something after doing this. Now at the Ancient Ruins, Ivy began to search for the entrance to this tome.


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