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    Derp wants Fudge [Kenyon Solo]

    Noa Kuroki
    Noa Kuroki

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    Derp wants Fudge [Kenyon Solo] Empty Derp wants Fudge [Kenyon Solo]

    Post by Noa Kuroki on 22nd September 2015, 5:11 pm

    Job:Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe!
    Player Requirements:D or C rank wizards, 1-4 team members, 150 word min per post, 5 post minimum (Dark Mages/Guildless Only)
    Job Requirements:D or C ranked wizard, Dark mage, no moral objection to thieving, recipe card must be intact and the employee must never speak of the job again if either of these terms are breached the contract is null and void, payment cancelled.
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description:Chef William Dorvald would like a wizard to steal his rival's secret fudge recipe while he is away for the week and is willing to pay top dollar for silence on the subject and a speedy delivery.
    Reward: 1,000 jewels on delivery, 1,500 if presented in 5 posts (before the rival gets back).
    Beware of the suit, he is the real royal guardian

    Kenyon has heard that there is a chef in Peace Village that's looking for someone to hire someone for an unknown task. Kenyon is in need of money and is broad out of his mind cause all he has down for three whole days is relax inside of a tree so that he wouldn't be bother to do anything or asked any questions by anyone. So Kenyon heads off to Peace Village while thinking, "Well Peace is in the name so I shouldn't have to worrie to much about the task being hard or having to risk the chance of someone seeing/finding out about my hidden ability". Takes him about three hours to reach the village then another hour to find the building where the chef's shop is. Keyon opens the door and walks in while the bell above the door makes a loud ring sounds. It's to let people in the shop know someone has just arrived, not even a second later a chef comes running from the back to the front of the shop. "Welcome to the shop-" Before the chef could even finish his sentence Kenyon interrupted him by asking "Are you Willian Dorald?" The chef reply's "Yes, I am Chef Dorald. Your here better the job aren't you." Kenyon shakes his head yes, "What is the task of the job you want to be completed?" Dorald looks around out the window before telling Kenyon he want someone to steal his rival's famous fudge recipe. Kenyon was shocked at first then remembers that most people are greedy. "Alright, I'll do it." Kenyon thinks it should be easy enough to get the recipe and that this task is very childish but he needs the money so goes along with it. "You couldn't have showed up at a better time, cause he is be going out of town for five days and he is leaving tonight." Without another word from Kenyon as he walks out the door.

    @ Word Count: 328
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