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    "For the animarurus!" (Solo Job)


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    "For the animarurus!" (Solo Job) Empty "For the animarurus!" (Solo Job)

    Post by psaiko 17th September 2015, 3:35 pm

    Job stuff:

    "What do you mean the Animal reserve is closed?!?! . . . None of these animals have any rompus rooms. ITS ALL CAGES." "Sir, we do not have the funds to do anything like that. We take them on wal-" A man in a hat would try to make his way to 'defend' whatever form of establishment this pet adoption agency and veterinarian charity. To which Furion would respond in a violent rage that would seemingly rally the animals into barking. Not in the sense that they didn't like the noises, more so in the sense that they were agreeing with Furion. Which was strange . . . "Dont you 'Sir', me! I'm a Dragon! Now Give me your hat or i'm going to do what the Fairy tail guild did the last time they were in Hargeon . . . " Furion was going to have to do some serious magical recon. When the man in the hat and blue suit handed over the hat feeling as though he was in front of a being to fear, Furion, before taking his leave with said hat, would make his way to the Turtle tank and reach in and pet one of the small snapping turtles. "Shhh, its okay. I too, am blessed with Glorious turtles . . . I will help you." Furion would leap into action and leave the facility into the streets of Hargeon.

    Furion still huff about his animal brethren being in an insignificant cage, going out into the streets of Hargeon, a vast busy body of arteries made of buildings. Furion would pause and stare at the hat he had taken for no apparent reason. Street performers seemed to have various forms of jars, hats, and guitar cases to throw money in. Furion stared over to one and watched for a mere moment . . . A ring spinner? Thats stupid. There's no magic there, is what Furion was thinking to himself. So, Furion would do as he saw fit He would run into the nearest populated area with a tree stump and stand on it before throwing the hat down! In his loud and boisterous yelling, Furion would speak! "Come one, come all! Pay a visit to the Shapeshifting man!"

    "A shapeshifter? . . . Thats new at least." Some of the passerby's would walk by Furion, some would stop and wait for him to do something rather than throwing around money. After some people stopped by Furion smiled and then began to alter the general formation of his own cells using the excess magical energies he himself generated, his skin cells transforming into that of the formation of scales in an instant. He wasn't just making a bold claim, he was capable of altering his own appearance at will. Furion would remove his own shirt and display the skin cells altering as well. "You can throw your money into that hat on the ground now." Furion paused. Seeing as nobody was doing anything, "Do it or i'll break you." They did as asked throwing whatever jewels they had into the hat . . .

    Creating a simple 'circus' act was as easy as pointing at the nearest freak or preforming something unusual. Furion's next display was to attempt a simple takeover, Furion would alter his muscular and skin structure to make himself into a massive monstrosity before the watchers, he would rise up like a green, crag-covered mountain of scales and hide. His antlers creating a spade-like terror spiked with kind green eyes that shine with a frightening malevolence. Rivulets of lava and magma were visible beneath Furion's scorched scales. Furion was clearly assuming his draconic form for the entertainment of others, and they would pay him to do so. This would go on for several hours before the sky was beginning to turn a beautiful orange that comforted the soul of the beasts in the forests far to the north.

    The dogs in the pound of the charity center would be soothed and asleep until Furion returned, and when he did he was carrying a lot of money in a bag, instead of the busted hat that was being worn on his head, the once large top-hat was torn apart and had several holes in it, like from the manifesting large antlers that Furion had enlarged when his takeover was in place. "Use this money to give the animals a better place to stay. Dont spend it on yourself . . . If you do, i'll know."

    The hatless man was now baffled, "W-where d-did you get this money?!?!" Furion paused and stared at the bag of jewels he would drop on the ground. "I'm a Fairy tail guild member?" ". . . Thats hardly a satisfying answer. But, nonetheless, you have our gratitude!"

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    "For the animarurus!" (Solo Job) AxOEA5u

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    "For the animarurus!" (Solo Job) Empty Re: "For the animarurus!" (Solo Job)

    Post by Hikachu 18th September 2015, 5:03 am

    "For the animarurus!" (Solo Job) YdROJZD


    "For the animarurus!" (Solo Job) JhB4MAf

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