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    Izayoi Burakkurōzu
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    Masamune Empty Masamune

    Post by Izayoi Burakkurōzu on Wed 16 Sep - 0:01

    Name: Masamune
    Rank: Event(artifact)
    Type: Katana
    The blade is 68" inches long and weights 9 pounds total.
    Masamune The-ma10
    Unbreakable - a strange weapon that is unable to be broken.

    Mana Eater - this blade will absorb 5% of the enemy's mana when a attack lands, it can absorb up to a total of 50% Mp

    Ranged Attacks - once it consumes enough mana it gains the ability to at at range.
    Its length can make it hard to use in enclosed spaces.

    MP the blade consumes can't be used for anything other than sword abilitys.

    Mono-molecular blade: because it has such a fine edge the blade can only be put in its own scabbard.

    Limited for close to mid range attacks.


    Name: Edge
    Rank: Event
    Duration: Two attacks
    Cost: 10% and increase by 5% with each use
    Description: Masamune's edge takes on a bluish glow, this is a sign that it will cut through just about anything.
    While this ability is going Masamune will cut through any defense H rank and lower, dealing full damage equal to the users rank to the target.

    can be Defensive or offensive depending on how its used, as the blade can cut spells and defenses.

    Does not have to be used right away, the ability can be activated and one use may be used, then the blade can be sheathed to save the second use.
    Will cut anything the edge of the blade touches friend, foe or otherwise.

    Cost is goes up by 5% for each use after the first.

    The Scabbard can stop the edge of this blade, it is the only thing that can.

    While it will cut through defenses it will not harm them, just pass through them.

    Name: Iaido
    Rank: Event
    Duration: Instant
    cost: 15% and increases by 5% with each use.
    Description:  The user of Masamune sheaths the blade and draws it against the scabbard, as it reaches the end the blade exits at a faster speed. This creates a "wave" of sorts that goes over 10 meters in a straight line dealing one rank higher than the user. this damage is magical and lack any kind of element.
    The blade just has to be sheathed to use this ability meaning its a great opener.

    Deals enhanced damage and has decent range

    Covers the ten meter almost instantly making it hard to dodge.
    Hard to use in enclosed spaces.

    A enemy who has seen the attack can hinder the execution of it.

    Goes in a straight line meaning a enemy can step out of the way.

    hard to use on moving enemy's.


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    Masamune Empty Re: Masamune

    Post by King Elyx on Thu 17 Sep - 18:03

    Masamune Merp%202.jpg_zpszdcapnj1
    This item is based on an event item made by the big man himself (Seijin). It was just reformed to make more sense to the current system being used.



    Masamune Empty Re: Masamune

    Post by Guest on Thu 27 Apr - 11:15

    Item is now owned by Rai Sormr.

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