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    The Maker's necromancer

    The Maker's necromancer

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    Telegram! Empty Telegram!

    Post by weretiger5411 12th September 2015, 11:26 pm

    lineage passive used:

    Passive=* Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
    Zecarayus was back in magnolia, of course it wasn't like he was far away since, well he was in fairy tail after all. However he seldom visit it due to the assassination attempt earlier in the year. Still, the job was needed from a heart-felt plea to deliver courage where the client had none. He met the client outside of what seemed to be a very popular concert swarmed with people, a man in his mid 20's who was struck in love. "Oh are you the mage to help me?" the man asked when zecarayus approached him. "Aye sir, You need a letter delivered?" he replied respectfully to the client. The client nodded and handed him the note, sealed with a stamp of a hummingbird, "She will be behind stage in her changing room, and their will be guards that won't let you past unless you convince them otherwise, oh and her name is sasha too." he said as he handed zecarayus the letter. Zecarayus took the letter and put it in his cloak, "Allright, sasha will get her letter, no worries about it." he told the client with a confident smile. He then left to begin to try to mingle in the crowd, the bloody thing was much more crowded then the lines when he tried to get his passport.

    Zecarayus made his way to where he could see the main entrance to get to this sasha, which was congested with screaming fans and much bigger guards holding them back. Ugh he thought to himself, this was not going to be easy. Zecarayus could have used his spells, they were some nice ones that would clear this crowd in a heartbeat. However that would also hurt people and that is a no-no. Zecarayus tried to navigate to the other side of the building finding the same results. He sighed, getting a little frustrated, and then noticed an ally way.

    Zecarayus went down the alleyway to find another entrance to the star's room. However their was one, very big guard in the way. All right lets do this zecarayus thought to himself as he approached the guard.

    Zecarayus walked into the hallway looking for the stars room, the other guards trying to control the bigger guard who got feared after threatening to squash zecarayus like a grape. "allright, sashasahshasasha....sasha!" zecarayus said to himself as he found the room. He opened up slowly, would not want to walk in on her while changing. He heard the shower on in the room so he was more then able to drop the letter on the dresser, however he did want to see this sasha for himself so he peeked into the shower for himself. She was behind the curtains so he could only see a silhouette of her. She was very gifted in her body...and had a piece on her(If you don't get it then don't worry about it). Zecarayus hurried out of the dress room his face showed shock, blush very red and once outside he saw the biggest guard had recovered. Zecarayus sprinted out through the alley way back into the crowd where he lost the guards. He found his way back to the client, which zecarayus told him that the message was delivered, and left telling of nothing else.

    (all done in one post, 542 count)


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    Note: Until I get this in his character sheet, his name is changed to nevarran. Same soul though!

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