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    Deliver the Letter! [Nagato, Solo.]


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    Deliver the Letter! [Nagato, Solo.] Empty Deliver the Letter! [Nagato, Solo.]

    Post by Pein Sat 12 Sep - 21:20

    TAG: Nagato Namikaze, Rune Knights
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    Nagato watched the middle age man in front of him search through drawers looking for an envelope. It was the fifth episode of [I]The Oddly Easy Jobs by Nagato[/], and for this one he was supplied the not so simple task of delivering a letter to a celebrity. It was no small, underground hipster local celebrity; it was Kylie, the emerging popstar that was taking Earthland and Fiore by storm. Her attractive looks and magical singing voice powered her fanbase, male and female alike.

    "Ah, found it!"

    The voice of his client, Rob, bought him out of his thoughts. Rob was around 30, and was 10 when he met the young less famous Kylie. He claimed to have been her childhood friend, and with a picture to prove it. He had an okay job, with an okay house, but his dating life was minimal because of his 'obsession' and 'love' for Kylie. But hey, Nagato thought, to each his own.

    Grabbing the letter, Nagato nodded. "So all I have to do is make sure this get's in her hands? Rob nodded, and frowned. He was nervous of the whole situation, cautious of Nagato's skill to sneak the letter in, and cautious of how Kylie would respond. Putting his trust in the mage however, Rob sat down. "The concert starts in around 30, so you should get going."

    Smirking, Nagato flashed a peace sign and teleported from his location. He could not see Rob's reaction, but hopefully it was one filled with awe of his speed. Arriving at the Magnolia Arts Center, Nagato watched the fans of Kylie scream their heads off as the popstar walked through the crowd into her dressing house. It was larger than a room, and house was the only thing Nagato could think of to describe it!

    Staring at the dressing house, Nagato concentrated. His body warped down into a slim, crackling lightning bolt, and flew into the building, going right through the walls as if it was a ghost. His body expanded back, as the crackling noise died down and a woman was met face to face with Nagato as she sat down on her couch eating grapes.

    She screamed, and Nagato ran over to her to cover her mouth. He hastily shushed her, hoping her security would not have seen. Close to her face, he dropped his blue eyes, and whispered, "I'm just a mage. Hear me out, I'll explain everything when security leaves you alone."

    Turning once again into a lightning bolt, he found himself surrounded by fur coats and expensive shoes. He heard voices, a door close, and footsteps walking in his direction. Taking a deep breath, he watch a shadow approach the door, and yank it open.

    To his relief, he was face to face with the popstar Kylie. Her brown perfectly done hair and makeup seemed to make her attractiveness more undeniable.

    "I got them away. It doesn't mean I trust you, I'm just a sucker for blue eyes like yours." She said, causing a slight red tone to appear on the normally collected mage's cheeks.

    He thanked her, and plopped down on the couch. Reaching I to his back pocket, he pulled out the envelope giving to him before by Rob.

    "I was hired to deliver this letter to you by a client named Rob Stowski. He said you two are childhood friends, and seems to not get over the fact you two were separated when you went to move with your dad."

    Her eyes lit up on the announcement of Rob's name, and she shrieked happily, but low enough that security wouldn't barge into her room. "Rob! My first crush and love. He was so handsome when we were 10. So much fun too! We went on all sort of park dates and playdates." The next few minutes consisted of Kylie describing minute by minute of her and Rob's experiences as a kid. She seemed to be just as smitten about him as he is about her. Before he knew it, Kylie seemed to be in love with Rob all over again, and even agreed to call and meet him later tonight. Before he knew it, Kylie turned the conversation around about Nagato's love life.

    "So what about you, of course you must have someone?"

    Nagato stared at her, and deeply thought about what she said. He didn't have someone. No companion to experience joys in life one would not be able to experience by themselves. He was young, but that didn't stop him from wondering why he was not in a relationship.

    Smiling, he shook his head. "I am way too busy these days. I'm on my way to being a Field Marshal, the highest rank one can be as a Rune Knight. When I get there, then I'll worry about love." Nodding at his statement, Kylie checked the time.
    "Oh! I still have a show to do." Smiling, she kissed Nagato on the cheek. "Thank you for bringing two old flames back together Field Marshal Nagato." Sliding him a card, she walked over to the door. "Whenever you have some free time, call me. This has just been a blast."

    And with that, she left the young mage alone in his thoughts as the screams of fans echoed through the air.

    "Love..." He whispered to himself, a tear rolling down the side of his face.

    ~Job Complete~
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