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    Were going to need a bigger chicken coop


    The Maker's necromancer

    The Maker's necromancer

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    Were going to need a bigger chicken coop Empty Were going to need a bigger chicken coop

    Post by weretiger5411 on 12th September 2015, 6:03 pm


    Job: Get that Chicken!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Capture the chicken without hurting it. Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character.
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description: A farmer has recently had a broken chicken house and requires you to hunt that Fowl down! This Chicken however had magical growth hormones injected into him that increased its size to a 5 foot monster! Its peck will deal C rank damage so watch out! Damaging even one feather on that chicken will result in a job failure so it may be best to lure or scare the chicken back into its fence. Completing it will give one grateful farmer his livelihood back.
    Reward: 250 Jewels. Failure if you do a single D-rank of damage.
    Lineage passive and abilities:

    Active=* The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.(Not activated right now)

    Passive=* Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
    Zecarayus stood in the train as it approached clover town. He had taken this job himself to try and explore more of the fiore reigon itself, since it was the goal of fairy tail to explore new places to the members. Well anyways this would be great practice for him to not only get jobs done but also to get more familiar with the towns. The train slowed to a stop as the conductor yelled, "Next stop, Clover Town!" Zecarayus stepped off the train, he liked the trains, they traveled much faster then horses and were a pleasure to ride on most of the time. But now he was in the old fashioned town.

    He looked around clover town, this was the first time he was here and was surprised how it resembled his own home, without the threat of templars. He walked around looking at all the buildings and stores. A lot of them were some sort of taverns, although they had a more sophisticated feel to them and customers ate and drank out in the open. He also noticed a lot of older mages, retired but their magical auras still shone strong. He gave them a respectful distance while a few of them gave him a cautionary glance, sensing the dark magic he held. One of them, a retired sensory mage picked him out. "Wicked mage!" she spat at him. "Excuse me ma'm?" zecarayus replied, but then the old woman waved her cane threateningly at him, "You heard me! I know the magic you posses!" What looked like her caretaker came in and tried to calm her down. Zecarayus took the chance and left the town part and started to leave for the farms.

    As he walked through the farms, looking for one with a broken chicken coop, He couldn't help to notice how similar the farms were to the ones in his own home. Zecarayus never worked on the farms nor was he raised on one, but he always saw them and sometimes he tried to help the farmers, with mixed successes. He walked by the farmers, a lot of the children on the farms herd of the job he was on and watched him with curiosity, following him as he tried to find the farm with the broken chicken coop, although a few who could sense magic better kept distance from him.

    The children now walked with him less afraid of the stranger, even those who kept their distance walked closer ignoring his dark aura. "Are you here about the chicken problem?" One of the boys asked, messy medium blond hair with freckles who worked on the nearby farm with his family. "Yes I am, do you actually know where the farm is?" he asked the blonde kid. "I know where the farm is!" Another kid say, a girl with long raggled red hair with a few baby teeth missing. "Oh? can you lead me to the farm then?" he asked her. She smiled and ran forward of him, which he followed her along with the rest of the crowd.

    She led him to an what appeared to be an abandoned farm with overgrown weeds and fields, it was clear the farm had not been occupied for awhile. The girl though was confident and lead zecarayus there. "Are you sure this is the place?" zecarayus asked the red haired girl. The red haired girl nodded "Yep! Go in the barn to find the farmer!" she pointed to the run down barn, it looked empty and haunted, which zecarayus has dealt with the creepy scenery before and was not to intimated by it. He walked up to it and opened the door slowly to reveal inside of rusted down equipment and rotting hay. He closed the door while most of the children watched from the holes in the barn and some try to hold their laughter down. The reason for their laughter was revealed by the battle cry of the giant 5-foot chicken. Zecarayus had no idea about what his job was and did not know that the giant chicken was part of the job. What he did know was how to run, and fast. Zecarayus sprinted around away from the chicken in the barn while the children laughed at the spectacle. Finally, zecarayus climbed to a higher floor while the chicken still tried to peck at him.

    "WHAT IS THAT???" he yelled at the children while the chicken still tried to get him. "Silly that is the chicken your suppose to get!" one of them said, hard to see due to the height zecarayus was at. "O-ok is it suppose to be that big?!" he exclaimed. "Yeah! you got to get it back to the farmer!" one of the children said again. "Where is the farmer?!" he asked. "The next barn over, to the left!" the children replied. Zecarayus sighed, trying to think how he could get the chicken over to the next barn. Then he had the idea, he saw an opening outside the barn and jumped out of the opening on the second floor of the barn to the overgrown wheat. Zecarayus quickly got up as the chicken barged out of the barn toward him. Then he lead the chase as he sprinted over to the next barn.

    The farmer, an old man who had very little left except the chicken, noticed something on the horizon. "I swear if that is the mage he is late!" he grumbled to himself. Then realized the young stranger was being chased by his prized chicken. "HELP! I GOT YOUR CHICKEN!!!!" zecarayus yelled as he got closer still being chased. The old man, knew what to do, and as zecarayus ran onto the farm the chicken's attention was grabbed by a trail of corn. The chicken followed the trail of corn to it's pen and was successfully captured.

    Zecarayus was allowed to rest at the old man's farm with the children their, all who enjoyed the show zecarayus put on. The old man was happy with zecarayus's job well done regardless, and gave him lemonade that the old man still made. After awhile zecarayus walked off the farm with the children following him. He was mad with with the children at first, but thought about how without them he wouldn't have found the chicken so easily. That and the children said how it was always all work and no play on the farms, so it was fun to see something new. He left clover town that day tired but satisfied, and with more knowledge about not to trust farm children so easily.

    (Job done all in one post)


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