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    So a necromancer and a MMO player walk in a forest...


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    Re: So a necromancer and a MMO player walk in a forest...

    Post by Raiza on 7th September 2015, 7:38 pm

    retracting his gunblade back into its console key form, which was a tattoo on his right wrist as he was apparently more than easily dragged through the forest in which the flames were engulfing. Though odditity the forest seemed to fight back and before too long the flames itself were burnt out(Dun wanna burn the forest down lol). It was strange but to be expected after all. Though what remained after the burnt remains left a scorch of a black fire, even the ashes and any embers that remained held the warmth of what felt like an ethereal hell. Though it felt cold almost as if the soul of the area was struck itself, not persay normal as the area began to have the creeping feeling that emptiness was followed, almost as if Raiza's attack wasn't demon filled but filled with something else entirely.

    "tsch, yeah fun I guess...shame I almost went unconscious from the mana loss just now..." refusing to thank the man for dragging him out of that fire when he could have tried to himself, then again that was just pride talking since he knew deep down he may not have had the energy to do such. Though staggering back to his feet, Raiza's eyes peered towards the empty feeling of where he scorched the forest 'Why does it feel like... I did more than just attack the physical world right there...'

    Concerned by his own attack, but not so much worried. He didn't choose to try and figure that out just yet as he felt that would come to him in due time after all. "some times this game is just odd..." he whispered, looking towards the nearby town "Suppose we're done here now...I dont truly wish to stick around, we killed a rather massive pack of Vulcans, and honestly... I think there is gotta be more. Though killing that what seemed like a pack leader this'll dampen the attacks on the village, so job well done."

    (15/15 says job is done so i'm done counting the posts/and statistics)


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    Re: So a necromancer and a MMO player walk in a forest...

    Post by weretiger5411 on 7th September 2015, 11:21 pm

    (Gotta be eco friendly XD)

    "Ah yeah, whoooo job well done." zecarayus said, he felt accomplished about getting the job done, but not so much happy about the destruction. Still, the villagers will have no more problems and the forest will regrow. Now about his partner, Well, he knows demon magic definitely, and seemed to use it well. But with such power can corrupt a mage and kill them or worse. Then again, he didn't even know the man's name nor idea, just that he needed another man for the job.

    Still it's fine though, the job was done and both walked down the path to the village without a word to collect their reward. Next time zecarayus will ask for a name, and about this MMO magic more...maybe.

    (Thread is done and get 50% more jewels due to lineage)

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