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    Ocean Send off (Private)


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    Ocean Send off (Private) Empty Ocean Send off (Private)

    Post by Daddy 27th August 2015, 11:15 pm

    A sigh left the lips of the dark haired man that sat at the dock of the island that he was on. The moon was high in the sky, but the waters were dark. His body vibrated with the knowledge that out just beyond the horizon was his old mentor, waiting on him again. According to her from the message that had been delivered to him he’d grown lax in her opinion, and another training session was due for the ocean slayer. His goodbyes were said, for this trip would see him gone for a few years if he’d even return. The thought of Emilia in back in the guild brought tears running down his cheek before he dived into the water, heading out. This would be the last time Vexel would be seen for a good little while.

    Vexel is sent away till I have the muse for him again. Thus allowing me to make another character on this account


    Ocean Send off (Private) JAgwtRZ

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