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    Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora]


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    Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora] Empty Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora]

    Post by Dr.Stein on 23rd August 2015, 3:56 pm

    Job Details:
    Job Title: Visit to the Zoo [Dark Version]
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: 300+ word count, 30 post thread count, must have at least 1 B-rank with you, min player 2 max player 4, no one S-rank or higher can do this job
    Job Requirements: Aid the hyper evolved animals in destroying the area possibly even ruining Clover Town itself
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description: Clover Town has just opened a new zoo and has invited everyone for their free day opening, but you're there to help Dr.Stein alter the animals simply by disguising yourselves as zoo staff and go with him into each of the animal cages so he can administer his beta evolution compound and cause some chaos.

    Note: Dr.Stein isn't required to be on the job with you to do this job just run him as an NPC that doesn't get caught in combat
    Weak: Animal Tamers x3: These guys are trained in handling exotic animals meaning if they get to an animal they'll most likely calm it down and get it subdued. Eliminate them as quickly as possible. They don't have any means to fight back and only take 2 hits from any rank to drop.

    Normal: Zoo Staff x5: Non-magical human that only does D-ranked damage, but have tranquilizer rifles that do C-rank damage with the tranquilizers being strong enough to drop an elephant in four darts. Takes 3 hits of any rank to drop and tranquilizer rifle has a clip of 12.

    Strong: Rune Knight Containment Squad: A total of nine rune knights that use chain magic that is specialized in containment. They will try to bind you and the animals with their chains to get things under control. Their chains can be broken in two B-ranked hits and due to them being materialized magical energy slayers can't eat the chains. Each Rune Knight attack does B-rank damage so long as it isn't an attack with the chains. Each Rune Knight takes 2 B-rank worth of damage to drop.

    Boss: Rune Knight Containment Squad Captain(Only One and comes with a squad): The squad captain uses both chain and buff magic which has allowed him to increase the defense of his chains and allowing him to hit for A-rank damage when not using the chains to attack with. The captain's chains can be broken with a total of two A-rank worth of damage hits. The captain takes 8 B-rank worth of damage to drop.

    Reward: 12k jewels and the joy of causing some chaos.

    It was a bright and sunny day in Clover Town as people were waiting for the brand new zoo to open, but Stein had already sneaked in to the staff list as a veterinarian so he can do a live experiment using the animals in this zoo. "Hey Doc we need you to go around to keep an eye on the animals while we have visitors." The zoo manager instructed Stein before letting him get to work. Stein left the staff room with several serums that he was needing to administer to the animals, but first things first he needed to go and check on Spike while he waited for the others to arrive. Having to go to the other side of the zoo he was getting a lot of unneeded attention from the people entering the zoo. "Hey mister what are you doing in that white coat?" A random kid asked Stein from behind. Crouching down to look the kid in the eyes while he spoke. "I'm a doctor for the animals. Its my job to go around the zoo and check up on each one of them." When he answered the question the kid's face lit up with amazement. Patting the kid on the head he went and did the hand motion for him to go away. With that dealt with Stein continued to the other side of the zoo to check on Spike. Making it to the spot where Spike was hidden underground in an empty part of the zoo. Snapping his fingers Spike poked his head out of the ground. Patting his chimera on the head for doing his job of staying put until Stein comes get him once he injects these serums into the animals. "Stay hidden for the time being." Following his master's order Spike went back underground and waited for him to called on. Leaving Spike where he is Stein went to the entrance of the zoo and waited for the others to arrive.
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    Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora] Firma_12

    "My motive is extremely simple. Observe and experiment, thats all. Thats what I live for, Everything in the world is my test subject. Of course that includes me."
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    Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora] Empty Re: Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora]

    Post by Annora on 24th August 2015, 11:03 am

    It's like I'm screaming ,
    and no one can hear.

    Her crimson gaze darted across the white sheet, carefully reading the black text that stained the rather thin paper. A sigh escaped her lips as she grabbed the red sheathed blade before heading out, "Let's do this."

    So here she stood, inside the newly opened zoo that invited people to crowd in the place. Her face held emotions of disgust as she stared down at the attire that coated her body. It was plain grey jumpsuit, embroided with nothing other than the white tag that was glued onto the upper left of the suit, holding the words, 'Carla'. The utterly ridiculous name itself repulsed her. Her long midnight black hair was tied into a ponytail as her head remained covered with a grey cap; coming along with the suit.

    Her sword was not in her hand as the dirty black combat boots grazed the ground she walked on. Her gaze darted from left to right, observing the different animals in cages. Her wish to trap humans in these cages and torture them increased as she walked further.

    Her feet stopped in front of a wooden door, on which big, bold letters held the text 'STAFF'. The same word was stitched onto the back of her suit, right above the Basilisk guild crest that rested below her neck. Her crimson hues gazed upon men and women wearing the same attire such as herself. Not recognizing any one of them to be 'dark mages', she turned on the balls of het feet and retreated towards the entrance.

    Annora herself did not know what she had decided to come to this job. Boredom perhaps. Her desire to prey on humans grew as she gazed upon the happy families that flooded the ground. Children laughed and screamed in excitement at the sight of wild animals. Disgusting. This sight, to her, was utterly disgusting. She shoved her balled fists inside the pockets of her jumpsuit before  walking straight towards the large gates, above which a board held the title, 'Zoo'. Her opicals spotted a rather suspicious  doctor.

    Beads of sweat rolled down her pale skin as she spotted the familiar white coat. Ignoring the protests in her mind, she headed towards him and stood beside him, not bothering to introduce herself. A scientist was not someone she wanted to ever see again.
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    Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora] EhHiEpZ

    Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora] QUzgcgK
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    Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora] Empty Re: Visit to the Zoo[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke,Laycie,Annora]

    Post by Laycie on 26th August 2015, 5:48 am

    let me feast upon the cries of your agony

    589 words

    Amid, the clamor of animated giggles and screams; in between, the serene songs of the ravens; amongst the din’s resounding from the creatures; a hum resonated through the extensively large vicinity. Layered with perniciousness, it possessed a nefarious semblance within every melody. Just like the being who emanated it. There, she was; strolling through the granite laden streets of Clover; sepia locks travelling through the wind; hands elegantly, clasped behind her back. Upon her lithe frame, she adorned an article of clothing; painted in a dull, grey; inching from her shoulders and, covering her arms, descending all the way down to her feet. Upon, the chest of her grey, a pearl painted badge stuck; printed with the words, or rather, name ‘Aspyn’ in a mundane script. Despite, the monotonous attire that decorated her, an enigmatic mien ascended from the dark haired female. It, signified her as someone different, depicted by the curious glances of many. Not, resembling, any of those that adorned themselves in the same as her. She didn’t appear plain. For, she transformed the plainness into, something, malevolent.

    Laycie’s hand inched to her pants pockets as, inside lay a neatly, folded paper. Fingers fumbling it until, it finally opened up. Her amethyst hues slithered across the white sheet once more as, a curl originated upon the paleness of her lips. “Well, this ‘ought to be interesting. Indeed, Dr. Stein has quite an intriguing thought process.” Her lips emitted a chuckle as, the hand poised around the paper curled itself; the previous, neatness of the sheet now, diminished as creases marked it. The sign of torture. One, that would, indeed, resemble those that would, soon be inflicted upon her foes.

    The demon’s fingers twitched; the wait of crimson to embellish her palms, making her very eager. Of course, if truth be told; no significant attention was relayed through the aphotic haired woman upon, the tests that Stein would initiate on the animals. Except, for a slight inquisitiveness, to the result of the experiments. Perhaps, a change in appearance? Albeit, one was ascertained; a change in their craving for chaos. Trained were those animals however, soon, they would wreak havoc. Establish a genocide that would not be confined to their, so called home, but to the town of Clover, as well. The pandemonium would be a sight to witness; but more importantly, one to partake in, as well. Rueful cries of agony ascending into the air; a pleasing euphony. One, the demon, anxiously, awaited.

    Alas, her feet treaded, upon the entrance. A sign, scripted with the words ‘Clover Town Zoo’ scrawled upon it, neatly in a curvaceous manner. However, it was not the sign that caught the attention of the twin pools of mauve of Laycie’s hues. Instead, it were the two figures, rigidly, positioned within the base of the entrance. Stein and Annora. Appeared as though, her allies had arrived before her. Steps taken towards them, eyes glinting with await as she approached the two, akin mages of Basilisk Fang. “Pleasant to see the two of you here, Stein and Annora.” She spoke, an exchange of pleasantries, in tow. “Well, I’ve arrived now, as well. Is there anyone else we’re waiting for or, shall we proceed?” Whilst she spoke, her optics grazed upon, the stern visage of Annora; unsettlement, clear in her the midnight haired woman’s eyes. It made a ponder echo through Laycie’s mind; curious as to the uneasiness within her. Perhaps, this mission might give more of an insight of the half-wendigo than Laycie first anticipated.



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