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    Themis: The Region of War for the Living Grails


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    Information Themis: The Region of War for the Living Grails

    Post by Dubhlainn on 21st August 2015, 10:13 am

    The vast modern world of Mira (Japanese for Future) in contrast to Earthland, it was a world that is almost devoid of magic. It was a planet that prides over the beauty and spectacle of the most advance and futuristic of civilizations, a world that has evolved, something far greater than what the average Earthland citizen would only begin to grasp. However the state Themis was different.

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    In a specific region in Mirai is a ruined state called “Themis” which is named after the asteroid classified as Type 24, fell into the planet of Mirai which was one of the planet’s greatest calamities that wiped out a population of over 10 million people as its shatter parts brought ruin to all its cities. A great mourning for the loss was held in honor for the lives lost that took almost a month. Following the aftermath, scientists discovered that Type 24 has a rare kind of substance that absorbs energy that causes it to radiate and illuminate, the more energy this metal has the greater its durability is, in fact its durability without the said energy rivals that of a Legendary Weapon Class itself and was later called, Ambrea Ore (Derrived from Greek meaning “untouched metal”). The very material itself may bring forth a higher grade of weapon or it may as well be a great vessel to serve as a kind of “energy core” that would even replace Nuclear Reactors since it’s not as hazardous. Most believe it was a fragment of Kyoka that somehow found its way to Mirai’s Solar System a hundred years ago.

    A few months after the calamity, creatures called the Themestians, apparitions that greatly resembled earthland’s elementals had begun rise to surface and were classified as energy beings. They feed on energy in order to permanently turn metal into Ambrea which also serves a secondary purpose, to nest and birth more of their kind. Because of this, many factions from all around Mirai had come to Themis in order to harvest Ambrea for their own uses. Of course after discovering that there were others after it, the ruin state of themis turned into a battleground.

    I remember that place so well, It’s the place where I grew up.


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