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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight Empty Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 19th August 2015, 6:16 am

    The nights crisp cold air blew in from direction of the ports carrying with it a subtle yet distinguishable scent of sea water and hitting The Sabertooth Mage as he made his way off of the train station platform. Here he was again finding himself in Hargeon and like all the rest it wasn't going to be a pleasant one. "Long time no see port city " he said as while making his way through the city's lit up streets heading towards the location that would the clients residential home as he was
    instructed to do since he was arriving so late and the office would closed. Kite read the addresses on the buildings he walked past until a specific combination of numbers caught his attention and that was 1457 on the Main Street. "here we are " he said as he climbed up the stairs on the stoop and knocked two times on the door using the door knocker that was hanging in the middle of the door. The sound of footsteps and shuffling could be heard on the other side right the door was opened a crack with a woman looking back at Kite's red eyes. "Yes what do you want another interview ?" She asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice to which Kite raised his hand shaking it back and forth "no not interested in taking an interview or giving one. I'm actually here to speak with a Captain Briggs about accepting his job request surrounding Jacob Goodnight ".

    Her eyes have widened, "we have had several people say the same thing today, all pranksters how do I know you actually want to see my Husband for what you say". Kite pauses for a moment she wanted proof but what kind could he give besides his word.
    Only one way came to mind as he lifted his right arm up like he was about to make a muscle but merely revealed the Sabertooth emblem stamped on his inner arm. "I'm an actual Mage from
    Sabertooth. Does this work? "
    She opened the door and waved him in and turned to call for someone. "Roy! You got a visitor!" She called to him and immediately switch places with a large gruff looking man.
    Captain Briggs stood about as tall as Kite did maybe a little taller and was much more
    Bulky than he was and had an impressively long beard the he stroked as he stood in the door looking at the Demon Slayer. "Would you like some coffee or something....." He paused in his sentence wanting Kite to finish it off with his name. "Kite. And thanks for the offer coffee sounds great,
    But I will have to decline. I wanna get this job started and over with so this murderer is taken care of"
    he said with Briggs simply chuckling "alright, straight to business I like your style. All of his murders have taken place at the docks, good news is they are nearby each other , the bad news is he is unpredictable and can't be sure where he will be or when." He finished with Kite looking at him. "see you in the morning then captain one way or the other  " he said as he walked down the stoop steps and took a stroll into the Main Street heading towards the lower dock area with Briggs simply telling him"good luck kid".

    In about 10 minutes he found himself at the docks and there was no one around either way you looked including Goodnight. He let out a sigh and headed off nearby to sit against a building and wait. About an hour has passed by and the moon was at its highest point in the sky with Kite stifling a yawn beginning to get sleepy from waiting so long with nothing happening. However this trance was broken by the sound of a female screaming "help me!!!!" And then quiet  Kite sprung up from his crouched position and ran out into the runway of the dock and looked around but didn't see anyone but he did see something new. In the stretch of sand below the dock fresh drag marks could seen showing that someone was dragged under the docks just now. Kite jumped down facing the underside of the dock to see the site that was about to play before him. There was a woman, hanging by a chain under the dock with the large man towering over her with a butcher's knife in hand and over his head with the intent to drive it into her. Not about to let this happen he acted on instinct Kite threw his fist into the air  "Flame Demon's flare fist " in an instant a flash of white flames erupted from Kite's own fist and took form of a larger fist and drove in and slammed the massive human being knocking him on his butt. He ran quickly and undid The chains on that were wrapped around her wrist. She looked at him then back at them mammoth of a man who was getting up from Kite's attack. Kite nudged her towards the opening he came in. "go and get the authorities " he's shouted but she stared at him not moving. "now! " and with that sharp snapping tone she ran away so it was only Kite and Goodnight now.

    The monster of a man began to snicker " you shouldn't have done that, I have a personal quota and it needs to be met. I'll take your head instead". Kite put his hands on his hips and shook his head"If you think you will be able to subdue me as easily as a girl not even half your size then you have another thing coming. " they stared each other down "plus your actions have drawn attention from the Mage guilds and I just so happen to be one from Sabertooth". Goodnight grinned " oh you mean that Guild that floats in the sky?  Maybe when I'm done with you I will spread my business to the town nearby there. Maybe butcher me another tiger!" He shouted as he lunged at Kite with his knife driving downward at him. "I'm already wasting time on you, give it up and come quietly " he dodged the first strike but the butcher quickly slashed again with Kite catching the man's large fist. A blue aura surrounded him as he decided to let loose his hidden power and let his flames roar behind him. "that was a good move, but like I said wasting my time and it's time to put you down" he said as he opened his mouth "Flame Demon's Rage! " he shot out a stream of fire from his mouth point blank at Goodnight sending him backwards from the attack. He was in the sand not moving, so Kite went to pick up the man and take him back with him but as a surprise Goodnight had another blade and slashed it right across his stomach. Luckily he jumped back to avoid major damage but Goodnight Laughed and laughed "make this fun, make me want to kill you more" he charged at Kite recklessly thinking he had a chance now "Flame demon's flamberges " he shouted as his white flames took the shape of two swords made out of his flames appeared and he merely slashed at a 45 degree angle searing a cut across the man's arm separating it from the rest of his body. It was then Briggs and several more men arrived in time to see Goodnight on the ground in pain holding the spot where his arm was. He toned down his magic and let go of the aura bringing him back to his normal state while looking at the Captain. "so about that coffee " He asked him as the authorities began to carry Goodnight away in chains.


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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight Empty Re: Wanted: Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Hikachu 19th August 2015, 6:39 am

    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight YdROJZD


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