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    To Earthland and Beyond!

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    To Earthland and Beyond! Empty To Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 17th August 2015, 9:53 pm

    Once again Kite found himself in the port town of Hargeon, it seemed to be an ongoing trend if he had to deal with something whether it be a personal matter or even a job he has found himself in this particular town more than anywhere else besides the guildhall. Though he wasn’t there on a job it was a professional matter so to speak. He had noticed that on his guild’s Job board there were numerous jobs but for places outside the borders of Fiore, in neighboring Countries. Places that required the usage of a passport which he didn’t have so these jobs were outside his reach. After inquiring what to do in order to obtain on he filled out the paperwork needed in order to complete the Passport application with the final step being that he had to physically go to either Rose Garden or Hargeon and with the fact that Kite had never been to Rose garden it only made sense that he would go to Hargeon at this point. While strolling down the main street that lead from the train station down towards the official building where the applications can be processed, Kite took out the piece of paper that he had to fill out for this little adventure, he was glad that it was done because it could have been the bane of his existence over the past couple of days. The form was pretty straight forward and asked simply for the most basic information as in his; name, age, height, weight, and date of birth so much to his surprise the form would prove to not be such that much of a pain in the ass which was great seeing as he would have possibly burned the page to nothing.

    After walking about five city blocks Kite was had found the address he was looking for plastered on the side of a building. Kite would have been extremely happy if it wasn’t for the fact that the line was bulging out the door and found it’s way to a nearby dock. Seeing this made Kite sigh, not in disappointment of how long the line was, but by the fact he should have known that a place like this would have a large amount of people looking to do the exact same thing he sought to do. Kite made his way to the end of the line after returning the application back to his pocket, he then stood there behind a family of four. The line started to move and quicker than he had expected at first and in about 20 minutes he was halfway to the start of the line but it was at this point that his hour wait would begin and it would drag out forever as he heard the numerous customers all talking at the same time. After the time elapsed one of the tellers called the Family of four to booth three and it just so happened that Kite was called right after them at booth 2, the booth next to theirs.. Upon completing his approach he was spoken to by the teller,” Yes sir How may I help you”, he asked Kite and he was about to respond but before he even pulled out the paper he overheard at the booth next to his, the teller told the family they didn’t have enough money for the four of them were short some. Hearing this Kite put up a single finger signalling he needed a moment "One second please " he asked leaning over hearing the father of the family pleading with the teller begging to let it slide but it was clear that the teller was adamant on not allowing them to skim by without paying. "Excuse me sir how much do they owe? " he asked. this caused a bit of a stir with the man behind him who began upitdy with Kite trying to rush him. “ Sir these people owe 20 jewels.” Kite’s face went blank and blinked a few times "That’s it, that small amount is the reason why you are turning them away? here" he said as he tossed the exact amount on the booth’s counter. The father looked at Kite “ Oh my, sir are you sure?” Kite nodded with a smile "it’s a small amount so no need to make a big deal of it. I just know its hot in here and your kids look like they are miserable. Have a good day sir " Kite said as he turned back to his booth only to see the man who was trying to scoot him along before had tried to cut in front of him. Kite caught him by the back of his shirt’s collar "I know you weren’t about to cut in front of me were you? " he asked the man who swatted Kite’s hand away and gave him a shove “you snooze you lose jackass” he said to Kite puffing his chest out. Kite’s clenched his hand into a balled fist and began let the heat he usually kept under control go but he quickly shook his head and took a deep breath "You aren’t worth the effort go" he said as he turned to walk behind the rude man and was going to leave it at that but unfortunately the peaceful solution wasn’t going to be upheld here for the man threw an empty beverage can at the back of Kite’s head “Might as well keep the trash together” the man said. Kite’s face grew serious and turned to face him, "Ok, come and get it " he said to him smirking as he stood there using his hand to gesture the man to attack. The man charged at Kite and threw a wild punch, Kite sidestepped the punch and grabbed a hold of it redirecting the momentum and using his feet to trip the man sending him crashing to the ground, making a sound similar to a wet sack of cement. "Like I said not worth it " he continued to walk and reestablished his spot at the booth.

    "I’m sorry about that I’m here to get my passport so I can travel past our borders for work " he said handing him the already complete application. The man looked it over and kept humming “hmmm, sir what sort of work were you looking to take on” Kite looked at him "Oh I’m in a guild so wizard related work " he said to him with a hint of pride in his voice. However it came to a screeching halt “ Unfortunately this application doesn’t cover Wizard work, you need to fill out more forms. Kite was handed an additional piece of paper that had more sections on itSo the additional information he needed to add to it was the guild that he belonged to,His guild rank Guildmaster’s name, the date he joined the guild, location of guild mark and the magic that he utilized. Kite let out a sigh and looked at the line behind him "Sir is there anyway you can just fill that information in here instead of me leaving the line just to come back? " he asked putting his hands out pressed together clearly begging. The man looked past Kite and sighed “ usually I would decline such a request, but what you did for that family was very kind and you even entertained me by laying out that loud mouth. He was in this line 3 times already and declined because he was short on cash.” he said with a hidden smile on his face. Kite’s eyes widened "Really? " he asked surprised by the man’s generosity. The man’s smile turned to a grumpy frown “ Do you want me to change my mind! give me the information so you can go get your picture taken. "I belong to Sabertooth, my rank is currently D, my Guild master is Raven Kurosaki and I am a Flame Demon Slayer " he said quickly. The man entered the information into the database and gave him a form stamped with a seal of approval. “Move along” the teller said directing Kite to the photo station, where he was directed to stand a certain way before looking into the camera and had his photo taken. It was within a minute that the photographer was holding Kite’s passport booklet and handed it to him. “ Sir have a nice day and safe travels” before directing him to a side exit which he followed and found himself back outside near the docks. He looked down as he opened his passport revealing his photo and other information "geez, what a horrible photo, I wish they would have shown me this before approving it, maybe I should go back in and see if they will redo... " he turned to see the line was even longer now which made Kite cringe "Never mind. It’s fine " he said making his way towards the train station and just in time for his stomach to growl ”Right, time to get some food " he declared in a victorious tone.


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