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    Beyond the cages of Earthland....


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    Beyond the cages of Earthland.... Empty Beyond the cages of Earthland....

    Post by Annora 17th August 2015, 6:21 am

    I feel lost

    A pair of crimson eyes darted around the crowded vicinity as sweaty bodies of adults, teenagers and even children struggles to get to the front of this large line; all waiting to get a simple passport. A small 'tch' escaped the female's lips as she gazed upon the horrid and desperate creatures who call themselves human. Her left hand rested on the red sheath of the sword which she carried around all the time as her right hand hanged down, covered in a red glove. Her black overcoat hid her simple attire as her long raven shaded hair danced along with the wind's movement.

    The female, named Annora, lowered her gaze towards a small boy that stood before her; holding a green book in hand. He gazed at her with large blue eyes, "U-uh m-miss, c-can y-ou help me?" She raised her left eyebrow at the kid as he continued, "I-i'm lost. I-i can't f-f-ind my p-parents." Anger boiled up inside her as she hated the word 'parents'. Her hand clutched the hilt of her sword tightly. She looked at the boy, who seemed to be shaking in fear, sensing her anger, "What's that in your hand?" She asked. "I-it's a p-passport." She frowned in confusion. Her crimson gaze darted back at the long line, figuring that these people were all standing there for a mere passport.

    She stepped forward, completely ignoring the boy and leaving him on his own and walked towards the crowd. She could see a small building around which people crowded. Not wanting to step near the stench of human sweat, she stepped aside and walked around the people until the door of the building came into her view. Annora moved her left leg back and launched towards the door and managed to get through the crowd. Her speed that she gained from her species allowed her to do so. She knew that she had accidentally touched a few humans and that their awful miasma would linger onto the black cloth.

    She removed the coat and threw it behind her, not caring where it landed as she wanted nothing to do with that coat anymore. she kicked the door open and startled a man who sat there in a leather chair. He was dressed in a white shirt and black slacks, looking to be in his early thirties, "You can't just barge in like that. If you want a passport, get out and stand in line." After that he muttered something about desperate human. Annora's blood boiled when he compared her to those lowly beasts, "How dare you talk to me like that?" He looked at her with an eyebrow raised, not taking her seriously.

    She immediately moved closer to him until she stood right in front of him. Grabbing his collar, she yanked him up, making sure he stands, "You will give me that passport. Now." He seemed to have guessed that she was not to be messed with so he simply pointed towards a table, filled with small green books. She walked over and grabbed one, examining it, "So this is a passport. Tell me, what do you use it for?" She could hear him gulp, "Its for traveling outside of earthland. You can go to different places." That was all she needed to know, "Hmm, interesting. You were useful." She said before clutching the passport in her left hand and positioning her right hand on the hilt. She whipped around and unsheathed her sword.

    The frightened look on the man's face was priceless. A smirk made its way onto her lips, "I'm afraid I don't have any use for you anymore." She swung her sword towards him, aiming for his neck. The blade was now stained with blood as his lifeless body fell onto the ground as blood pooled from his fragile neck. She swung her sword once again, making the fresh blood splatter onto the ground from the blade, before sheathing it.

    The raven haired female bend down and grazed her fingers over the deep gash that her sword had caused. Removing it, she saw the blood lingering onto her fingertip as she put it in her mouth. She yanked her finger out and her face scrunched up in disgust, "Human blood. Disgusting." With that she stood up and stamped the man's face before walking out, not once looking back at what she had done.

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