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    Shine Like the Moon! ( Mission / Ardere )


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    Re: Shine Like the Moon! ( Mission / Ardere )

    Post by Cr1tikal on 2nd September 2015, 3:08 am

    Aiyana watched as her distraction bore its fruit; Ardere's onslaught she watched him begin. The ground shook as man and beast fought each other for their lives. She grimaced as she saw the flame god slayer take a partial hit from the blow back of a claw swipe, her cuts on her midsection flaring in pain for a moment as she reached down with her free hand and winced. A bloodied hand would come up as she looked at it. She was losing a LOT of blood, too much really. ”Guess I should use my healing spell...” While it wouldn't help completely, it would at least keep her from bleeding out before they left the cave. Her sword glowed brightly before she points the tip of the blade at herself. The glow moved to her body, enveloping her in a light while the male mage and golden beast continued focusing their efforts on each other.

    The bleeding slowed, though she would need to take some time to use some of her own bandages to wrap them around herself. ”Great, as if he doesn't already think I'm weird. Now I'll be almost completely bound in bandages! The thought to herself was made as she sliced off a good amount of the cloth bandages to wrap around her wounded body. It was as she finished tying the wraps that she saw Ardere strike the final blow that would sink the massive creature into the darkness of it's own mind, meaning they had succeeded for all but one single thing; destroying the curse. The flame god slayer did the honorable and asked if she was all right, and if she needed help. ”Yeah, I think I should be okay now. My magic heals me slowly, but I may need to see a doctor and make sure those claws didn't hold something I can't handle on my own.” A hand reached down to her, the young woman lightly grasping it and allowing herself to be helped up.

    After looking over the golden fur, now damaged, the young woman walked with her job partner to get within striking distance of the tablet. Both drew their weapons up at the same time before nodding to each other. A hard swing down from both of them would destroy the tablet, fracturing it to fragments that would not be possible to ever put back together again. ”Let's free the people here and check on the village. I'm sure they'll appreciate knowing what happened here.”



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    Re: Shine Like the Moon! ( Mission / Ardere )

    Post by Ardere Kasai on 2nd September 2015, 3:19 am

    Walking over to the tablet, he pulled his sword back out. Both with a swing of their weapons would hit the tablet, causing a surge of red energy to zig zag around the cave. The energy pouring in from the Blood Moon would dissipate, and the curse would be lifted. All of the lycans would turn back to humans, and with the destruction of the tablet, the town would never see this curse again. It's about damn time. Re-sheathing his blade, the fire mage took a deep breath. The mission was finally over, they had beaten the lycans and lifted the curse. After doing so, they would return to the village to report what they had done. His phoenix landing on his shoulder, he made sure Aiyana was not injured as they made it back into town. Finding those bumbling idiots who were trying to go at the beasts with guns, they announced what they had been done. After being paid by the village leaders, the two mages would find themselves at the coast, where it all originally had began. The graveyard sea, such a ominous name for a sea.

    Well, I suppose we should head back to the guild. If you ever need any help, feel free to ask. Shaking hands with the young woman, he looked off into the distance, and now he would be able to sleep easy. Making his way back home, Ardere couldn't help but think he was finally beginning to make a bit of a difference. All of his life he had been put down, but he always got back up, and if helping people was his calling then that's what he would do. Though at the current time, he would rather go home and read a nice book, then get some sleep. After all the fighting they had done, some rest was certainly in order. Getting his partner healed up before they left, the two Sabertooth mages would head to the train station for a quick leave. He just hoped Allison was alright, she had been a great help during the first part of the mission. It was interesting to make two new friends, but he had done so. Getting the Hell out of there, he sighed slightly. Looking out the train window, a slight smirk crossed his face. It was all over, at least for now he could forget about it, though he was sure the experience would be forever ingrained into his mind.

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