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    Devon Sabathiel
    Devon Sabathiel

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    Excavation Empty Excavation

    Post by Devon Sabathiel on 14th August 2015, 9:33 am

    Devon beamed at the job description, squinting slightly to read the blurry words. They had been written with light pencil on some kind of crinkly paper, which had ended up creating a surface that the light bounced unevenly off of. Eventually, the girl managed to deduce that the slip detailed a mission which had been requested by a professor. The red haired mage had never personally met a professor before, having little to no formal education. Therefore, she was more psyched than usual to begin her task-- additionally, the excavation site was located in the Forgotten Desert, where Devon hadn’t actually been before. With any luck, the entire experience would be fascinating, and the mage would be able to glean some information for her next jobs that took place in the location. After all, she had heard that several merchants traveled through there and had been being disturbed by robbers recently-- she was interested in accepting one of their requests for protection.

    Shrugging to herself, Devon glanced around, wondering exactly where she was-- oh! A dark pink feline glared at the mage from the thickly carpeted floor, and the redhead realized that the cat had been nudging her through their mind link for several minutes now. Apparently, she had to get up... because it was getting to be late in the day? Blinking, the girl glanced around, realizing that her windows were open and the sun was brightly shining through-- and it seemed to be past noon. Yelping with surprise, Allison leaped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom, murmuring an apology to Lel mentally as she prepared to leave the apartment. Once everything had been finished up and Devon had scarfed down a small breakfast, the girl took to the stairs two at a time and barged out the door of the building, glancing around to figure out which way she had to go. She was certain that the Forgotten Desert was... uh, that way? Tilting her head to the left as she debated, Devon eventually chose the path on the right and skipped off.

    Several hours later, the girl realized that she was standing in the middle of the Ancient Ruins, where she had met Alyia a while ago on her travels around the county, even if she hadn’t known it at the time. Blinking, Devon realized that the path on the right had most definitely not been the correct one to choose, and she whirled around on a toe, hoping that the archaeologist wouldn’t mind her tardiness. Typically the mage roused herself quite early in the morning, at around four to a half of an hour before five-- but for some reason, today she had been lazy and slept in for an extreme period of time. Devon blinked as her surroundings changed from the stones of the Ancient Ruins to the arching vines and branches of the jungle surrounding them. Nothing seemed to be familiar... perhaps she had become lost and taken the incorrect path on the way back? The red haired mage flopped over on the ground while the pink feline a few paces away sighed audibly. It seemed that even a simple mission such as this began or ended with the group having no idea where they were-- most likely thanks to Devon’s poor sense of direction, combined with her eagerness to move around.

    Fortunately, the jungle happened to be quite thin along here, and the two were able to go directly through the mass, although a less experienced mage might have cringed at the amount of magical beasts which passed them. Devon personally was quite a peaceful wizard, and she was able to actually bond with many of the creatures-- but nonetheless, after a few hours her attention waned, and she began to focus solely on skipping. It seemed that the scenery around them was always the same, but the red haired mage simply beamed at her surroundings and continued on, bounding through the forest and jungle at an alarming pace. In fact, she ended up becoming twisted around and mixed up, going backwards until Lel Therine realized their situation and turned her around. After pointing out yet another mix up within the past few minutes, Lel resorted to forming a mental map within her head, keeping track of land marks so that they possibly wouldn’t become as lost as usual. Due to their mind link, Devon was also able to see the list, and after another half of an hour, the duo safely managed to break through the forest out into... the Forgotten Desert.

    Devon blinked at the sight in front of her-- the entire thing was simply sand, sand, and more sand. In fact, its appearance was quite possibly a duplicate of that of Desierto, the country in which a mission a while ago had taken place. Hoping that the mission itself would also not be a repeat-- or perhaps since she did triumph in the end, it would be alright, but she had become lost-- Devon charged into the world of high hills of sand with high hopes and soon had them smashed. Her spirits were not lowered, at any rate, but the redhead did end up utterly and completely without a clue of where to go. Additionally, the job request itself had somehow been misplaced along her journey, and so therefore the girl had no way of finding out where she was supposed to go, even if the mage finally managed to orient herself in this strange place. Eventually heading in another random direction, Devon continued on.

    She was still beaming despite the fact that she was completely lost. After all, nothing good came from complaining or being down about things, and Devon didn’t really like to do such in any case. Clapping her hands and glancing around, the girl lifted one of them to shield her eyes from the sun, which was beating down upon the duo with harsh rays. Most regular people-- and even mages, most likely-- would have been sweating by now, but Devon was still completely relaxed and comfortable with the temperature. After all, it was only another facet of her go with the flow personality. As the redhead skipped on, she began to leap from sand dune to sand dune, her feet leaving deep imprints in the sides as she played around. Although Devon might have been old enough to be considered a young adult, she still had the mind of a child and needed a way to occupy herself-- otherwise, boredom might set in.

    After several more hours, the girl spotted a camp in the distance, which she realized was the dig site. Bounding towards the group of tents, Devon soon arrived and waved brightly, only to realize that there was a single person living here... and they were glaring at the mage with a fierce intensity. Blinking with confusion, the red haired girl was pushed over to the excavation area and handed some tools, the purposes of which were completely lost on Devon. However, she shrugged and went about to work, chipping away carefully but energetically at the figure, while the archaeological professor stood stunned at her fast progress. Despite her usual overexcited nature, Devon could be quite focused if the situation called for it, and this was one of those times. Smiling, she worked on the statue for a few hours before the man coughed and requested that she take a break to keep from passing out due to exhaustion. After a few seconds of silence, Devon went back to working and eventually had to be forcibly dragged away from her task and handed a bottle of water, the professor standing next to her with a stern expression.

    Once the break time had finally ended, the girl sprang up and skipped back over to the site, digging with a ferocity that her movements typically did not possess. Lel Therine simply sat by and reassured the man that Devon wasn’t going to overexert herself-- well, she did have the tendency to, but wouldn’t end up doing so on a mission like this. Surprisingly, the professor was unoffended by the fact that the cat had basically stated that the request had been a simple one, and instead he went back to his own digging. Although the man might have been unable to match the girl’s pace and her monstrous strength and swinging speed, the professor made a decent dent in the work. And then, after a few hours of working, an extraordinarily short time for such a task as this, the two-- no, three, including Lel Therine-- were finished. The professor gazed in amazement at the fully unearthed remains before bowing low to Devon and thanking her for the help. To this, the red haired mage simply beamed and then skipped off-- she had to be dragged back by Lel Therine to accept her reward, and afterwards she set off again with a bright smile and a thank you of gratitude for the man’s generosity.

    On her way back, of course Devon became lost once again. The entire area was still foreign to her, and even if it had been familiar, the girl doubted that she would have been able to make it through without several mishaps and mixed up directions. Fortunately, the professor had been kind enough to provide a map of the desert-- but the downside was that given that every single sand dune or oasis looked the same to the mage and she lacked the ability to read the stars, the map was useless. Shrugging to herself after becoming turned around once again, Devon scooped up Lel Therine and simply set off at a dashing skip, covering an enormous amount of ground. Even if she was unable to find the correct path to leave in a normal fashion, the red haired girl did have the ability to travel in a straight line once her mind was set on it-- and this, she did at that moment. Within a few hours the mage had arrived at the border... except, rather than the jungle she had been expecting, she was met with a wide, uncrossable rift of the earth: the Mysterious Canyon.

    Sighing just a little bit to herself, Devon shrugged and took a few steps, glancing down to see just how far the drop was. Fortunately, she could see the bottom-- no wait, that was only a part of the side which had been jutting out. Nonetheless despite the entire uncertainty associated with the Mysterious Canyon (thus hence the name), Devon beamed cheerfully at nothing in particular and skipped the next few paces to fall straight down into the giant rift. The girl ended up being washed away by the river at the bottom. Her original entry into the body of water would probably have felt like hitting a block of cement-- in fact, she possibly could have been smashed to human slush by the impact, but fortunately Devon possessed two things which other mages and regular humans did not. Firstly, the ability to not feel pain-- this meant that her body was completely relaxed rather than tense, and therefore the weight was distributed much more evenly. And then secondly... well, Devon was not human, and she had stronger muscles and a more durable body than full humans. Being part demon dog had its bonuses, after all. Several hours later, the red haired girl washed up on the shore of the river several miles away, eventually waking up and beginning to make her way home.


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