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    find a book

    Devon Sabathiel
    Devon Sabathiel

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    find a book Empty find a book

    Post by Devon Sabathiel on 12th August 2015, 11:34 am


    Job: Find This Book!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Single or team. 2 D rank mage max for team. 10 post minimum and 170 words per post.
    Job Requirements:- Go to the Library and find the book
    - Do not destroy anything, especially books
    - Do not harm anyone
    - Retrieve the book and borrow it from the library before giving it to the old lady
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description: "There is an old lady who enjoys reading a lot when she was younger who wanted to read a certain book that is used to be her favourite. Too bad the book is out of print and it is not being sold anymore. The only place that the book could be found is in a library but she is too old to go out on her own. She would ask help but most of the people she knew are too busy. So the old lady decides to make this a request for anyone willing to help her find this book in the library.”

    - You can make up the name of the book as long as it is not common and a rare book
    - The library that has the book would be in trouble
    - The library was pranked by some kids who decided to rearrange the books in the library so that it would be hard to find anything.
    - The book is somewhere in the library and it is hard to find it
    - If the book is about to be found, some of the kids would be there to grab it and run off with it.
    - The kid is just having fun and would give the book if they are scolded.

    Enemies: None
    Reward: 750 Jewels each

    Odd jobs simply are the best, the pay is good and the work isn't risky. And that is why Devon loves taking them, she usually ends up meeting oddballs but its ok, she enjoys meeting new people and helping them out whether their problem was big or small. For this particular mission, she was to help out an old lady find her favorite book.

    Her customer's name was Granny Jenkins, well at least most of her neighbors called her by that name. She was a sweet old lady who live by herself in a two story house that was surrounded by a beautiful garden. She refused to be put in a retirement home and insisted that she was still as strong as an ox. And strong as an ox she was, for a lady her age she can still go up and down the stairs, do gardening and walk long distances, well at least to the market, the park and the library anyway. You see she, her neighborhood was near the commercial district so its not really that far. Granny Jenkins is a sucker for it, in fact she has her own mini library. Still once in a while she likes borrowing from the public library. But today, granny was feeling a bit under the weather, and she has to get her quick fix so to speak so this is where Devon comes in, her mission procure Granny Jenkins a book, a rare one at that because its a limited edition and she had been waiting for weeks for the public library to have one. Which bring her back to now, arguing to a disgruntled librarian who was at wits end because a band of hooligans mixed up the arrangements of all the books in the library...all of them.

    "As i've told you I cant help you right now, the library is closed. All the books are a mess, some of the fiction are in the non-fiction section, the biographies in the children section, and worst of all the alphabetical order of all the books that are cataloged are now in jumbled. Do you have any idea what mess this is?" the woman said in a frantic voice. "How about this, I will help you organize all the books if you will allow me to borrow a book today." she pleaded to the woman before her. The woman gave assessed her and gave it a second thought. "Fine I believe you, only wizards dress up in shady cloaks and wear masks." She said with her eyebrows raised. The old lady gave then handed her something then spoke "Take that, its an archive lacryma, it has the master list of all the books here in the library sorted out by title, author and genre. Feel free to start anywhere. "

    It was a large library and so many books, but thanks to her magic moving the books and navigating her way trough the library was a breeze. Section by section, she gathered all the books. The librarian watched with amazement as mage started flying above the shelves with the books magically floating and hovering around the mage, orbiting around her in a parade, waiting their turn to be assessed and once she had looked at their catalog number, she sends them flying back to their corresponding shelf. One by one the books were returned to their rightful place. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours as the books continued their waltz around Devon who was floating in the middle of the hall before they were restored to their old shelves. Soon volumes of books were in place and whole sections were in order. Until finally the last book was in place. Once done she landed next to the librarian who was just watching her while sipping tea.

    "Well done, you should have been a librarian too." joked the woman. Her voice was now calmer, all the stress and worries disappear from her body. "So as I had promised, you may now borrow a book of your choosing. So what will it be, The Hungry games, the Wonderful creatures or Fifty slates of jelly." the woman ended with a wink. "Well actually I was hoping to borrow one of your recent addition to the library, the latest book from the series The game of chairs." The woman's lips curled downwards. "Im so sorry, but who ever pranked the library also took that book. Its a really anticipated book and its limited in copy. Even I haven't read it yet. There are rumors that Tybolt of House Lancaster would be betrayed by Vairys the unassuming eunuch." Devon shook her head and said "Its not for me its for a client of mine, I am not even familiar with that book." The librarian answered with disappointment in her voice "Oh, I see. Well its a great book, you should read it sometime. As for the book, you might want to question the kids who like to loiter outside. They got banned from the library for giving away spoilers in the reading section. Find the book and I'll let you borrow it first, I can always read it after its returned. " She nodded and thanked the librarian and then went on her way.

    Outside she waited for the hooligans to appear, and she wasn't disappointed, for after waiting for an hour and a half a group of young teens came walking by.A rowdy and unruly bunch they were, using cat calls on the fine lady they come across, bullying the weak and even disregarding their elders. Yes no doubt, these were the thugs she was looking for. A group of six teens, with one bigger than the rest. It was like he was the leader of the bunch and what he told they obediently followed. "Bring out the paint canisters, time to teach that old hag that banning us from the library was a bad idea." The rest did as they were instructed as they manically laughed, ready to do the deed. "These youngsters must be taught a lesson." she thought as she vanished into thin air.

    The group was about to vandalize the libraries wall when she spoke in an altered creepy voice "So you think what your doing is funny." The group stopped what they were doing and and tried to figure out the direction from which the voice came from. "Who's there? Show your self." the group almost shouted in unison. Devon gave no heed to their words instead she said "You know, pranks are funny, but when its done to you...it's not funny anymore. " Using her telekinesis, she pantsed them all simultaneously. The group scrambled to put their pants on. As if it was not enough, using her magic she flung mud balls to their faces, fresh straight out of the ditches. The tallest and biggest of the group shouted out "Show yourself you coward! Fight like a man." Devon suddenly appeared right in front of the him and said "Who said Im a man!" Upon seeing her appear out of thin air with her mask and cloak in place, the group thought she was a ghost and bolted away. Well most of them anyway, the one who just spoke up was now on his knees...to afraid to move.

    Devon then began to laugh "I guess it really is funny, so young man I heard you took a book from the library, any idea where it is now? " she said as she tapped the young man on his shoulder. The hooligan as still shaking, when he spoke "Do you mean the latest chapter in the Game of Chairs saga?" Devon just nodded. The boy then pointed towards a knapsack that was left behind by one of the hoodies. Using her magic, she retrieved the fallen bag and peeked inside its contents. A smile came across her lips, it was there indeed. "Ill be taking this back if you dont mind, and remember play nice from now on...or" she drew her face close to his and removed her mask then gave the teen a wink before putting it back on then headed back to the library, leaving the young man frozen in terror.

    She entered the library but it was empty. The librarian was nowhere to be seen and the close sign was on the table top. She saw the door on the far side of counter and was about to to knock on the door when it swung open and the librarian stepped out. "Sorry the library is closed, but you don't have to worry, you can borrow that book as a reward for all your troubles." Devon stared at the librarian, she was wearing a dress which was reminiscent of the medieval period. Even the way she talked was funny. As if reading her mind the librarian spoke in her regular voice "Im doing cosplay, you know dressing up as your favorite character?." Devon just shook her head, she really had no idea what the librarian was babbling about. " Nevermind,just remember to have it returned to me." she said as she took out the catalog card from the book. Then spoke again in the funny way that she was speaking before "Now if you excuse me I have to attend the Game of Chairs fans club weekly meeting." Devon wanted to laugh but waited until she was clear of the librarian.

    With book in hand, Devon wasted no time and flew all the way to Granny Jenkins house, where the old lady waited by the porch sipping tea and munching on cookies. "About time you got here, tea was getting cold and the cookies getting stale." she said as she gestured to the food on the table. "Care to have some dearies?" offered the old lady. "Yes please, and while were at it can you please tell me what this Game of Chairs is all about.I mean it must be awesome if both youngsters and the elderly like the book, even the librarian was fan and she was really in to it so much." Devon placed the book down on the table as the old woman poured her some tea and handed her some honey glazed cookies and began to narrate. "It all began when three rangers from the Night's Clock discovered a dead wildling girl tied to the tree..."


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