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    Archaeological Excavation: Exhumed Knowledge


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    Completed Archaeological Excavation: Exhumed Knowledge

    Post by Dubhlainn on 10th August 2015, 7:20 pm

    The heat of the sun was quite intense that he had no choice but to wear different attire other than his regular suit. Dubhlainn was a passenger to a caravan that was heading towards the forgotten desert. He wore a light mask that covered his face, attire similar to that of a digger, with him a pick axe and a shovel in hand that has been used, borrowed from the men he’s going to work with for the entire day. The gathering started from Oak Town at first light for that the professor himself required all the manpower he can get after for what he saw a few days ago. Apparently he stumbled on to an ancient tablet that tells of a creature buried somewhere in the ruins in the middle of the Forgotten Desert. Having sparked the professor’s curiosity and with support from his peers they banded up an excavation team in order to conduct the investigation. It’s been over an hour now and the beating heat of the sun causes some of the men to sweat, including Dubhlainn. Some of them were curious as to what the professor had found, it was a topic among those onboard the caravan.

    So assumed it was the bones of an ancient dragon, some believed it was gold and riches, a few others didn’t seem to care for as long as they get paid for the job that is. Hours have passed and finally the caravan had come to a complete halt. The excavation team was greeted by the sight of the ruins themselves, there were old carved stones with ancient texts, glyphs and once beautiful statues lay ruin here and even some structures that resembled once a home now nothing but abandoned ruin. A few bones were littered as dessert creatures roamed the entire area, threatened by the very humans that invaded their domain. Before the later there were a few things needed to be done first and that was setting up the campsite, reconstructing the dismantled tools for their work to be done much faster and easier to get their job done. Men including Dubhlainn worked to the bone under the scorching heat of the sun.

    Tents have been set up as they turned one of the truck into a supply bin Upon unloading the supplies and loading back into the truck, the other trucks drive on to Oak town to get more resources needed for the excavation to continue. The camp was based near the entrance to the ruins as it makes it easier to travel from the site to the camp. Men prepared their picks and shovels and started digging on the designated spot in front of what appears to be an entrance that has sank deep into the sands till was able and ready to enter. What they uncovered next was a set of stairs that leads deep down into the ruins and yet again everything was buried with nothing but sand.  According to the finding of the Archaelogist, there should be a switch that opens what used to be a hallway leading to the ancient bones of the creature he uncovered.

    Everyone contributed as mine carts were called in to collect the soft dirt and dump it into the surface. Though the very place of their work protects them from the sun, the work was hard and hectic and for what it’s worth, progress is made till finally they completely cleaned the entire room from sand. The second caravan arrives with supplies and the archaeological professor’s peers. With their little brush the sweep the dirt from between the tiles and texts in order to grasp more ancient text and symbols on the stone tablets. The operation took a few hours and when the sun had gone and the stars fade into the darkened sky, the excavation team found what appears to be a tunnel supposedly leading down to the chambers itself and once again they were put to a halt by a collapsed tunnel way.  The tunnel way was then examined having believed in collapsed by an earthquake of sorts; assumptions believed it was either a falt or tremors made by the ancient creature itself for it to be buried.  

    Finally the entire excavation team was given a few hours rest before they can start again. The Archaelogical professor divided everyone into two groups, the first group will start working for 6 hours straight and the second group will follow, relieving the first group of work in order for them to rest. Dubhlainn was with the first group of diggers as he began smiting one stone at a time. The material was hard and durable but it wasn’t difficult to get through. Midnight comes and the second group was summoned in order to finish the job into clearing the collapsed tunnels. The tunnel was finally cleared at the point of dawn, support structures were built as a precautionary measure in case if the tunnel started to collapse again. It was at this time both groups took a quick break.

    The second day was upon them as the heat wave returns, they started work late afternoon and when the tunnels are finally cleared, two teams were sent in order to go further and to their surprise they stumbled upon a huge cavern.  There was nothing but bits of sand and rock spires littered around everywhere, the place was massive like it could go on for miles, if the surface were to collapse, the excavation team would be buried alive and the campsite itself would be destroyed but that worry came and pass when it was discovered that the entire cavern was quakeproof.

    Each of their footsteps left trails on the sands of the caverns, having walked for a few meters they stumbled upon a hard surface. The Archaelogist quickly took a brush from one of his men who followed behind him and knelt down to the ground. He lift his feet to reveal his marked footprint on the ground as he dusted it. What he had uncovered from beneath the sand was a hard white solid, the order was given to start digging out the sand from where they once stood. As the Excavation team began, they were in for a surprise, they discovered that they were walking on a huge set of bones, they have found the beast and it was enormous but just how big of a beast was it?  Only one way to find out and that was dig through the sands, minutes gone by and hours passed, the excavation team was filled with amazement and horror that the skeletal frame they unearth from the sands was that of a dragon.

    Alas they were able to locate the remains of the ancient creature, the very one the professor had uncovered in the ancient texts. A tribe of ancients was said to have slain a dragon that brought tyranny to their lands, many lives were lost as it laid low its greatest warriors, instilled terror in the hearts of its men and ruled the land like it was the king, deciding who lives and who dies. Alas the dragon was slain as several weapons struck its head and its chest, penetrating even through the bones of the dragon which was believes that these weapons were enhanced by magic itself. Though they couldn’t identify what magic was used, it is something no ordinary human can accomplish and if so, would have been an epic among ancients. Before deciding to move the bones of the creature itself, they need to make sure that the structure of the ruins itself won’t collapse once they send in their tools to extract it, piece by piece and once that’s done, the figure of the great creature’s remains was drawn and each part was heavily defined, detailed down to the very last letter.

    Now it was only a matter of moving its bones by means and use of the equipment. Dubhlainn operated a strange mechanism called the claw and extracted the biggest bones of the dragon itself. Because the bones were too huge for the equipment, they have to be marked and divided and then assembled again once it reaches the surface. The archaeologist is actually a mage who wields the magic of Time Ark.  One all the bones were extracted from the caverns; they were safely transported by means of airships back towards Oak town. While airships played the part, the excavation team gathered all its equipment and resources, one by one parts of the campsite was brought down as workers salvage whatever is left of their use equipment. Dubhlainn was part of the caravan that cleaned up the last bits of the former campsite itself. It took all of them an estimate of four days to get everything done, however their job doesn’t end there, now all that the entire team needs to do is reassemble the very bones of the tyrant itself. Dubhlainn tasked with others were assigned the carry each fragment from one area to the museum and must be handled with delicate care. The very bones weighed tons but the sum of the worker’s strength it was made possible.

    As soon as all the bones were in place, the Archaelogical professor summoned everyone to the very museum itself were all the bones remained scattered in a huge hall that was recently constructed. He gives his thanks and credits everyone for their hard work and now all that is left is to assemble it.

    And so the ritual begins.

    There were 6 orbs summoned around the remains, darkness befell the grand hall. A few spoken words were uttered a series of lines was invoked as he hovered from the ground. His eyes began to glow as magic and ethernano becomes visible. The 6 orbs respond to his magic as they started orbiting around the remains, soon each bone started to float in midair flying in order to piece the skeletal frame of the dragon itself and finally a light flashes. The bones of the dragon itself were assembled and the figure of the dragon standing before them was now visible to the eye.

    “Behold… the Tyrant of the forgotten dessert.”


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