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    Hiyori Fujioka

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    Post by Hiyori Fujioka on 10th August 2015, 4:57 pm

    Name: Armored boots
    Rank: Legendary +
    Type: Boots
    Description: The boots may not look like much, but they pack an extremely powerful kick. The boots contain titanium at the tip and bottom. The boots are pink and black, with a pink ribbon tied to them.
    ‌•The boots are durable
    ‌•The boots are armored
    ‌•The boots give her good balance
    ‌•The boots are heavy, so they hinder her speed
    ‌•The boots are not good for long ranged combat
    ‌•The boots' weight cause fatigue
    ‌•the boots are not indestructible
    Pegasus Feet:

    Name: Pegasus feet
    Rank: D
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: This spell is a buff spell that increases the strength of the boots by 15%, and makes the boots 15% lighter so that she can move around quicker. The spell doesn't do any damage unless Hiyori is able to land a hit on her opponent. It also makes her able to glide across the land like an actual pegasus.
    ‌•Speed is increased
    ‌•Strength is increased
    ‌•Buffs the boots
    ‌•Spell does not damage on its own
    ‌•Spell does not make boots indestructible
    ‌•The boots feel heavier for one post once the spell is deactivated
    ‌•The boots lose 15% of it's original strength once spell is deactivated
    Star Kick:

    Name: Star Kick
    Rank: D
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: When the spell is cast, a star that is 10 inches in diameter appears around her boot. This spell can only be cast when she's withing 5 feet of her opponent. The spell does it's rank in damage upon impact. The spell slows down her speed by 5%, as it adds extra weight to the boot is located on, which the right.
    ‌•Star is 10 inches in diameter
    ‌•Star deals all of it's rank in damage upon impact
    ‌•the Star blends in with her boot, so it's easy to camouflage
    ‌•Star slows down her speed by 5%
    ‌•Spell can only be cast if she's within 5 feet of her opponent
    ‌•Star can only be used in the post it's casted in
    ‌•Star can be destroyed if it's hit by 1 full D-Ranked damage

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