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    Chick needs help


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    Chick needs help Empty Chick needs help

    Post by Daddy 9th August 2015, 6:28 pm

    As I look at you I wonder what you’d taste like. Would you have that copper like taste human is known for, or would you taste something a kin to fruit? Shall we see? Will you let me taste you?div>
    As the ocean rocks
    Your life ends
    Since the last time anyone outside of his guild had saw him, Vexel had changed. Now he was wearing a new set of clothes that were quiet different than what he had been seen in before. A set of loose fitting black clothes adorned his body. Underneath the top part was a layer of bandages that stretched from the bottom part of his face to down around his hips. His hair had been allowed to grow wild to that it now even hung down to his shoulders.

    Today Vexel had decided to be sociable with another member of the guild. He wasn’t sure of the name, but there was something about Rocks to be wary of. Didn’t matter much. They were to do some job in the ancient ruins and to meet some girl.

    Currently Vexel was sitting against a column of stone not too far from the entrance of the ruin with what would seem like an 7 foot pole in his hand with a skull atop of it. The skull’s eyes gave off an odd blue glow. *Tink* *Tink* *Tink* Filled the air as his scale covered fingers tapped against the pole. ”Where is this guy…” Vexel muttered as he waited. His attention drifted off from being here to an ocean front. His body resting atop of the gentle waves as it rocked his body back and forth, drawing off to sleep. In his sleep he was sitting aboard an island in the middle of the sea. Storms around the island bellowed as he watched off into distance. Large red eyes watched him from the waves. ”Levi-“ Vexel got out before his dream was ended as he fell over some from his position shaking him back awake. ”God damnit… He muttered again. He didn’t like waiting.

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    Chick needs help JAgwtRZ

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    Chick needs help Empty Re: Chick needs help

    Post by RockyTheRockiestRock 10th August 2015, 10:02 am

    Minh was not a prominant figure at all within the guild due to his lack of attendance so to speak because he enjoyed his solitude and the openness of nature a bit more than the lively halls of the guild hall. However, he was still active when it came to doing jobs with his fellow guild mates, and on one particular day, he was asked by one of his more questionable comrades to respond to a call of help coming from the ancient ruins of Fiore. It was going to be something akin another escort if he was to have a guess at what the issue was since he was only asked to accompany with no knowledge of the job itself. To a degree, that would be a poor choice to make, but he was a very hardy individual and was sure of his ability to withstand whatever this challenge was.

    With that resolved in his mind, Minh quickly relocated himself to the ancient ruins to find himself looking at what seemed to be the one named Vexel. "I have arrived...what is our objective." Minh would say with a booming voice as he stood next to the man with what seemed to be a small yellow sparrow on his head, looking down at Vexel as well with an inquiring gaze. Whatever it was, it was not some common, avian creature, or at least that is all that could be deciphered from an onlooker. At the very least, its adorable cheeping was something to break the still silence of the area as Minh awaited Vexel's response.



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