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    ♦ Izayuki Hyoujin


    Completed ♦ Izayuki Hyoujin

    Post by Guest 7th August 2015, 8:39 pm

    ♦ Izayuki Hyoujin 49623_v

    Izayuki Hyoujin いざ雪氷神

    Other Surnames:
    Riyoshi, Riyasu, Reiaki

    Iza, Iza-chan, Yu-chan, Tanuki, Tanuki Girl, The Fluffy One.



    October 13


    Special Characteristics:
    • A pastel-colored scarf is constantly worn no matter the outfit, and definitely is one of her most precious possessions, it having been a gift and the only thing left from her past village.
    • Due to being a Tanuki Yokai, Izayuki can transform herself at will into any person, animal, or object. While she remains usually in one desired human form, her true shape is that of a uniquely silver-furred raccoon dog. In some instances, Izayuki can go 'in between' forms (kemonomimi, essentially), displaying silver ears and a tail, claws, and fangs as features on her human form.

    Character concept (c) Izalie

    MBTI Personality Type: ESFP
    Temperament: Choleric-Sanguine

    Izayuki is extroverted, bubbly, with a funloving, silly air, and playful demeanor, all on the outside. Though she may seem childish at times and upon first impression, she does exert maturity and knows when to take a situation seriously or not. She is very optimistic and enjoys a good hearty laugh, joke, chitchat, and personal interaction in general. To others, she often seems overly-cheery and very positive in her honest words. This young mage is also very practical and observant. Despite what she may seem, she is good at living in the present and focusing on the realities over dreams and fiction. She has sharp senses and can pick up on cues in her surroundings, physical and social. However, Izayuki tends to not use her sensual functions to their fullest extent, making her a bit airheaded to a small degree. In general she can be quite forgetful and ditsy, or simply flares those traits simply for attention, for fun, or to purposely hide behind a small mask of sorts. She is very bold, however, and usually is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes down to it. While she can dance around things to a degree, Izayuki is honest and bold, ready to step out of her comfort zone at every time and happy to experience anything and everything.

    To throw a monkeywrench in this lovely clockwork of positives, however, comes a good array of lesser qualities that most would be ashamed to mention. For one, Izayuki is very sensitive and thus extremely vulnerable to criticism. She can be very emotional and when backed up into a corner, can explode in very dramatic ways resulted from a feeling of being crushed. She completely loathes social conflict deep inside, but sometimes dismisses that by pulling another 'mask' which typically and unfortunately only seems to add fuel to a fire. Another fatal flaw is her short attention span and the fact that she is so easily bored. Izayuki craves experiences and motion, and going too long without action or intriguing subjects sets her on risky behaviors in many regards. Along with that short span of attention goes her unfocused behavior and inability to do longterm planning. She is by no means a good organizer or administrator, though will step up to the plate and do her best. Hyoujin despises the idea of failure or losing, being fiercely competitive almost to a fault- where it can become loathing. Friendly competition is good, but going farther than that sets dangerous grounds when it comes to Izayuki.

    Character, charisma, and disposition do not end there, however. While it seems that this young adult is an average and balanced individual, darkness lies deeper. On the inside, a hardened and colder heart remain buried, yet ready. Izayuki has no problem with killing, and carries with her a wild hunger for revenge on the one who did her wrong in her past. Despite this, she remains in denial of her bloodlust and vengeance, which only makes it worse. In a way, she fears losing her bitterness and failing to reach her desired endgame, on top of everything else. In battle, she drives to meet the finish victoriously, regardless of any negativity that plays out in the aftermath. In a way, she has become apathetic to the world around her, and numb to almost everything anyone has to offer, be it good or bad. This is ultimately her true nature, and remains unseen to the rest of the world, and even the eyes of those whom are closest to her.

    • Spring time! Anyone who has never once had springtime fever is lying. This time of warmth, yet cool and breezy days are an enjoyed and merry time of many, including Izayuki. It is a time of life and slow awakening, yet brings joy after the silent emptiness of winter.

    • The color pink. Who doesn't have a favorite color? Well, if one was actually reading this bio, they could very easily guess that Izayuki's favorite colors includes those of pink hues: magenta, coral, salmon, rose, and so on.

    • Winning. Izayuki despises losing, so the only other alternative is to emerge from whatever she does victorious, even if it is at the expense of others.

    • Boredom. With such a short attention span and with no action, movement, or topics of interest going on, boredom is a miserable thing that can plague Izayuki.

    • Losing. On the flipside of winning there is losing, and Iza greatly despises it in all aspects, in battle, in social conflict, and so on.

    • Criticism. It definitely exposes a fatal flaw, but is very sensitive and does not like her mistakes and negativity being pointed out to her. In rare cases gently-given instruction can be taken and respected. But anything given with a bit of biting tones or harshness to it seems crushing to Izayuki.

    • Night. Due to being a nocturnal animal, Izayuki feels strange motivation and comfort from her nature.

    • Remembering the destruction of all she loved at the hand of Yukionna, the ice goddess, her mentor, Izayuki has vowed to take revenge and kill the deity. Any lead or move at getting stronger motivates the Glacier God Slayer.

    • Red velvet cake. Ironically her favorite dessert and food in general matches that of the rest of her team. In fact, it was likely them that developed her love for it.

    • Loss. Having lost her mother, the village that took her in, and a family that loved her, Izayuki fears losing those she respects and loves like she had lost them. Another form of this fear of loss is losing the chance of meeting her goal and endgame.

    • Herself. One of the reasons Izayuki hides her true nature is because she is frankly scared of who she really is, a yokai, and has become, a bitter one, fearing she will destroy herself or those she loves in one of her violent outbursts.

    • Loneliness. Determined not to be in the place where she was all alone again, Izayuki is even scared of being in a room alone for too long or without another presence nearby.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    Hair: Natural ginger-- dyed pink
    Eyes: Rose Red
    Skin Tone: Olive

    Black Rose

    Aiyana Shuer, Astrid Foss, Jiyu Kazehime, Oras Auro, Seijin Panda

    On the back of her shoulder, Izayuki has a black tattoo of the Black Rose Guild's symbol.


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    Completed Re: ♦ Izayuki Hyoujin

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    Completed Re: ♦ Izayuki Hyoujin

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    Completed Re: ♦ Izayuki Hyoujin

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