[Wandering Spell] Sundering of Earth


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    [Wandering Spell] Sundering of Earth

    Post by Eris on 5th August 2015, 8:19 pm

    Job: Wandering Spell:  Sundering of Earth
    Rank: 100y
    Player Requirements:  1H / 3 S (Job is more difficult for a single player, but the job scales to multiple players)
    Job Requirements: 15 posts minimum /450 words per post minimum. Survive. Every time you fail, increase required minimum posts by 5 for the future. Note: The lower post count has a reason. This job starts suddenly out of nowhere right off the bat catching the character off guard and is an intense flash of action that is (hopefully) Barely survivable at best.
    Job Description:
    You do not choose to encounter the Wandering Spell.   The Wandering Spell is always looking for individuals who might contain the gift of its power.

    The character is unaware of what's to happen and in the middle of their every day life the Wandering Spell will start it's "Test" out of nowhere.

    The Wandering Spell's test varies on the Wandering Spell itself.

    This is the Wandering Spell: Sundering of Earth

    When it's test occurs as a random event in the character's lives it appears suddenly,  causing a sudden violent change in the landscape as a massive stretch of land all around you stretching off past the horizon seems to shake and tremble as the land folds inward,  rising high into the sky in the distance as it rises and bends inward towards the player character(s).     Screaming starts as people start panicking if in a populated area,  houses,  buildings,  people falling from the steep sides or from their upside-down placement as the rising earth seems to connect in the sky after a minute or two casting the entire area in darkness.

    A flash of light ignites,  illuminating what is now a sphere 15 thousand meters in diameter.  The source of the light initially stems from a rhombus formed purely of molten lava that bubbles on it's surface and drips,   hovering in the very center of the sphere.   It's illumination is only dim however,  without the added rivers of lava that have formed along the sphere's walls and carved it's way through the ground.   Combined, the sphere is sufficiently lit comparable to dusk.

    From the molten rhombus in the center comes a sense of presence and an aura of power,   an intelligence behind the power at work here.   A sense of sentience seems to touch your mind and it issues a challenge.


    With the challenge delivered the Rhombus cocoons itself in a sphere of molten stone that boils around it forming a perfect sphere,  albeit a drippy gooey sphere akin to the core of a planet,  increasing the illumination of the whole arena to that of daylight.

    Getting within 50 meters of this molten core delivers automatic heat-based H-rank damage that bypasses all resistances.  Another S-rank within another 50.  A within another.  B within another.  and so on.  In addition to this,  Boulders seem to explosively burst into existence directly in front of you while within range of any of this damage.  This delivers H-rank equivalent damage and knocks the character away.

    Leaving the Arena in any way, including burrowing under it,  causes instant death and failure.  You'll find it impossible to move directly through the ground/walls of the arena, but should this be bypassed means failure.

    Roll the Monster Dice, preferably in a separate topic with the same title + "Rolls",   and the number dice.

    Every three posts increase the roll of both by 1.  Post 3 = 2 monster / 2 number.  Post 6 = 3 monster / 3 number.  Post 9 = 4 / 4,  and so on.

    If multiple players are present,  increase the number of posts before the number of rolls increase by 1 per player.   Every player rolls on every post however.  

    Even Number:
    Stalactite: A Stalactite 50 meters wide with a sharp point forms rapidly like a colossal spear,  rushing from the ceiling at 500m/s towards the character's position and continuing until the tip makes contact with the bottom of the arena or another Stalactite or Stalagmite.   They'll deal H+H-rank equivalent damage if they hit.
    Duplicates: Multiple from different angles.

    Odd Number:
    World Pillar:  A pillar 50 meters wide rapidly forms beneath the rolling character on any earthen surface,  rushing from the ground at 500m/s towards the top of the arena.  It deals S-rank equivalent damage and causes H-rank equivalent force to push the character back against the pillar's surface making it more difficult to resist / to get off of.    If it hits the ceiling or some other earthen obstruction between it and the ceiling it will deal H+H rank equivalent damage and encase them in stone, grinding them against that surface each post until they escape for S-rank equivalent damage per post.    If the surface from the ceiling happens to be a stalactite that is rushing to attack the character on this post,  deals an additional H-rank equivalent damage (Not counting the Stalactite's damage itself)
    Duplicates:  Multiple from different angles,  one after the other if they manage to get free of the first.

    Even Number:
    Beware of Rocks:  A boulder appears from the closest earthen surface the size of a beach ball.  This boulder propels itself with an explosive burst of pressure at a cannonball's speed of 250m/s.  Deals H-rank equivalent damage on a hit and a molten center splashes the character to deal an additional S-rank equivalent damage and harden,  reducing speed by 30% especially regarding use of whatever it hit.
    Duplicates: The more the merrier, firing at the same time from different angles.

    Odd Number:
    Terraflop:  An extremely quick pillar of stone emerges from the nearest earthen surface at an angle away from the character and snaps forward like a mouse trap to smash into the player at 800m/s,  rising from the ground initially at 50m/s to a length of 100 meters and a width of 10 meters.   If this hits it will smack the player away with incredible force.   It deals H+H rank equivalent damage on it's own.   If the player gets smacked into a surface they take n additional H-rank equivalent damage.
    Duplicates: Multiple appear one after the other timed as such that getting hit by one will cause the next to automatically hit if the character cannot recover in midair to fly or teleport or some effect.  Otherwise they will be knocked from one to the other.   If no others are present,  a lone Terraflop will attempt to send the character hurtling towards an incoming Stalactite or Beware of Rock.

    Even Number:
    Magmafall:  A burst of magma breaks through the earthen shell encasing the arena or the nearest earthen surface above them.   A 100 meter wide 20 meter thick/deep blazing "waterfall" of hot magma will fall from the ceiling above the player in a way that if they maintain whatever speed they are when it appeared, they will run right into it accounting for distance.   Falls at 10m/s,  doubling each second.   Getting hit by the Magma fall will generally force the character to fall with the weight of the magmafall to hit the ground for S-rank equivalent damage.  The Magmafall itself however will deal H-rank equivalent damage on contact,  and deal S-rank equivalent damage per second of contact.   The thick sticky magma clings to and sears your flesh,   reducing speed by 75% and functions as S-rank resistance against escape.   Forms a growing pool at the ground level that grows wider by 25 meters per post.
    Duplicates: Multiple Magmafalls burst from the ceiling in succession to account for changes in direction or speed to keep trying to hit the character throughout.  

    Odd Number:
    Molten Geyser:  The earthen surface under the rolling character will swell for 1 second,  rapidly heating up right under them causing a slight glow to quickly appear,   for a total of 2 seconds until it bursts right from under them in a 50 meter wide area of effect as a torrent of magma launches itself 500 meters into the air at 150 meters per second,  and rain down on an area 200 meters in diameter out from the 50 meter geyser itself.   Deals H-rank equivalent damage on contact and coats with magma for 50% reduced speed if partially caught,  75% if caught in the geyser most of the way.   Provides S-rank equivalent resistance to try to leave the gooey mess.  Deals S-rank equivalent damage per second in contact.    
    Duplicates: - Multiple form in succession accounting for speed and movement to try to lead them / burst where they're going to be if they don't move, ect.

    Even Number:
    Planetary Pressure:  The Arena reduces in size by 5km.  This makes most spells quicker as they have less distance to cover from the arena sides.   If this appears three times in total,  then the arena crushes the players for instant death.
    Duplicates:  The more the merrier,  stacking effect.   If three in a row occur all at once by some chance... unfortunate.

    Odd Number:
    Olympus Mons:  A volcano appears in the center of the arena 1000 meters wide at the base and 250 meters tall.   It erupts in a pillar of lava that shoots up through the center of the arena spewing lava all over.  This pillar is 150 meters wide.   Lava splashes all over the arena now dealing passive B-rank equivalent damage per post due to lava droplets.     The pillar itself deals H+H+H equivalent damage if hit directly by it or pushed into it.   
    From now on on every character's turn a boulder as though from Beware of Rocks will appear, though covered in magma and flames,  to strike the player in the post,  traveling at twice the speed with twice the damage and twice the slow,  except this boulder always appears from the volcano.
    Duplicates:   Up to four extra will appear,  forming on the slopes of the arena as they start to bend up into the sphere shape,  making their pillars shoot inwards towards the same spot on the ceiling....  Stacking all their effects together (For a total of A per post instead of B and two boulders for example,  or so on per extra volcano).    

    IF successful,  the molten core will drip itself free revealing the Rhombus,  which lowers itself to the ground and itself melts to reveal a beachball sized sphere, a Grand Lacrima appearing before you,  a trophy,  and granting you a gift:  A portion of it's power.    As it lowers itself the arena lowers itself back down and any civilians seem to rise up from the ground,  buildings reassembling themselves,  damaged bodies sealing themselves up,  even trees regrowing.  All as though nothing had happened at all, save for your own wounds and the Grand Lacrima before you.

    If you fail,  the same thing happens,  but you  as a failed attempt for this earth magic to bond to as a host.  Everyone else recovers,  but rocky growths seem to protrude from your flesh and hot lava oozes from your eyes while you are rendered unconscious,  the only indication that anything happened.

    Players are granted the right to access the Wandering Spell's power in the form of a single trophy that is bound to the victors;  A beach-ball sized rock perfectly spherical with veins of magma etched into its surface that remain contained behind a clear force, a  "Grand Lacrima" 
    By touching its surface and meditating for a moment they can add the spell to their minds.
    Wandering Spell:
    A character may only possess 1 wandering spell at a time.
    Excess Wandering Spells can be stored in a Trophy Hall where they may be swapped out provided there is a topic in which the swap occurs before it is used elsewhere.   The Swap can't be used in topics that were created before the swap occurs on an OOC time frame.

    Wandering Spells cost 50,000EXP (Yes,  EXP, from jobs/events.  This MUST be recorded in your Bank along with your complete job topics whenever used. You cannot expend more EXP than needed to maintain your current rank.) and 20%MP to use.  If the Wandering Spell does not match the type of any magic type you possess it instead costs 50%.   If the caster is not H-rank,  but is S-rank,  using the Wandering Spell consumes all MP.  Wandering Spells will deal H-rank damage to A-rank or less players that attempt to learn the spell (By touching the Grand Lacrima) or to those who did not earn the right to access it.

    Wandering Spells cannot exist with Guild Spells.   A character that gains a Guild Spell loses the ability to use the Wandering Spell,  or cannot gain one to begin with.


    Name: Wandering Spell: Sundering of Earth
    Rank: H+
    Type: Earth | Offense Support
    Duration: 15
    Cooldown: Topic
    A pulse of thick dust and sand seems to ripple across the sky making it appear dirtier,  while odd cracks seem to break the sky as though fissures were physically tearing it apart,  fissures leading only to a black starry void beyond even though it maybe daylight.    From these cracks drip molten rock like rain onto the land below and providing the land with illumination more than just the stars behind the cracks.    Any moonlight or daylight get muted to near nothing,  but still glowing through the dust clouds above,  all combining to provide enough illumination to function normally.

    Once per second in the background crack will open up in the ground beneath random enemy NPCs. 3 meters wide and 6 meters long each they can swallow multiple at once if they are close enough.  The fissures tend to appear lengthwise within 1 second while they widen to full in about another 1 second,  giving time to evade.
    At the bottom of these fissures are pools of magma that deal S-rank equivalent damage per post they are in contact with it.
    One such crack will appear below enemy mages in their posts.

    Whenever two fissures touch they each double in length and wideness.   These cracks can deal double damage to structures that they open up under.

    Any earthquake spell effects would be twice as effective while this spell is going as everything is already in turmoil.

    The caster themselves gain stoney protrusions that emerge from their body painlessly and grow a rock shell over the rest of them.   This rock shell reduces all incoming damage by 50%,  and shrugs off A-rank attacks or less, physical and spell alike unless it is strong against earth (In which case it is B-rank or less).   It augments strength by 25% and prevents certain effects from harming them,  such as electric damage to the nerves,  poison from seeping into their skin,   toxins in the air from reaching their longs (They do not need to breathe at all).

    Any spell the caster uses can have it's element replaced by Earth.  The spells are the same,  but composed of stone/rock instead.  Altering it's elemental properties and cosmetic appearance.    Spells that are already of Earth can instead be augmented 1 rank in effectiveness by spending that rank's MP instead.  

    • The environment becomes hostile towards enemies.
    • Defensive shell protects and enhances the caster.
    • Replace normal spells with the earth element or boost normal earth spells.

    • fissures only open up in the ground.  Flying or hovering mages would be immune.
    • Requires enemies to fall into the crack to do any real damage having 1 second warning as the crack appears lengthwise before opening up wide giving the dexterous/responsive time to react before falling in... which can be saved against by grabbing the edge and so on.
    • Rock shell can be broken by taking user-ranked damage,  breaking in the area where contact occurred,   until reforming by the end of their next post leaving them vulnerable. 
    • New earth element applies all normal/usual weaknesses of the elemental type. 

    The player may also create one normal spell of A-rank using the Earth element, which they can use even if they cannot use the Wandering Spell itself.  (This keeps some reward for folks who want to take on the gauntlet but already have a Guild Spell or gain a Guild Spell later).


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