[Wandering Spell] Legion of Bone


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    [Wandering Spell] Legion of Bone

    Post by Eris on 4th August 2015, 10:13 am

    Job: Wandering Spell:  Legion of Bone
    Rank: 100y
    Player Requirements:  1H / 3S(Job is more difficult for a single player, but the job scales to multiple players)
    Job Requirements: 15 posts minimum /450 words per post minimum. Survive. Every time you fail, increase required minimum posts by 5 for the future. Note: The lower post count has a reason. This job starts suddenly out of nowhere right off the bat catching the character off guard and is an intense flash of action that is (hopefully) Barely survivable at best.
    Job Description:
    You do not choose to encounter the Wandering Spell.   The Wandering Spell is always looking for individuals who might contain the gift of its power.

    The character is unaware of what's to happen and in the middle of their every day life the Wandering Spell will start it's "Test" out of nowhere.

    The Wandering Spell's test varies on the Wandering Spell itself.

    This is the Wandering Spell: Legion of Bone

    When it's test occurs as a random event in the character's lives it appears suddenly,  causing a sudden violent change in the landscape as four segmented pillars of bone rise from the ground somewhat evenly distanced apart but  gathered on one side... while a fifty appears more on the opposite side,  these pillars bent inwards somewhat along the segments.   Like the skeletal hand of some titan god.

    Between these fingers seems to form a shadowy cage,  a dark sphere,  15km in diameter.    Every creature in the area falls to the ground dead and plants wither,  the mysterious death not effecting the player(s),  while structures and objects seem to have a shadey vapor coming off of them.

    Getting near the dark barrier deals makes you feel weak and close to death,  while black vapors eat at your flesh dealing H-rank damage within 50 meters per post,  S-rank in another 50 meters after that,  A-rank another 50,  and so on.

    From the side of the arena with only one pillar,  a skeletal thumb,   appears a giant black skull on the opposite side of the spherical barrier penning you in.

    An eerie purple light glows from somewhere within the skull,  leaking out through the eyes and it's mouth as it's jaw slowly opens and closes somewhat.  This skull hovers in the air outside of the arena,  staring.

    You can feel it's watchful gaze and intelligence behind it,  and in its stare... a challenge.


    Leaving the Arena in any way, including burrowing under it,  causes instant death and failure.  You'll find it impossible to move directly through the ground/walls of the arena, but should this be bypassed means failure.

    Roll the Monster Dice, preferably in a separate topic with the same title + "Rolls",   and the number dice.

    Every three posts increase the roll of both by 1.  Post 3 = 2 monster / 2 number.  Post 6 = 3 monster / 3 number.  Post 9 = 4 / 4,  and so on.

    If multiple players are present,  increase the number of posts before the number of rolls increase by 1 per player.   Every player rolls on every post however.  

    Even Number:
    The spookiest: Six squads of six skeletons appear within 500 meters of the rolling character.   They don't march,  they sprint.  They run at 30 meters per second in an apparent frenzy.  They carry spears that strike out at a range of 3 meters and they try to rush a charge to impale individuals on these spears.  If they fail,  they seem to intelligently maintain distance and use their reach with their spear to their advantage.  If they stick someone with their spear or their spear gets broken/knocked away,  they frenzy again and use boney claws to attack in a flurry of rending claws.    Spear deals S-rank equivalent damage and can impale.    Claws deal A-rank equivalent damage,  but strike rapidly in a flurry of swipes.    Skeletons take S-rank equivalent damage to destroy.  individually.
    Duplicates: The more the merrier. 

    Odd Number:

    The dootiest:  Fifteen squads of fifteen skeletons appear on the edge of the arena,  evenly spaced out to appear from all sides.    They carry bows and will fire a volley each that amounts to S-rank equivalent damage in total.  They can fire these bows to strike anywhere else in the arena and the AoE on the whole volley effect is about 30 meters around the player,  shifting chaotically about around the player as the skeletons try to guage where the player will be moving and lead them.   Their arrows travel at 250 m/s.   Individual arrows will deal A-rank equivalent damage,  but S-rank equivalent damage against obstruction/armor.    The variation in distance means that there will be a constant volley of arrows arriving every few seconds.     Skeletons take s-rank equivalent damage to destroy.  individually.

    Duplicates:  More squads between the other squads decreasing time between volleys.   At 1 set of 15 there is about 3 seconds between volleys.  At 2,  there is 1.5.    At 3,  there would be a constant rain of arrows.   

    Their arrows tink harmlessly off other enemies from this arena.  

    Even Number:
    Bone Cleaver:  Four individual skeletal warriors appear evenly spaced around the rolling player within 50 meters, rising from the ground quickly and charging.   They carry single large cleavers.   They deal S-rank equivalent damage based on their strength,  another S-rank equivalent damage from the cleaver,  and getting hit causes a pulse of dark energy to strike out from the cleaver as though continuing a slash, dealing another s-rank equivalent damage on contact and whenever their attack is blocked.   The tertiary hit, form said dark energy,  can travel 3 meters.    The Bone Cleavers run at 35m/s and are strong enough to break through stone walls in their mad charge.   They take 2 counts of S-rank damage to destroy, individually.
    Duplicates: The more the merrier.

    Odd Number:
    Skull Slinger:  Six squads of six skeletons appear within 500 meters of the rolling character, evenly spaced around.   They are unnaturally tall and slender with long arms and dressed in ragged furs.   Mounds of skulls appear to bubble up from the ground around them.   They hurl these skulls at them at a rate of 1 every 3 seconds (Individually).   These skulls deal S-rank damage on a hit from their strength,  S-rank damage from the skull itself,  and the skull shatters in a cloud of black vapors that aggressively eats at the bodies of those within 5 meters for another S-rank damage.    They don't move even if charged against.     They take 2 counts of S-rank damage to destroy, individually.
    Duplicates: The more the merrier.    

    They try to predict where the character is moving and lead them,  throwing their skulls in a chaotic hail with different slingers throwing them in different spots to increase chances of hitting while potentially hitting them with the 5 meter burst at least.

    Even Number:
    Bone Hulk:  A single large hulking giant of a skeleton that seems to have added body mass from other skeletons and bone fragments crushed into forming a shape more as though it had flesh,  bursts from the ground within 500 meters.   It stands about 120 meters tall and charges the rolling player.  Each step shakes the ground as it charges,  traveling at about 40m/s factoring its size/stride.    When it gets within reach it attempts to slam it's fists into the ground in a pounding frenzy.    One fist strike landing every other second as the other is raised back into the air to come down again after the other strikes.   
    The fists are about 5 meters in area and cause the ground to shake on impact within another 15.   They deal H-rank damage per hit.       It takes 3 counts of H-rank equivalent damage to destroy.
    Duplicates: The more the merrier.

    Odd Number:
    Skull Shaman:   Four skeletons cloaked in wraithy shrouds appear to phase in from the ground at within 500 meters.     They are unnaturally tall like the Skull Slingers,  but not as tall,  standing at a height of about 3 meters while the slingers are 6.   They float off the ground and travel at 40m/s effortlessly.   They can hover above the ground at up to 25 meters away from it but will generally remain low if a player is not within 50 meters.
    These Skull Shaman will resurrect the strongest destroyed enemy from the arena within 250 meters each post,  resurrecting whole squads at once.
    They have a dark barrier that reflects 25% of damage sent at them back to the sender meanwhile the barrier takes S-rank equivalent damage to break before the Shaman itself takes 2 counts of S-rank damage to destroy.
    Duplicates: The more the merrier.

    Even Number:
    Bone Dragon:  A 1.5 KM from tail to head dragon appears from the skull outside the arena,  the jaw opening wide as it crawls out and phases right through the barrier.   It has a wingspan of 3km and will fly high above the ground,  at least 1km up,   and breath a black flame on the ground targeting the rolling player with flames.   These flames rush down at 500m/s and fill a cone-shape of 150 meters in diameter at ground level.    These flames deal H-rank damage to the player character(s) within it and will heal the skeletons from the arena by H-rank equivalent amounts,  meanwhile buffing them to take an additional S-rank count of damage before destruction.
    The Bone Dragon takes 5 counts of H-rank damage to destroy,  to the torso or head.   2 counts of H-rank damage can break it's wings and force it to land.
    Upon Landing the Bone Dragon will use it's flames,  but now at 250m/s and in a 60 meter cone within 500 meters of it,  that it can wave back and forth in front of it to effect a wider area.    While doing so it attempts to strike with it's claws for H-rank damage with quick attacks from either claw,   with a bite attack that deals double H damage,  or a sweeping tail that effects a wide area along the ground dealing H-rank equivalent damage and phasing right through it's allied skeletons.
    Duplicates:  The more.... The merrier.

    Odd Number:
    Lich Lord:  A 200 meter tall lich with only skeletal hands from six arms and set of three skull-heads shown,  covered in ethereal wraith-like cloaks,  seems to phase through the ground to float 25 meters off from the ground.    
    The Lich Lord remains on an edge of the arena and while on the arena will passively heal all skeleton creatures by S-rank equivalent damage,  which buffs them to take an additional S-rank equivalent damage after healed.
    The Lich Lord will cause giant skulls to appear in the air,  it's arms out stretched,  from the top of the arena and fall like meteors at twice a cannonball's speed of 500m/s.   These skulls will impact with a 15 meter immediate hit from the skull itself and cause a shockwave on impact for another 50 meters.   Black flames from the skull burn within 20 meters of it.   All three of these effects stack for HHH equivalent damage.   One skull-meteor falls per post,  targeting the rolling player before targeting the player's allies next should they fall.
    Duplicates:  Lets here it!  The more the merrier.    Their healing and buffing effects stack together (Though the buffing effect doesn't stack with itself if only one is there, just the one buff per lich)

    IF successful,  the skeletons and pillars draw back into the earth,  the dead civilians rising back to their feet back to how they were before hand and then wake up mid-action as though nothing ever happened.   The giant skull outside of the arena closes in,  jaw opening,  while a large Grand Lacrima moves faster than the skull to approach sooner while the skull fades into nothing behind it,  the Grand Lacrima appearing before you,  a trophy,  and granting you a gift:  A portion of it's power.

    If you fail,  the same thing happens,  but you stumble forward with black vapors flowing off your body as your flesh blackens and you fall unconscious,  everyone else fine but you the player(s) who are harmed as a failed attempt for this death magic to bond to as a host.

    Players are granted the right to access the Wandering Spell's power in the form of a single trophy that is bound to the victors;  A beach-ball sized black and purple "Grand Lacrima" with what looks like a deathly fog roiling inside of it with occasional skull shapes floating about it.
    By touching its surface and meditating for a moment they can add the spell to their minds.
    Wandering Spell:
    A character may only possess 1 wandering spell at a time.
    Excess Wandering Spells can be stored in a Trophy Hall where they may be swapped out provided there is a topic in which the swap occurs before it is used elsewhere.   The Swap can't be used in topics that were created before the swap occurs on an OOC time frame.

    Wandering Spells cost 50,000EXP (Yes,  EXP, from jobs/events.  This MUST be recorded in your Bank along with your complete job topics whenever used. You cannot expend more EXP than needed to maintain your current rank.) and 20%MP to use.  If the Wandering Spell does not match the type of any magic type you possess it instead costs 50%.   If the caster is not H-rank,  but is S-rank,  using the Wandering Spell consumes all MP.  Wandering Spells will deal H-rank damage to A-rank or less players that attempt to learn the spell (By touching the Grand Lacrima) or to those who did not earn the right to access it.

    Wandering Spells cannot exist with Guild Spells.   A character that gains a Guild Spell loses the ability to use the Wandering Spell,  or cannot gain one to begin with.


    Name: Wandering Spell: Legion of Bone
    Rank: H+
    Type: Death / Bone | Offense Support
    Duration: 15
    Cooldown: Topic
    A pulse of black vapors and purple glows ripples out across the sky above,  absorbing light and blocking the natural sky,  filling the land with a purple light and shades of darkness that provide the same illumination regardless of day or night.     Drops of blood seem to fall like a light rain on the ground below.

    Once per second every post a skeleton will burst from the ground at B-rank effectiveness at a minimum,  to attack random enemies in the background and appear to drag them below the ground carrying them away as the skeleton returns to the earth kicking and screaming.    Against ranked enemies,  these skeletons will appear 1 rank higher than the enemy mage and only drag them down if they defeat them.  Skeletons don't appear interested in anyone but who they rose up for.

    Against player characters they will be the same rank and one will rise up at the beginning of every post (of theirs).   These deal rank appropriate damage but only take one equal ranked hit to destroy if magical,  physical hits (fists, weapons) deal damage as normal for an equal ranked opponent (Generally 10% as it currently stands).

    The caster themselves are cloaked in a thin shield of black vapors with bone growths appearing along their limbs giving some reinforcement,  reducing incoming damage by 25% and tanking A-rank hits harmlessly.

    Three skeletons of equal rank appear from the ground around the caster and remain within 15 meters at all times.  They try to take hits for the caster and attack enemies that get within reach/within this 15 meters.   These skeletons differ from the others in that they will reform whenever destroyed by the end of the post in which the caster responds to the post in which they were attacked/destroyed.

    Any spell the caster uses can have it's element replaced by bone.  The spells are the same,  but composed of bone matter and/or black vapors instead.  Altering it's elemental properties and cosmetic appearance.    Spells that are already bone and/or shadow/darkness can instead be augmented 1 rank in effectiveness by spending that rank's MP instead.  Shadow spells gain bone effects with them,  bone effects gaining shadowy vapors.

    • Skeletons rise from the environment to attack things in the background,  single skeletons raising to attack enemy characters each post.
    • A protective layer on the caster and warding skeleton minions directly around the caster protect against damage.
    • Can convert other spells into the bone-darkness element.

    • Skeletons summoned in the background only care about the target they appeared for,  they don't linger and/or try to attack others.
    • The skeletons can all be destroyed by equal-rank attacks.  (If a B-rank skeleton appears to take/kill a random knight cannon-fodder enemy,  it can be destroyed by B-rank damage.)   The ones that rise against mages though only apply that to spell damage,  while taking normal damage from non-spell sources (B on B = 10% damage)
    • Defensive coating on the caster only reduces damage by 25%, only blocking A-rank effects or less (which are unlikely to be a threat to begin with, to anyone able to cast this spell)
    • Spells converted to bone-darkness gain all related weaknesses.

    The player may also create one normal spell of A-rank using the Bone element, which they can use even if they cannot use the Wandering Spell itself.  (This keeps some reward for folks who want to take on the gauntlet but already have a Guild Spell or gain a Guild Spell later).


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