[Wandering Spell] Descent of Winter


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    [Wandering Spell] Descent of Winter

    Post by Eris on 3rd August 2015, 10:29 pm

    Job: Wandering Spell:  Descent of Winter
    Rank: 100y
    Player Requirements: 1H / 3S(Job is more difficult for a single player, but the job scales to multiple players)
    Job Requirements: 15 posts minimum /450 words per post minimum. Survive. Every time you fail, increase required minimum posts by 5 for the future. Note: The lower post count has a reason. This job starts suddenly out of nowhere right off the bat catching the character off guard and is an intense flash of action that is (hopefully) Barely survivable at best.
    Job Description:
    You do not choose to encounter the Wandering Spell.   The Wandering Spell is always looking for individuals who might contain the gift of its power.

    The character is unaware of what's to happen and in the middle of their every day life the Wandering Spell will start it's "Test" out of nowhere.

    The Wandering Spell's test varies on the Wandering Spell itself.

    This is the Wandering Spell: Descent of Winter

    When it's test occurs as a random event in the character's lives it appears suddenly,  causing a sudden violent change in the landscape as four massive spires of ice form in the air forming the corners of a 15km wide square as they hover in the air 200 meters above the ground,  the spires being roughly 800 meters in length themselves.     A thick wall of wind and snow visibly creates a wall of white that stretches between these spires.    A rush of northern winds comes off from these walls and from the spires,  rushing inward and causing everything in their path to freeze.   Everything gets coated in a sheet of semitransparent ice just enough that you can roughly makeout what anything beneath it is;  including the frozen corpses of any and all civilians in the area,  left frozen mid-step or mid-laugh.  Frozen in that last second before death took them unawares. 

    These frozen winds meet in as swirling rush around the player character(s),  freezing the ground beneath them and anyone near them but leaving them untouched,   leaving a frozen tundra.  An icy wasteland,  serving as an arena.

    From above in the center of this arena forms an icy sphere radiating a blue-white glow as ice forms spikes around it almost making it look like a frozen star.

    It radiates a sense of intelligence,  and you can feel it within you that it is calling out a challenge.


    To beat this job you must live for  the minimum number of posts.  On the next post after the minimum post the Wandering Spell will die down,  ice melting about the place as the icy star lowers itself,  melting all the while,  until it is next to a player without ice,  a Grand Lacrima baring a gift;  some of it's power.

    If the player attempts to fly up and attack this icy star directly they'll be met with an icy wind that freezes them solid and causes them to fall back down to the arena ground,  taking falling damage and shattering the ice that formed around them dealing S-rank equivalent damage and leaving them frozen for 5 seconds until they defrost leaving them with a 25% reduced speed which reduces by 5% per post.

    Leaving the Arena in any way, including burrowing under it,  causes instant death and failure.  You'll find it impossible to move directly through the ground/walls of the arena, but should this be bypassed means failure.

    Roll the Monster Dice, preferably in a separate topic with the same title + "Rolls",   and the number dice.

    Every three posts increase the roll of both by 1.  Post 3 = 2 monster / 2 number.  Post 6 = 3 monster / 3 number.  Post 9 = 4 / 4,  and so on.

    If multiple players are present,  increase the number of posts before the number of rolls increase by 1 per player.   Every player rolls on every post however.  

    All speed reduction gets reduced by 5% per post, per effect applying the speed reduction.
    Whenever speed reduction hits 100% they are frozen solid for a post until being free on the next post and speed reductions reducing back to 50%.

    Remember that everything is icy,  and as such is slippery, especially when wet,  on a flatter surface,  or if you aren't wearing suitable footwear. 

    Even Number:
    Snowflakes:  Large snowflakes of sharp ice appear in the air randomly throughout the area.  They hover in the air about one every meter.    Getting within 5 meters causes them to shoot at the player at 100m/s to deal A-rank damage per snowflake and reducing speed by 1% per.   For every snowflake that hits the next snowflake will reduce by an extra 1%    Snowflakes remain for 2 posts.   Snowflakes are the size of shurikens.

    Odd Number:
    Snowfall: A chilling breeze rushes against the rolling character reducing speed by 10%
    Duplicates:  Stacking effect.

    Even Number:
    Ice Lance:  A large spire of ice 40 meters long and 5 meters wide at the thickest middle point forms in the air above the rolling character within 3 seconds before falling at 10m/s, doubling each second,  to strike the target from above somewhat slowly.   If it hits it deals double-H-rank damage.
    Duplicates:  Multiple Ice Lances form at opposite sides and fire in succession.

    Odd Number:
    Frozen Barricade:  A ring of jagged icicles forms a 50 meter ring around the rolling character,  jagged spikes pointing inward and up within 1 second.   Any attempt to jump over it results in the spikes shooting up at 100m/s in order to hit with S-rank equivalent damage.  The spikes are dynamic and keep pointed at the character as they move,  hinting they might not appreciate the escape attempt before hand.   Getting hit with a spike may impale the character reducing speed by an unknown amount,  but as a result of being impaled and not necessarily the cold.   As such it's not easy to pin a number to.
    Duplicates:  Rings around rings.

    Even Number:
    Snap Freeze:  The rolling character and anyone within 30 meters experiences a snap-freeze,  freezing them solid for 5 seconds and leaving them with a 20% speed reduction.
    Duplicates:  Stacking effects.  (10 seconds,  15 seconds.   20% 30% 40%)

    Odd Number:
    Winter Nova:   A blue orb with swirling snow around it appears up from the ground within 50 meters and pursues the rolling character.  It always tries to remain within 30 meters,  flying at a speed of 60 meters per second.   If it gets closer than 30 meters it tries to remain away,  maintaining the 30 meter distance and trying to spin in an orbit around the character,  aiding in evasion.     While the Winter Nova is within 35 meters it emits an aura of snowy winter that prevents speed reduction from recovering in its presence meanwhile causing 5% per post to build up.   It can be destroyed with 2 S-rank equivalent hits.
    Duplicates: Multiple novas.  Passive build up stacking.

    Even Number:
    Comet Fall:  An icy comet falls from the sky.  It is 30 meters in diameter and falls at a slow 60 m/s.  It deals two H-rank's equivalent damage and shatters into a freezing blizzard reducing speed by 15% that does NOT recover,  and dealing 1 H-rank's equivalent damage to everyone within 100 meters + the 15%.
    Duplicates:  Multiple comets falling from different angles targeting just off from the rolling player to widen chance of hitting.

    Odd Number:
    Sheer Cold:  The rolling player is frozen solid for the remainder of the post.  When the post is over they take a speed reduction of 25%
    Duplicates:  The solid freeze also freezes them deep within their bodies causing cells to burst,  they take H-rank damage and the speed reduction is 40%

    When you survive the required number of posts,  the ice will thaw,  first reforming if broken originally,  and everything will creep back to life as though nothing happened.  Broken walls are remade,   lost lives returned as though nothing happened.    The Grand Lacrima will be before you,  your trophy,  the victor.

    If you fail,  the same occurs.  But there is no lacrima,  there is only a deathly chill.  A paleness to your skin,  cold air escaping your lips as you fall to the ground unconscious,  severe frost bite gnawing on your flesh.

    Players are granted the right to access the Wandering Spell's power in the form of a single trophy that is bound to the victors;  A beach-ball sized blue and white "Grand Lacrima" with what looks like an blizzard raging inside of it.
    By touching its surface and meditating for a moment they can add the spell to their minds.
    Wandering Spell:
    A character may only possess 1 wandering spell at a time.
    Excess Wandering Spells can be stored in a Trophy Hall where they may be swapped out provided there is a topic in which the swap occurs before it is used elsewhere.   The Swap can't be used in topics that were created before the swap occurs on an OOC time frame.

    Wandering Spells cost 50,000EXP (Yes,  EXP, from jobs/events.  This MUST be recorded in your Bank along with your complete job topics whenever used. You cannot expend more EXP than needed to maintain your current rank.) and 20%MP to use.  If the Wandering Spell does not match the type of any magic type you possess it instead costs 50%.   If the caster is not H-rank,  but is S-rank,  using the Wandering Spell consumes all MP.  Wandering Spells will deal H-rank damage to A-rank or less players that attempt to learn the spell (By touching the Grand Lacrima) or to those who did not earn the right to access it.

    Wandering Spells cannot exist with Guild Spells.   A character that gains a Guild Spell loses the ability to use the Wandering Spell,  or cannot gain one to begin with.


    Name: Wandering Spell: Descent of Winter
    Rank: H+
    Type: Ice | Offense Support
    Duration: 15
    Cooldown: Topic
    Descent of Winter causes a snap freezing wave of snow and ice to pulse out across the sky leaving billowing clouds of snow all about the atmosphere obscuring natural daylight and reflecting back instead an eerier blueish white glow replacing normal daylight or amplifying moonlight to cast the world in shades of blue as snow falls,  gathering an inch between each post meanwhile ice slicks start forming throughout the area as though weeks of winter were passing by in minutes.

    The air becomes bone-chillingly cold,  which can cause a reduction of accuracy and reflexes to those without resistances to cold.  The caster is resistant to cold as well.

    Once every second an Ice spike forms near someone that grows very rapidly for an ice growth,  forming at 20m/s within a meter of random background enemies.     Once per post an enemy mage will have to deal with the same.  These spikes deal S-rank damage if they can,  stabbing into the opposition and potentially impaling them.   If there is a surface nearby,  the ice spike could skewer them with the ice spike freezing to the wall on the other side of them.   The ice spikes break with S-rank attacks or A-rank fires.

    The caster themselves gain an icy sheen over their body that increases damage resistance by 50% and freezing things on contact,  sticking them to her body and draining it of kinetic energy as though they were met with an S-rank spell's resistance.   Non-physical attacks ignore this effect.   The caster can will things frozen to her to drop off without hassle.

    While in effect,  the caster can replace the element of non-ice spells with ice.  An aesthetic change simply altering the elemental properties.   Ice spells that already exist can instead by buffed a rank in effectiveness by spending that ranks MP instead of the previous.

    • The environment strikes out at enemies in the area.   Additionally the area in general can become slippery with random ice slicks.
    • Icy shell over the caster's body protects some against damage and is effective against physical attacks.
    • Can convert other spells into the Ice element.

    • The spikes always form in front of player characters allowing the formation to be seen on the ground before them a moment before the spike actually appears.
    • The spikes always appear on the ground.  Flying targets are essentially immune. 
    • Non-physical attacks ignore the freezing effect on the defense.
    • Converted spells to ice gain all normal weaknesses of ice.

    The player may also create one normal spell of A-rank using the Ice element, which they can use even if they cannot use the Wandering Spell itself.  (This keeps some reward for folks who want to take on the gauntlet but already have a Guild Spell or gain a Guild Spell later).


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