[Wandering Spell] Empire of Flame


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    [Wandering Spell] Empire of Flame

    Post by Eris on 3rd August 2015, 6:05 pm

    Job: Wandering Spell:  Empire of Flame
    Rank: 100y
    Player Requirements:  1H / 3S (Job is more difficult for a single player, but the job scales to multiple players)
    Job Requirements: 15 posts minimum /450 words per post minimum.  Survive.   Every time you fail, increase required minimum posts by 5 for the future.  Note: The lower post count has a reason.  This job starts suddenly out of nowhere right off the bat catching the character off guard and is an intense flash of action that is (hopefully) Barely survivable at best.
    Job Description:

    You do not choose to encounter the Wandering Spell.   The Wandering Spell is always looking for individuals who might contain the gift of its power.

    The character is unaware of what's to happen and in the middle of their every day life the Wandering Spell will start it's "Test" out of nowhere.

    The Wandering Spell's test varies on the Wandering Spell itself.

    This is the Wandering Spell:  Empire of Flame.

    When it's test occurs as a random event in the character's lives it appears suddenly,  causing a sudden violent change in the landscape as seven great pillars of fire strike the earth,  a great wall of flame spreading between them taller than any mountain.    This pins the area in as a wave of fire surges across the land in between,  tearing up and incinerating all in its path until what is left is a flat surface black and charred, crystallized into a glass-like substance that seems to deny any attempt at trying to go through it magical or otherwise,  stopping just short of the character in question and burning around them until it is done forming an arena environment fifteen kilometers in diameter.   Touching a pillar or wall of flame between the pillars results in instant death.  First 50 meters near the walls/pillars deals H-rank damage just from the heat.  The next 50 does S. Then A.  Then B,  and so on.  This heat is divine in nature,  akin the the Phoenix Fire,  and inedible to any form of slaying and ignores attempts at manipulation.

    A small sun burns hot and bright directly above high up in the sky within the pillars,  radiating magical power and a sense of intelligence and a watchful presence.  And with it,  a challenge.


    To beat this job you must live for  the minimum number of posts.  On the next post after the minimum post the Wandering Spell will die down,  the sun slowly falling from between the pillars while dimming.   Eventually,  it reaches you without brightness as a beach-ball sized "Grand Lacrima" containing a gift: Some of it's power.

    If the player attempts to fly up to reach the sun above they will be knocked back to the ground with a wave of flame avoidable only by flying back down to the ground yourself,  dealing H-rank equivalent damage.

    Leaving the Arena in any way, including burrowing under it,  causes instant death and failure.  You'll find it impossible to move directly through the ground/walls of the arena, but should this be bypassed means failure.

    Roll the Monster Dice, preferably in a separate topic with the same title + "Rolls",   and the number dice.

    Every three posts increase the roll of both by 1.  Post 3 = 2 monster / 2 number.  Post 6 = 3 monster / 3 number.  Post 9 = 4 / 4,  and so on.

    If multiple players are present,  increase the number of posts before the number of rolls increase by 1 per player.   Every player rolls on every post however.  

    Even Number:
    Embers:  The Sun will send a constant stream of "Embers" at the player character for the rest of the post.   There is one ember every meter along this stream and they all travel at a speed of 120m/s, or roughly the speed of an arrow.   They will each individually deliver A-rank equivalent damage.   Each time an ember hits you the next fire attack will deal +1% damage,  which also applies to all ember damage for the rest of the topic stacking.  So the next is +2%,  +3%,  +4%,  and so on.
    Duplicates:  Fire from opposite points on the arena rather than from the sun and firing in succession reducing time between ember impacts into more of a stream.

    Odd Number:
    Flashfire: For the rest of the post rings of fire appear on the ground where you are standing quite suddenly.  In the next second,  they explodes up in a rush of fire forming a pillar 1 meter wide and reaching high into the sky.  Deals S-rank equivalent damage.
    Duplicates:  Duplicate rings try to predict where you'll be going based on your speed and direction.  The rings appearing in succession. 

    Even Number:
    Solar flare:  The Sun sends down a wave of thick flames that grows in size as it travels,  starting as a 1 meter square of flame and growing by a meter every 10 or so meters it travels.   By the time it reaches the ground it would be a 500 meter area of effect and leaving the character should they be on the ground with a 5 second window to respond.    This effect will clear all terrain (The fires will cling and burn for the duration of the post in order to clear it, leaving it during the initial wave) that may have been changed or manipulated since the last Solar Flare or since the initial wave of fire first cleansed the arena.  Deals H-rank equivalent damage.
    Duplicates:  Increases size of wave/blanket of flame by half-again per result.

    Odd Number:
    Wildfire:  A wave of fire rushes across from one side of the arena to the next as a vertical wall of flame 700 meters tall and wide traveling at 1km per second leaving roughly 7 seconds to avoid it assuming the character is near the center.  Deals H-rank equivalent damage and clears the arena after the fact as lingering flames incinerate even stone over the course of the post.
    Duplicates:  Come from opposite sides of the arena. 

    Even Number:
    Godrays:  The Sun produces a series of individual beans 1 meter wide with no maximum length are fired off with a spacing in between them of about 50 meters at the begining,  closing at a rate of 1 meter per second to 25 meters by the end of the first post and zeroing in on the second.
    These rays fire out striking the fire walls at an angle close to the ground (hitting the wall),  and will rotate at 100 meters per second around the arena.   Every second that passes increases the speed of these rays by 100m/s.  The rays spin,  spiraling inward closer and closer towards the center of the arena.   They reach the center by the end of the next post.    Every second that is wasted is another second that makes it harder to get out from the godray's enclosing area.
    They deal H-rank equivalent damage,  twice that to any barrier that gets in their way.
    Duplicates:  Halve space between lasers.

    Odd Number:
    Ringwave:   A ring of fire bursts from the ground 50 meters in diameter with the player in the center. The fire reaches 60 meters high into the air.   This ring of fire shrinks,  closing in on the player at a rate of 25 meters per second,  slow but quite faster than the default human can run.   Deals S-rank equivalent damage.  Getting hit by the fire stuns for 5 seconds.
    Due to their height,  they also generally obscure vision of hazards coming from the sides.
    Duplicates:  Duplicates appear after a movement to get out of the first(s) are made,  where they would end up.

    Even Number:
    Tick Tock:  The Arena shrinks by 5km,  shrinking at a rate of 500m/s  A wave of fire blankets the ground from the outside in,  closing in to convert the entire ground into a blanket of fire that deals S-rank damage.  Getting hit by these flames stuns for 5 seconds.    Blanket closes in at 1km per second.
    Duplicates:  Stacked effects.

    Odd Number:
    Sun Pillar:  The Sun flares with activity before sending down a thick pillar like the original pillars that appeared.  This pillar is 500 meters in diameter and travels down hitting the ground in 10 seconds time.   Like the originals,  making contact with it is instant death.   Every time this comes up again it increases by 500.
    Duplicates:  Size increase as though another result was rolled as normal.

    If the player gets killed,  they fail the test and suddenly the world reverts to normal.  The potential countless dead and whole city of ruin rising back up from the ashes while you fall,  unconscious and severely burned-  A failed host for the Wandering Spell.

    If you succeed,  flames dance across your body and the Grand Lacrima appears before you.  Your body unharmed,  and no innocents lost.

    Players are granted the right to access the Wandering Spell's power in the form of a single trophy that is bound to the victors;  A beach-ball sized orange "Grand Lacrima" with what looks like an inferno raging inside of it.
    By touching its surface and meditating for a moment they can add the spell to their minds.
    Wandering Spell:
    A character may only possess 1 wandering spell at a time.
    Excess Wandering Spells can be stored in a Trophy Hall where they may be swapped out provided there is a topic in which the swap occurs before it is used elsewhere.   The Swap can't be used in topics that were created before the swap occurs on an OOC time frame.

    Wandering Spells cost 50,000EXP (Yes,  EXP, from jobs/events.  This MUST be recorded in your Bank along with your complete job topics whenever used.  You cannot expend more EXP than needed to maintain your current rank.) and 20%MP to use.  If the Wandering Spell does not match the type of any magic type you possess it instead costs 50%.   If the caster is not H-rank,  but is S-rank,  using the Wandering Spell consumes all MP.  Wandering Spells will deal H-rank damage to A-rank or less players that attempt to learn the spell (By touching the Grand Lacrima) or to those who did not earn the right to access it.

    Wandering Spells cannot exist with Guild Spells.   A character that gains a Guild Spell loses the ability to use the Wandering Spell,  or cannot gain one to begin with.


    Name: Wandering Spell: Empire of Flame

    Rank: H+
    Type: Fire | Offensive Support
    Duration: 15
    Cooldown: Topic
    Empire of Flame causes a snap pulse of flame to streak across the sky,  creating a yellow-orange-red glow to envelop the land replacing natural daylight or lighting up the night,  setting fire to the sky with clouds of roiling flame and a fine rain of slow-falling drops of fire that sting on contact.

    Falling from the sky are S-ranked fireballs the size of beach balls.   One falls from the sky every second,  but over the whole area,  to strike at random enemies in the background.    Enemy mages on the other hand will be targeted by one of these fireballs each post of theirs,  a single fireball.  
    The fireballs fall at a cannonball's speed of 250m/s,   though noting that they start from high in the sky with only minimal "homing" by a few degrees to compensate.
    The Fireballs burst in 5 meter AoEs on contact.

    The caster themselves gain coat of flames that burns off from their body harmlessly,  more intense around the eyes which look like miniature suns.     All incoming attacks are subject to an S-rank fire damage before making contact which can prevent hits from A-rank or less attacks that aren't strong against fire.

    Whenever the caster casts a non-fire spell,  the element can be changed to fire.  A simple largely aesthetic replacement altering elemental properties.   Fire spells can instead by buffed a rank in effectiveness by spending that ranks MP instead of the previous.

    • The environment strikes out at enemies in the area.
    • Concentrated aura of flame over the caster's body hinders enemy spells through an aggressive defense.
    • Can convert other spells into the Fire element.

    • Fairly easy for aware individuals to avoid.  By remaining mobile and not standing around waiting to get hit they can easily leave the shallow arc in which the fireball from the sky seeks them out.
    • Since it comes from the sky,  there's a plenty of time to notice it coming before hand.  It's never recommended to actually wait for spells to be flying at you to dodge them, that's just not how life works.  But in this case it is a valid thing to do.
    • A-rank spells strong against fire effectively ignore the concentrated fire-aura to do normal effects (Damage/hitting her).    S-rank spells not weak to fire similarly are unphased. 
    • Converting spells to the fire element provides all natural weaknesses of the element.

    The player may also create one normal spell of A-rank using the Fire element, which they can use even if they cannot use the Wandering Spell itself.  (This keeps some reward for folks who want to take on the gauntlet but already have a Guild Spell or gain a Guild Spell later).


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