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    Disturbing the Peace

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    Disturbing the Peace Empty Disturbing the Peace

    Post by Shipping Goddess on 3rd August 2015, 11:52 am

    Ivy wandered aimlessly throughout the peace village. Something about the peace village made Ivy on edge. It wasn't that it was paranoia, it was moreso that it was just plain irritation. Ivy hated the peacefulness of this town, because everything needs chaos. Without the black side Yin and Yang would be out of balance, and too much good wouldn't be good for everyone. So Ivy wanted to bring about this black, to bring the chaos to the peace Villiage. Sure not many dark guilds attacked this place but Ivy didn't care, because if not many people attacked this place then not many people would also want to stop her. That's just how it is, another reason why there needed to be chaos. Sure Ivy didn't care for the police but she recognized without crime to stop the police would be out of jobs, so they needed Dark Guilds and havoc-wreakers. Ivy was one of these people.

    The Dark Seraph child drew her sword, it radiating purple dark energy because of her Evil Nature while wearing her seraph bracelets, thus the name Dark Seraph. Ivy grinned and swung the sword, as she began walking through the town.


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