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    Gisen Ceostra
    Gisen Ceostra

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    Gisen's Bank Vault Empty Gisen's Bank Vault

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 2nd August 2015, 1:57 pm

    Gisen Ceostra's Bank

    Ascendant Abilities:

    Name: Gold Rush
    Description: Centuries ago, a tribe came to Fiore from a continent that is so incredibly far away that to this day those who ventured to find it have failed; the tribe members claimed to have come from a place called "Egypt". Wherever the tribe went, they prospered beyond belief; to each country and continent they went to, they rose to become the most powerful group of people there. Eventually, they were captured by all dark guilds at the time for their fortune and ability to prosper, and when the tribe refused to cooperate, they were all killed. Luckily, some were not captured, so your bloodline still lives on today. However, you must be wondering - "How did they do it?". Well, it's quite simple.

    The tribe from Egypt, which were known as Egyptians, were cast away from their homeland by raiders with absolutely nothing. An Egyptian goddess, who was saddened by what could potentially happen to her people, cast a powerful spell over the tribe to make them the luckiest people on the planet (literally!). Because of this, the tribe was able to find a significant more amount of jewels, items to sell, and they were said to be so lucky that they could even cheat death and danger; of course, that wasn't the case when they were completely obliterated...

    Ability: The user is given 3 passive abilities and 2 active abilities, though they can only ever choose one ability from the passive and active parts of this lineage. Whenever going on a job, the user must always pick from one of the following abilities:
    * Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
    * Find a custom weapon, item, or armor (rank depends on the difficulty of the job; you get to choose the type of item)
    * Increase the jewel reward of you and ONE other participant of the job by 50%
    The user's active ability are the following:
    * The user is able to sacrifice their EXP gained from jobs for additional jewels
    * The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.
    Usage: Lineage has three passive abilities and two active abilities; you MUST pick one of the passive abilities at the start of any job. The second active ability of this lineage can only be used once per thread, with a duration of 4 posts; again, you can only pick pick one of the two active abilities.

    Whenever the second passive ability of this lineage is used, the rank of the weapon/item/armor is found at the following job ranks:
    * D-Rank: Nothing
    * C-Rank: Strong
    * B-Rank: Strong+
    * A-Rank: Strong+
    * S-Rank: Legendary
    * SS-Rank: Legendary+
    * 10Y: Legendary+
    * 100Y: Artifact

    Whenever the first active ability of this lineage is used, the jewels gained for the amount of exp sacrificed is as the following:
    * 25 EXP: 1,000 (D-Rank)
    * 50 EXP: 2,500 (C-Rank)
    * 250 EXP: 7,500 (B-Rank)
    * 1,250 EXP: 17,000 (A-Rank)
    * 6,250 EXP: 30,000 (S-Rank)
    * 18,750 EXP: 45,000 (SS-Rank)
    * 56,250 EXP: 70,000 (10Y-Rank)
    * 168,750 EXP: 100,000 (100Y-Rank)

    Approved Weapons:


    • Purchased and approved here




      Description & Appearance:
      Did you think that Dancer was the name of one of Santa's reindeers? Think again! Tis' a mighty holiday spear that can pierce the clouded Winter skies! On top of a long pole that tries to imitate a candy cane rests a stone imitation of mistletoe and a glowing red gem that seems to generate a small amount of heat even during the coldest of winter times. Beyond these ornaments, a magical blade made out of green-colored glass lies. But despite its material, this piece of weaponry is just as sturdy as any metal blade with a couple of powerful abilities to boot. Why this spear exists, no one seems to know. Perhaps one of the underling elfs was tired to the Christmas man's tyranny and planned to rebel? We might never know. But whether Cherry Snoozytrifle really did make this weapon to end Christmas once and for all does not matter anymore, for the spear now rests in your hands and you are free to utilize it however you see most fit. However, it is advised to be very careful with this piece of magical equipment. The small star at the other end of the main pole is just as sharp as the blade itself, making it possible to use both ends of this spear to attack if one is skilled enough. Just try to not cut yourself in the process. And hey, if you're not exactly a fighter, then surely this spear will prove to be an excellent ornament for your home during the Christmas time.


      • Despite having a blade of glass, the spear is still just as sturdy as any other weapon, providing those who can utilize it a lot of flexibility
      • As both ends of the spear are sharp, the utility of this spear grows even more, as long as the user is careful enough


      • The spear has a fixed shape and can be less useful to certain types of mages and warriors who are not used to such weapon
      • Even once to season passes, the weapon will not change its design. Some might find it little too weird to be using the weapon outside of Christmas time
      • Those who are clumsy enough with the weapon run the risk of stabbing themselves due to both sides of the spear being sharp

      Name: The mightiest spear
      Rank: S
      Duration: Passive
      Cooldown: Passive
      Description: The blade of this spear is enchanted with magic that is meant to penetrate all defenses, no matter how strong. All attacks performed with this weapon will ignore 50% of all shields, barriers and resistances generated by abilities and spells up to S-rank.

      Name: Piercing Strike
      Rank: A
      Duration: Instant
      Cooldown: 5 posts
      Description: A fairly regular attack performed by thrusting the spear forward. This will deal regular A-ranked damage to any enemy that is hit. However, it is possible to augment this attack and make it much more powerful. Weapons and other equipment normally work on their own and do not require magical energy from the user, but if the owner of this spear feeds MP equal to the cost of an A-ranked spell, the damage output of this attack will be doubled by adding an ice element to the attack.

      • Gives the user an option between regular and a much stronger attack based on their situation


      • The additional layer of damage does require the user to spend MP equal to a regular spell of the same rank
      • Due to the nature of spear thrust attacks, it is impossible to hit more than one enemy with this ability

    • [url=Url of weapon app goes here]Weapon Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of weapon app goes here]Weapon Name[/url]

    Approved Armors:


    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]
    • [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]

    Approved Items:


    • [url=Url of item app goes here]Item Name/Grade[/url]
    • [url=Url of item app goes here]Item Name/Grade[/url]

    Approved Pet(s):


    Ongoing Missions:

    All mission titles include members whom the mission was involved with in -->[]<--


    Finished Missions:


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    (Please note that when you rank up, you need to clear this out. They will not be exchangeable for EXP anymore after your Rank-Up Exam)

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