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    Double Trouble: Two Kids and One Knight


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    Completed Double Trouble: Two Kids and One Knight

    Post by Dubhlainn on 2nd August 2015, 9:11 am

    After having found the book it was time to attend to Alice’s request. On first light he arrives to the client’s home, Alice was already in her business attire, preparing to depart to Era. Dubhlainn arrived right on time as she was just about to leave. Dubhlainn’s tardiness was regrettable though he was only five minutes late, making a lady wait is quite rude as one would say. He bowed down apologetically and greeted Alice and had presented himself as a man with fine manners. His stone face expression didn’t do him much favor but thanks to the old lady’s reference, Alice could trust Dubhlainn for that the Old lady and her were good friends, besides the old lady never led Alice wrong, not even once.

    Alice nodded once more and reminded Dubhlainn once more of his objective before heading out to the train station. There were hints of doubt on her face but perhaps if Dubhlainn made the effort to be someone the children would look up to then he’d be rewarded with acknowledgement then again he wouldn’t expect that to happen regardless for he is after all someone from a Dark Guild. As Dubhlainn went inside Alice’s home, he’s met with familiar faces. They are the same children that messed with Peace Village’s library before; both the children and dubhlainn stared right at each other shocked to have yet another encounter.

    “Don’t worry, I haven’t told your mother about your little prank.” He said in a tone of voice that gives the children a sense of relief. The first thing Dubhlainn did was prepare their breakfast which was bacon and eggs.  Even having done this the children were still afraid of Dubhlainn and knowing this it wouldn’t earn him Alice’s favor so he decided to drop the straight face and makes a feint smile.

    “I’m sorry that I scared you but tampering with the library is not a good thing to do, so let me see here your names are Zack and Chris is I correct?” The children were surprised that the intimidating look on his face fades before the light of the sun confirming that Dubhlainn was indeed human. Their first impression of Dubhlainn way back in the library was like that of an executioner but that doesn’t mean that it changed just after seeing that face, Zack hatched an idea and whispered it to Chris unknown to Dubhlainn, the twins decided to test him and somehow provoke him to bring out his true nature. First and foremost they asked for Dubhlainn’s name and age as well as the guild he’s from and Dubhlainn answered all their questions except from the guild he’s from. They also wanted to know his magic and all Dubhlainn had to answer was:

    “To scare others.” At that moment Zack laughed and assumed that Dubhlainn was putting up an intimidating front and was in fact a grown-up who couldn’t do much, such as the numerous babysitters that came before him. Dubhlainn tried to chuckle but all that it achieve was putting them to complete silence. The moment became a bit awkward and perhaps it’s time that these children are taken to the new amusement park that has opened up recently. It was said to be a huge place and if Dubhlainn were to compare it would be twice as big as the Guild Hall. Dubhlainn didn’t feel a good aura about them and he knows they’re planning something but pondering over what it could be will not accomplish anything so he shrugged it off and proceeded onwards, holding the hands of the two children he was meant to take care off.

    Upon arriving at the park Dubhlainn allowed Zack and Chris to take the lead, giving them a freedom of choice on where to go first. In a matter of second both Zack and Chris decided to split up taunting to Dubhlainn to catch them and at that moment their intentions became clear him. It was some kind of test however Dubhlainn isn’t surely certain of the purpose but decided to play along and run after them. There were two children and only one of him; he has to make a decision to chase after Zack or to go after Chris, either way if one of them gets lost they might never be found and it would be difficult to track them down before Alice returns. Both children went off to separate directions and before you know it they were lost in crowd. Chris of course managed to find Zack and regrouped behind the snackbar. Dubhlainn was in sight and as soon as he passed, the children make their move and went on by themselves in the amusement park.

    “Is it ok to separate from him though? We might just get lost.” Chris grabbed on to his brother’s hands with a bit of concern on what might happen to them.

    “It’s ok Chris, as long as you’re with me we can never get lost and I’ll make sure we both return home, losing this guy is the first step and at the same time we can have a little fun.” Zack answered chris as he comforted his worried brother. There were a few places they have gone to; they rode the bumper cars, played a few mini games and finally the haunted house. They were quite bold to try and enter the attraction with just the two of them but to their surprise, Dubhlainn just popped out of nowhere and decided to run. They didn’t see him coming and with such fright they ran almost as if their lives depended on it. Dubhlainn gave chase as there wasn’t much crowd to blend into. Losing Dubhlainn was their objective and that means heading straight for the Roller Coaster Ride and climbing it hoping that once Dubhlainn follows, they would be able to shake him off by going down just as Dubhlainn would go up.

    Both Zack and Chris climbed up to a part of the Roller Coaster’s ring, traveling through its structure and avoiding the main rails as much as possible, Dubhlainn reached the attraction and started his ascent, to their surprise he moves quite fast.  The expression on Dubhlainn’s face was difficult to read whether he was angry or worried himself but one thing’s for sure, he’s going all he can and will stop at nothing to catch them both. Both Zack and Chris were forced to jump away from the incoming ride just to get across, unfortunately their footing was bad and unfortunately for them they slipped down, grabbing onto one of the structure’s bar, they were both afraid to fall and started crying as they were holding on to their lives.

    “ITS OK CHRIS I GOT YOU, I’M NOT LETTING YOU GO!” Zack cried as he held his brother’s hand while hanging onto the bar. They were stranded for a few seconds till Zack’s arm gave in and the two of them plummet down to their doom. They were both so sure that everything will be over for them but Dubhlainn never ceases to surprise them as he intercepted and caught both the boys falling down. They were only a few feet above ground, a second sooner and they would not see the light of day again.

    The two boys cried as they hugged Dubhlainn, scarred, guilty of what they did and all Dubhlainn could ever do to comfort them was hug. Not a word was uttered from his mouth that time.

    A few moments later Dubhlainn and the two children, Zack and Chris, returned home safely. There was silence at first but then finally Chris lead the apology followed by Zack. Dubhlainn nodded and gave off a warm smile, when he smiled so did they and thus the job was handled well without them ever getting hurt… or dead.

    Night falls, Alice returns home to see both Zack and Chris in bed and Dubhlainn sitting down on the couch with a book in hand which a children’s story book only to put it away at the sight of Alice entering through the door. Dubhlainn didn’t go to details and but hearing that her children had fun was good enough for Alice herself. With a slight bow Dubhlainn turned and left the residence that night, Zack and Chris came towards the window and waved Dubhlainn farewell.


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