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    [Monster Hunt] The Pale Reaper


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    [Monster Hunt] The Pale Reaper

    Post by Eris on 1st August 2015, 2:26 pm

    Job: Monster Hunt:  The Pale Reaper 
    Rank: 100y
    Player Requirements: 1H + 1S Min
    All members must be in the same guild.   Non-guild members can tag along so long as they understand that the Reward goes to that guild.    Guildless character teams (Official or unofficial) may establish a Trophy Hall residence to store trophy rewards from Monster Hunt jobs.
    Job Requirements: 75 total posts.  525 words per post.   
    Job Description:
    Hunt the Pale Reaper. Location: Minstrel

    There have been many reports in Minstrel about a skeletal horseman alit by blue flames wielding a scythe charging at a full gallop down the roads of Minstrel.   
    It appears every full moon for the past three full moons,  and leaves a mass of dead in its wake as it travels, unslowing, unstopping.  

    Before more lives can be lost,  a bounty has been posted on bounty hunting networks seeking its destruction.

    travel to Minstrel and investigate the Pale Reaper sightings,  survivors,  look for clues at past sites of appearance to determine where the Pale Reaper will appear on the next Full Moon in just a few days time and get there before it does.

    Requires a 15 total post investigation period to determine this location,  after which time the investigation period continues until Boss is rolled.  When Boss is rolled the Full Moon starts to rise on the horizon just as you discover the location.

    Travel there and try to stop the Pale Reaper.

    The Pale Reaper rides a horse of bone that is burning with blue flames.  It gallops at 60m/s, roughly four times the speed of a normal horse and is capable of short range teleportation every so often,  phasing through physical blockades,  or extraordinary leaps in order to maintain a constant speed and movement along the roads.  
    It leaves blue flames in its path.   Even being close enough to feel the heat (Within 5 meters) causes instant death in non-mages.   They will deal an unavoidable A-rank damage if you are within range of this Death-Flame's "Heat".   Getting within range to touch the flames with your bare hand or getting caught in the flames themselves deals S-rank damage.

    The horse takes the equivalent of 10 stacks of H-rank damage to destroy,  and only H-rank force can momentarily stop the horse from galloping.  If caught,  it will deal H-rank equivalent damage to those it charges through / tramples / knocks out of the way (Not including the Flames damage)

    The Pale Reaper will not slow down to combat the mages in pursuit,  riding at full speed along the roads from some point in the road just a few km away from a village.    It's only goal is to reach it,  and as many other villages as possible throughout the night.

    The Pale Realer itself takes 20 stacks of H-rank equivalent damage to destroy.   It is a white skeleton with an orange flame about its body dressed in dark cloaks and carrying a long scythe.   

    On every post anyone makes since nearing the reaper the Pale Reaper swings its scythe at the posting player at the end of their post.  The scythe growing to match distances regardless of range.    This scythe will phase through any physical obstruction or armor as though it was not there,  being impeded only by energetic barriers/force fields and so on (But not wind barriers that try to divert attacks).

    It homes on the character,  seeking them out with a speed of 50m/s,  growing by 25m/s per second.    Getting hit deals H-rank equivalent damage.

    One designated player rolls Monster Dice twice per post of theirs.
    Weak:  The village is not in sight.
    Normal:  The village is not in sight.
    Strong: Traveler/Bystander/Civilian along the road way sees the reaper and bursts into a pillar of blue flame,  orange flames burning out their eyesockets and mouth.    They run at the rolling mage trying to tackle them,  dealing the normal damage for the death-flames.   At the end of the post, they collapse in a burnt husk quite dead.
    Boss:  The village is approaching.    Every 5th Boss roll,  the Reaper rides through a village causing at least twelve civilians per player to erupt into flames and seek out the player characters.

    If the horse is destroyed the Reaper will stop to fight the enemy mages, revealing eight additional boney arms and three other scythes out from its cloak.
    All players now roll 1 monster die (Separate topic recommended) per post,  + 1 Number Die.

    Even Number:
    The Reaper grips its scythe with two hands and makes a horizontal slash that covers a full 180 degree arc in front of it in the direction of the rolling player that extends out to 120 meters.
    Getting struck deals H-rank equivalent damage and causes A-rank equivalent damage per post there after until the Reaper is slain,  as a result of blue flames crackling on their body and around them.  

    Odd Number:
    The Reaper grips its scythe with two hands and makes a Vertical slash that phases right through the ground,  but causes the ground to crack and crumble regardless.   A fissure with blue flames coming from within travels at 60m/s in a straight line roughly 5 meters wide out to 600 meters.     The blue flames shoot up another 600 meters from the crack,  dealing H-rank equivalent damage to anyone in the flames and S to anyone within 15 meters of the flames.
    These flames do not go away but remain as a great wall relentlessly,  shrinking by only 10 meters in height per post.

    Even Number:
    The Reaper hits the ground with the butt of its scythe.   Within 25 meters of the rolling player a sudden crack in the ground about 1 meter long and opening 1 meter wide appears and a skeleton crawls out of blue flames within it.

    The skeleton takes 1 H-rank equivalent damage to destroy and tries to deal claw attacks with its skeletal hands,  blue flames at its finger tips and head.   It deals S-rank equivalent damage with each melee strike.  They run at full sprint for 30m/s speed.

    Whenever destroyed,  it reanimates itself after 2 posts and continues its hunt until the Reaper is destroyed.

    Odd Number:
    The Reaper traces a circle in the air with the butt of its scythe.   A sudden circular crack forming a ring 5 meters in diameter appears around the rolling player.  Blue Flames burst out from the crack dealing twice H-rank damage if they touch the flames.   Deals S-rank damage by proximity per post.    The flames are 50 meters tall and because of the movement/flickering/waving of the flames that high forms a dome above leaving no way to just fly or jump free.

    Even Number:
    The Reaper raises a hand to hurl a orange-burning skull that appears in its hand.  It sails through the air at a cannon-ball's speed of 250m/s,  traveling up to 1km away.  The skull erupts in a 50 meter burst and sends a pillar of orange flames up into the sky,  a swirling flame within an extra 50 meters around the initial burst spins violently out from the pillar.

    Deals H-rank equivalent damage to anyone in the flames.

    Odd Number:
    The Reaper raises a hand at a the rolling player and makes a gripping motion.  The player bursts in blue flames and is held immobile in the air as though their throat is being crushed and by the throat lifting them up into the air.  A similar crushing sensation grips the characters heart.   Deals an unavoidable H-rank damage.  If they lack the need for a heart,  it deals unavoidable S-rank damage.   The character is rendered helpless (Despite even teleportation effects) until at least 100 words into their next post.   If they have gesture-less spells, they can still use those.

    Even Number:
    The Reaper raises all ten of its arms into the air and all the stars and moon appear to fall from the sky, shrinking into a swirl of light points that envelop the Reaper.  The Reaper heals for H-H-H equivalent damage and all light vanishes until slain.  The only illumination comes from the Reaper's flames.  No light or fire spells, nor any spells,  provide illumination, despite the effects themselves still occurring.   Lack of light lasts until the reaper is slain.

    Odd Number:
    The Reaper lowers all ten arms into the ground around it and seemingly pulls a new horse out from the ground even faster than before.    The Reaper now continues to gallop down the road.  All of its limbs and scythes remain out and its head is backwards on its body staring back and continuing to attack.

    monster rolls continue on as normal,  but now all boss rolls count for the approach of a new village. 


    Reaper's Skull Trophy:  Mounted in the Trophy Hall,  the Reaper's Skull will allow members who have interacted with the trophy to raise from the dead any 1 corpse,  that sheds flesh to become a skeleton the equivalent of a Strong Pet without any item slots of its own.   Using this on a horse animates a Legendary Horse pet that gallops at 50m/s.   
    The member can only keep 1 skeleton with this effect,  crumbling when used on a different corpse/skeleton. 
    The guild itself is paid a bounty of 175,000 jewels.  
    For every 5 villages that get slaughtered the jewel reward decreases by 50,000.  If with less than 5 villages getting slaughtered the reward increases by 25,000.


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    Re: [Monster Hunt] The Pale Reaper

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