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    Bully the boy. (Job)


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    Bully the boy. (Job) Empty Bully the boy. (Job)

    Post by Daddy 31st July 2015, 3:34 pm

    Today was a stale day for Vexel as he had to go deal with a punk that seemed to enjoy bulling weaker people. Now Vexel didn’t grow up in the Earthland. He was raised within the darkness of Akuma. When someone did something wrong, they were dealt with as such. They were beat and humiliated. While Vexel was now in a ‘good’ guild he couldn’t exactly do the full extent of what he wanted to do, so he’d have to settle with the second best thing. Public humiliation, and a slight beating.

    The sun came to set on the town as the young boy that was to be Vexel’s target stepped from out the building that he shamelessly marked as his territory. It was Tommy the terror. This doy sadly didn’t know what terror really was. Terror was looking into the eyes of a beast that could out right kill you with out a second thought then would use your bones to pick the left over from it’s teeth. Vexel has seen this himself several times as he grew. First it was the vial Shadow demon that he grew up with on Akuma, and then Leviathan-sama. The Water demon that he met as he was traveling through the sea. That was truly the scary one. When she lifted from the waves of the ocean, Vexel swore he would’ve died if she felt like it.

    Back to the topic, Vexel’s eyes fell on the boy as he started to make his way home. He passed through a few ally’s and lucky for Vexel he was on the roofs so he could track him with little worry. As he began to reach home was when Vexel decided it was time to pounce. As he would pass through the last one, he dropped down and grabbed the boy. His arm wrapped under the young man’s chin, and cupped against Vexel’s forearm to hold him carefully. A sickly sweet voice slipped from the man’s lips into the boys ears as the boy would feel the shark like scales digging into his throat. “Young man, do you know what it’s like to truly be a terror? Do you know what it is like to inflict the terror on those that they would swear that you held death over your shoulder? “ It was like someone shot straight meth into Vexel’s system, but his nerves were alive. He hadn’t had this much fun on a job since, well ever. Last time he felt this alive was back on Akuma when he was being forced to level lines of cannon fodder demons for the sake of his training. ”I bet your blood would taste good…” Vexel said as his tongue slipped from his lips and ran across the cheek of the young boy.

    “W…wh..who are you? What do you want?!” The boy demanded as he shivered. The color of his cheeks before were so full of color, but now it was pale as a dead mans that was preparing to be laid. His body gave off a smell that was synonymous with that someone would give off if afraid of something, and it was fucking ecstasy for the demon slayer that was clinging to the boy. “Come on sir, I..I can pay you.” he stuttered out before his prays were cut short by Vexel’s quick laughter. “Boy, you think you can pay me off? Please, you see my boss is moving a ring in here soon that’ll be collecting funds from other people who do what you do, and it’s my job to get around and educate them ahead of time, or warn them. You don’t want to play with the big boys do you? I mean, if you do then.. I can do the educating now… Make you like me.” Vexel let out again as he licked against the boys ear once more.

    It was the sound of laughter that caused Vexel to drop his own. The boy was laughing now, and his eyes were wide open. Every so often the boy would stop laughing and speak just a little.
    “Thomas will be a good boy sir! Don’t make Thomas like you sir! He’ll be a good little boy.”
    He cried out as he collapsed in Vexel’s grip. Like a switch Vexel’s demeanor changed to pity as he dropped the boy onto the ground and sweet dropped some. Had he taken it to far? Maybe a little? Either way, the boy wasn’t hurt, and he didn’t die, so everything was okay. With that Vexel turned away from the crying boy, and headed back to his guild.


    Bully the boy. (Job) JAgwtRZ

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