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    Riki the Legendary Heropon


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    Riki the Legendary Heropon

    Post by Shulk on 30th July 2015, 4:57 pm

    Name: Riki
    Species: Nopon
    Type: Combat Pet
    He is a big fluff ball with small, stubby arms and legs. He is orange and has little 'wings' oh his head that can also be used as hands where he holds his biter (a stick with a mouth-shaped piece of metal on it, with teeth). Che has a blue, leather vest on at all times. He also has a large upwards curl on the top of his head, one large curl. He has a cat like mouth and giant, cat like, black eyes with white pupils.
    Description: Riki lays down on the ground and pretends to be dead.  That is all.

    • It draws the enemy away from him so he can attack them from behind
    • he has time to strategize
    • he can wait for cool down on his other ability

    • he can still take damage
    • his acting isn't amazing so enemies only believe his death half the time
    • he is almost useless while playing dead
    • he can't communicate while playing dead

    Name: Bitey Bitey
    Description: Riki hits the enemy with his Biter and deals damage equal to Shulk's rank, it does extra damage if he hits the enemy from behind.

    • Can be used hand in hand with his other ability
    • does 1.5 times as much damage when he hits the opponents back
    • can momentarily confuse the enemy when they get attacked by the tiny fluff ball with a hit that hard

    • only does damage that is slightly then his normal attacks if he doesn't hit the back
    • has a 2 post cool down
    • is vulnerable after the he hits with it
    • if he hits something very hard, like metal, his attack does 50% less damage due to it bouncing off


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