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    Capture The Dark Principle! (Job/Alyia/Venir)


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    Capture The Dark Principle! (Job/Alyia/Venir)

    Post by Pupper on 29th July 2015, 8:46 pm

    ( https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t2919-capture-the-dark-principle )

    Shohei leaned up against a lamp post, it's dim light flickering in the darkness. Despite in dim flare, it was practically the sun in the midst of the darkness of this village. He had been here once, and prior to this particular job, the unnerving and doubtful atmosphere this darkness had never caught his attention. He flinched as he fiddled with the item in his jacket's pocket. A pocket watch. And according to the portable masterpiece, the was there on time for the job... with two others. No, not bean sprout or the white haired dumbo, two foreigners within the regions of his 'friendships'.

    He had been patiently waiting at this particular lamp post for them, not excited for what to come. But certainly not wanting to go back now. He had to familiarize himself with the shameful reality of Fiore's problems. This was one of many. But at the thought of this, he spoke.

    "The past makes you wanna die out of regret and future makes you depressed out of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is likely the happiest time."
    He concluded. Yes, that was his answer to that spontaneous question that wasn't originally a question. Was that the problem people bestowed him with? For being a know it all? He shrugged it off, 'so long as a problem doesn't cause problems, it can't be called a problem.' He chuckled, this is certainly why he preferred to be alone. This is certainly why he is always halfway there when he is involved with friendships and the hardships that come with it.

    When people reach the halfway mark of a long ordeal, how do they feel? Does being only halfway there make them despair? Or do they feel relief at making it halfway there? Most people have to feel one way or the other, and both emotions create an opening in their hearts. That's why he pushed myself this far. Far enough to tolerate the idea of cooperating with others. No matter how often they preach their thoughts, ideas, and ideals.

    He sighed, "Whatever life is to come after this boring and annoying one, I will surely be a bear." Yes, an isolated, recluse, bear.

    But then, he waited patiently for his partners to arrive.

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    Re: Capture The Dark Principle! (Job/Alyia/Venir)

    Post by Goddess Aliannah on 6th August 2015, 8:34 pm

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    Alyia looked at the watch in her office and sighed before taking her glasses off her face and placing them on her desk, rubbing her eyes. She hadn't even been a Guild Master for a month and she was already done with the paper work that came with it. But her relief didn't last long before a large smile appeared on her face. She was going to to on a mission with Venir, yet not only with her partner, but also with a person from another guild as to which she had not yet met. Standing up she pushed her chair backwards and slid away from her desk, moving towards her bulletin board. She still had like 30 minutes to get to where she needed to be. Her smile grew as she was suddenly filled with energy and took off, out of her office and to the tower that was Venir's. Well actually the Ace of Life's but at the current time. Venir's. She took three sharp knocks, her signal to her friend that she was there before pushing open the door slightly and touching her guild mark. Communicating to her white haired partner that they would be going and that the angel was going to leave now. So without a word the angel spread her wings and with or without Venir was going to take off into the air and head to the city.

    It didn't take the angel long to get to her destination before setting Venir down on the ground. She had caught the blonde just in time. Once the small girl was on the ground the angel landed herself and looked around, trying to find their partner in crime for the day. It didn't take her long. He was there, leaning against a pole. With a smile Alyia made her way over to the man and smiled. It was always good to make good impressions right? "Hello, my name is Alyia and this is Venir. We are from Eclipse Soul, I am the Guild Master and she is my most trusted Ace. We hope that this job will go smoothly."

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    Re: Capture The Dark Principle! (Job/Alyia/Venir)

    Post by Mistress Venir on 18th August 2015, 2:34 pm

    Close your eyes
    give me your hand
    Today was the day! She had marked her calendar for this! Finally, after what felt like months, Venir would at long last be able to go on a mission with her new guildmaster and Friend Alyia. It felt like the angel had been caught up in paperwork for ages now, apparently there was a lot more to being guildmaster than just having the power to back it up. "At least she doesn't look nearly as grumpy as the old one." She smiled kicking her feet up in the air as she lay on her belly. She was resting on her bed, chin propped up on her hands as she eagerly awaited for her guild master to come and fetch her. Despite having free reign with her room, the interior was simple and not overly grand as one might have expected.

    The three sharp knocks startled Venir out of her idle thoughts but she was thankful for them. She'd rather not think about their old guild master anymore than necessary. "Alyia!" She chirped in excitement, running down the pale wooden stairs from her room. The petite girl was quick just barely throwing on a pair of worn boots as she bolted out of the door of her tower. "Alyia!" She repeated once more, her voice in a high squeal as she latched her arms around her guild master and best friend. It was only a moment later that Alyia took off in flight and Venir was grinning like an idiot. Why should she bother flying herself when Alyia could fly her? It was always better flying with a friend!


    The flight came to an end all too fast for Venir, and soon enough her feet had once again touched solid ground. "Aw man!" The young girl sighed crimson eyes shut in disappointment, "We're here already?" She asked as she skipped after her guild master. It wouldn't be just the two of them on the mission this time. Instead they were being accompanied by another mage, one whom Venir had never heard of before but the more the merrier! Luckily, it seemed Alyia was able to pick out their partner for the job quickly. Peeking her head out from behind the angel, Venir gave the man a quick wave of her hand when her name was mentioned.

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