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    A Casual Day Of Standing Around

    Lexa Grimoire
    Lexa Grimoire

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    A Casual Day Of Standing Around Empty A Casual Day Of Standing Around

    Post by Lexa Grimoire 28th July 2015, 8:17 am


    "Alright!" Lexa said in a hushed tone, building her own confidence for the surely dangerous mission ahead, knowing that she'd face horrors beyond her wildest imagination. "Today's my first official mission with my guild, failure is not an option!" she added while walking through Hargeon Town, the only obstacle between her and starting her new job. Walking through the town made Lexa feel a bit on edge, so many people were here and almost all of them looked suspicious to her. Lexa kept her right hand on the grip of her Mortal's Incarnation while progressing, in case some idiot came up to her and tried to 'borrow' some jewel from her by force.Turning a rather wide corner to get to the harbor, Lexa realized that there was a massive amount of people gathering at the booth. She watched in shock as even more people rushed past her, as she wasn't quite in line yet, and took spots in a massive line that swerved in a snake like formation and covered the entire area. Lexa's jaw nearly dropped from how many people had come from the nearby towns to get a passport. She had no room to audibly complain as she too chose to come here to get a passport, eager to travel to other lands and unlock their mysteries.

    Out of the blue, as if by a stroke of destiny brought at the misfortune of another, a massive black hole appeared in the sky and shot something out. Lexa couldn't tell what it was because whatever it was, it was engulfed in a massive red blast spewing out from the hole. It impacted smack dab in the middle of the crowd of people, creating a huge crater sending bits of concrete and dust in the air. Lexa saw something trying to poke through the hole, a hand of sorts trying to reach through but the hole in the sky closed too quickly for Lexa to be entirely sure. She didn't see anything fall from the hole, so Lexa would imagine whoever was on the other side reaching out didn't lose a hand. The crowd began dispersing, running from the site of the fallen object immediately all screaming and shouting. Fathers and mothers pulled their children out of the way of panicking people to prevent their beloved babies from being trampled by the people all flustered and scared. Lexa calmly moved through the people, gently nudging aside those in her way to afraid to even run from the random occurrence. When Lexa arrived at the crater, she waited for the dust to settle before being absolutely surprised to find that it wasn't an object in the crater at all. Inside the crater was a small girl with short pink hair. The kid was passed unconscious and seemed to be pretty badly hurt, causing Lexa's 'big sister' instincts to kick in and pick up the other worldly child. With the small child, or projectile, whichever it was supposed to be in hand, Lexa walked up to the lady at the counter and asked for two passports. One for her and one for the kid, the man at the counter gave Lexa a passport with her name on it, and under it was a picture of the unconscious little girl who was labeled 'Dependent of Lexa Grimoire' instead of having her name on it. With her job complete, and a new member of her family added, Lexa walked away to tend to the child's wounds and find out how to get her home.


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