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    Swim boy swim!!!


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    Swim boy swim!!! Empty Swim boy swim!!!

    Post by Wolfe 27th July 2015, 11:51 pm

    (Wolfe is using a limiter for this job)

    Wolfe was once again in Magnolia for another job. This one was a simple and easy but interesting none the less. It seems some parents needed someone to teach their son how to swim. It was a pretty simple and straight forward kind of job and that was fine with Wolfe. He needed some simple jobs from time to time to make it all pan out. Wolfe figured he would have no issue teaching a child how to swim. He had taught himself when he was young so he understood the fears.

    Wolfe searched the city till he found the house fro the job and knocked on the door. A young woman answered the door and welcomed Wolfe in. He sat with her and had a little talk about her son and what she was looking for. Basically she needed him trained on how to swim by the weekend. Which gave Wolfe about 4 days. She asked is he could start the next day which was fine with Wolfe. So Wolfe said his good bye and left the house and found a hotel down the street, which worked out pretty well.

    Th next day Wolfe showed up fairly early somewhere in the mid morning. When Wolfe arrived a young boy answered the door and let Wolfe in. It seemed he was already by himself, and then the info the flier made sense. Both his parents must work a lot of hours and that was obvious now. Wolfe introduced himself to the boy, and the boy did the same to Wolfe. It seemed the boy's name was Dean. Wolfe talked to Dean for a few minutes to help create a bond with the boy. After a little bit they headed to the local pool and got right to teaching him how to swim. Wolfe started by allowing Dean to walk around in the very short area till he was ok with being in the water. Wolfe then had him lie down on his stomach and Wolfe held his hand under him as he slowly showed him how to to move his hands and legs. Wolfe spent all day helping him get used to moving his arms an legs till Wolfe knew he had a decent hang of it.

    Wolfe and Dean left the pool  that day and on the way home Wolfe bought Dean an ice cream come. They sat and eat the ice cream as Wolfe told Dean had done a great job and they just had a good time chilling out and eating. After they were done Wolfe took Dean home, and headed back to the hotel.

    The next day Wolfe showed up at their house at he same same time and once again Dean was up and ready. The got ready and headed back down to the pool and got right into the lessons. Today they were going to work on floating, going under water and the basics of paddling, and how to make strokes. Wolfe and Dean spent almost the whole day at the pool working on these things, and by the end of the day, Wolfe was actually very impressed by Dean's ability to pick up the basics. That evening on the way back, Wolfe once again stopped and got Dean and himself ice cream before taking him home and heading back to the hotel.

    The next day started just as the two before it did and in little to no time the next morning they were back at the pool and Dean was working on swimming on his own as Wolfe walked along with him. At first he held his hand up him to help he stay straight as he kicked his feet and made the strokes. He helped him go back and forth like this for about ah hour and slowly he would let him go little distances with out Wolfe holding him. This continued throughout the day until by the end of the day he could swim without Wolfe's help at all. At the end of the day they packed up and headed home and once again Wolfe made sure to stop off for ice cream and tell Dean how good he was doing. They sat and enjoyed the ice cream and talked about all the things dean wanted to do over the next couple of years and what he wanted to do when he grew up. Wolfe listened with a smile and told him that Dean could do anything he wanted as long as he tried hard, and worked for it. Wolfe then took him home and headed back tot he hotel for the last night.

    The next day was the last, and Wolfe was sure Dean would be ready by the time the day was over. He got ready and headed out to pick him up. Wolfe stopped by and grabbed Dean, who was very hyped up about it being his last day to learning how to swim, and then tomorrow he would be out with his day actually using everything he learned. Wolfe and Dean headed back  to the pool again and right into swimming. Wolfe let hi practice normal swimming for a while and then started on the more advanced stuff. Wolf started to teach him how to swim under water, and how to swim back up when pulled down against his will. This lasted till near the end of the day, and by the time they were finished, Wolfe was sure Dean was ready. That night Wolfe and Dean stopped one last time for ice cream, and they talked about how much Dean was looking forward to going with his dad Sam tomorrow. After they talked a while they headed back to his house and dropped Dean off.

    Just as he was about to leave Dean stopped him and handed him a little envelope that was kind of thick. Wolfe looked confused and opened the envelope and pulled out the first paper and looked at it. His eyes almost came out of his head and his jaw almost hit the ground.  Wolfe shoved the paper back in the envelope and closed and turned his gaze to Dean "hoooow.... wha....what.... how did you get this? where did this come from?" Wolfe was losing his cool really quick. Dean just smiled as he told Wolfe his father had given to him last night and told him to give it to Wolfe when he dropped him off today. He then explained why his dad was always so busy, it seemed he worked at the magic council and when he heard Wolfe had taken the job he did some research into Wolfe to make sure he was safe. During his search he become really consumed by Wolfe's background and did a lot of digging and found what ever was in the envelope.

    Wolfe pulled himself together and thanked Dean and told him to tell his dad thanks as well and then took his leave of Dean and walked down the street to an alleyways and darted down it. a little bit down the alley he stopped and fell to his knees and just turned his head and looked at the envelope in his hand as his brain went into complete overload. Wolfe stayed like this for almost an hour before he could find the strength to move. He finally found his way to his feet and took a few deep breathes before he put the envelope away and bolted into the air and back towards home.


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    Swim boy swim!!! Empty Re: Swim boy swim!!!

    Post by Hikachu 27th July 2015, 11:58 pm

    Swim boy swim!!! YdROJZD


    Swim boy swim!!! JhB4MAf

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