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    What a Beginning [Solo]


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    What a Beginning [Solo] Empty What a Beginning [Solo]

    Post by Sora 27th July 2015, 2:50 pm

    Breathe in. . . and out. . .

    In. . . and out. . .

    A warm breeze gently brushed against the reaches of soft, black hair as a figure stood still in the midst of the forces of nature acting around - their back leaned on the bark of a tree under the comforting shade from the bright rays of the sun above. From the bristling tree leaves brushing against one another in the midst of day to the pattering of feet against the rough ground underneath, it seemed that nature wasn't the only force creating such an interesting tune to the land of Fiore. The many faces of the people pacing themselves down the dirt path were filled with a variety of differing expressions, ranging from that of happiness to the most subtle hints of depression slowly edging its way into one's heart. With each step the words of those speaking what was on their minds bumped in frequency in the middle of their own unique tones, their pitch changing depending on the subject or even the level of excitement a topic provided them.

    The movements of the body was another brilliant display of a sea of emotions around in the world. Children of differing origins and unique traits would wave their hands up and down in different forms of emotion, friends would banter and frolic down the road in roars and fits of laughter that screamed a sense of belonging and happiness, while a couple falling into their own rhythmic pacing would be gently holding hands. And yet they would carry an unbelievably strong wish to stay the way they are for an eternity's worth of time. Those who walked the path alone seemed to fit into many different categories.

    One may be smiling so wide that there may have indeed been not a single, solitary care in the world. . .

    While another may be struggling to lift their own two feet off of the dirt to keep pressing forward, their lips nearly quivering as an overwhelming sense of sadness was cloaking them in the strongest of veils.

    It was the smallest details that piled up slowly with time that created the wondrous fireworks bursting forth onto the faces of the people - their emotions taking flight into a new plane that seemed truly wondrous to the figure leaning against the bark of a tree in such a quiet stupor. The emotions before her seemed to amaze her beside the nature that was carrying out its purpose all around, her hands shoving themselves into the soft crevices of her navy blue jacket. The red hat propped on her head hid the current expression on her features, although a soft chuckle did escape her lips. A leg was propped up against the body of the tree, the bottom of her foot resting comfortably against the face while the other was stiff and straight.

    The young woman kept her head tilted down with the faintest hint of a calm and relaxed smile on her pink lips, the messy strands of her unkempt black hair blocking other regions of her face from side views. The hem of her red hat cast a shadow over her eyes as a smile was becoming more and more apparent on her features, the many voices around the figure seeming to flow right into the very core of what created her very being.

    This is what Shu thrived off of.

    This is what she lived for.

    In what seemed to be one full burst of energy, the young woman lifted up her head with a face that conveyed the strength of her determination to face the day she was living in. Her violet eyes were wide with an almost glistening emotion of happiness, the smile wide on her lips as her eyebrows arose to match the upbeat mood. Despite how her friend had advised her to keep in place, there was no denying the urge to help the ones walking down this path with sadness - no denying the urge to make others smile even brighter than they already were. And so she turned her head to an elder man who seemed to be hunched over with his hands shoved harshly into his pockets, his movements seeming to ooze with the undeniable emotion of sadness. She felt that he simply couldn't go through the day without at least the lightest twitch of a smile.

    And that was exactly what she was going to do.

    Make others smile, no matter how big or small.

    "Excuse me, sir!"

    Even if they thought all was lost in their own world, it surely wasn't in Shu's.


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