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    Rei Miyako's History

    Rei Miyako
    Rei Miyako

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    Rei Miyako's History Empty Rei Miyako's History

    Post by Rei Miyako on Mon 27 Jul - 16:19

    Rei came from a very small village located near the Spooky Forest. Positioned between the mountain range of Raging Volcano and the Spooky Forest, Rei's village consisted of about twenty families. Among these families, the family that Rei belonged to was the largest. In that family, Rei was the youngest of ten siblings, four brothers and six sisters. Secluded from the majority of the rest of the world, this small village was self-sustaining and perfectly fine without having ERA's Rune Knights or other law enforcement. They were a peaceful and simple village who focused on the lumber industry.

    Since the Spooky Forest was on one side of the village, they would clear out the timber line but not venture far into the forest itself. There had been awful stories about ghosts and other kinds of monsters that resided within the Spooky Forest. The village's idea was to slowly clear out the forest on the one side of them for protections, no more forest would mean no more possible attacks from ghosts and other monsters. It was a peaceful time and full of happy memories, memories Rei herself can hardly remember now due to the overwhelming single horrid memory that changed her life.

    Clearing out the Spooky Forest near them had secured and relieved them from possible attacks from monsters, but exposing themselves out in the open, had introduced them to another kind of monster. With their village quite easy to find now, a group of men chanced upon the small and peaceful village: these men were bandits, thugs and murderers. They were lead by a single mage, a man with despicable magic that prevented anyone from getting too close to him. The "Boss" had come up with a great idea: instead of first introducing himself to the village, he had created a scenario in which the village would be desperate for protection. He hid his bandits in the forest and waited for the men of the village to go and cut down trees. His men dressed like zombies and other monsters and attacked the workers: the boss used his magic to scare others and make them believe their village was in danger from forest spirits.

    After the village became desperate for protection, the Boss rode in with his bandits and pretended to be the village's savior. He demanded that for the protection he and his men offered the village, the village would in turn pay him for his services. The peaceful and weak village gladly accepted his offer: only a few months passed and the village could no longer afford the ridiculous prices the Boss of the bandits demanded for protection. He and his men left the village for dramatic affect and camped nearby- he sent his men out at night to attack the villagers and make them even more desperate. The mayor of the village cam to him and begged for his return for protection, he offered the Boss anything.

    That pleased the bandit leader, there was indeed one thing he loved more than payment in jewels. He demanded a monthly sacrifice of a human life to "replenish" his magical power. The mayor was horrified but saw it a necessary sacrifice to keep his small village alive. The mayor called a town meeting and told the villagers what their "protectors" demanded for safety. The villagers, struck with fear, desperation and grief for the ones already lost, all agreed to the terms. But who would be the sacrifices? The mayor had a specific family in mind, the single family that hadn't been invited to the meeting was Rei's large family, the largest family in the village. The mayor figured it was better to sacrifice one whole family instead of someone from each family. The villagers agreed and chose the first victim that night, Rei's single mother because the father had already been killed within the forest.

    At first, Rei's family knew nothing about it- their mother had simply "left" for a few days, but the first whole month went by for the parent-less family and then the second month came around. Rei's oldest brother was taken and visibly sacrificed in the public of the village to the Boss. Horrified, Rei's other siblings took her and tried to flee. The bandits and the villagers both set after them and captured all of them. They locked them within their old house and boarded it up to prevent them from escaping. The village gave them very little food and water, just enough to keep the dwindling children alive each month for the sacrifices. One by one, the villagers chose Rei's siblings from oldest to youngest. The now-small family cowered in fear, huddled in their prison, dirty and malnourished. Despite all of this, the siblings made sure that little Rei, who was five years old, had enough food and water to survive, more food and water than any of the other siblings.

    Time after time, one of the siblings were taken and the survivors would tell little Rei that it was okay, that she would survive and see her loved family again. A whole year passed and Rei's siblings disappeared one by one, she could hardly remember her parent's faces or her oldest siblings names. Finally, she was the last one locked in their old house, the prison, all alone with plenty of food since all her older brothers and sisters were already dead. She hardly understood it all, too much for her to comprehend, but she knew that the villagers and bandits had done something terrible to her family and she knew she would never see them again.

    At last it was her month and the villagers came for her, they opened the door to the make-shift prison and grabbed her. Being a little six year old girl, she didn't struggle much, the men of the village and the bandits were too powerful to oppose. All of the villagers outside had returned inside their buildings and locked their doors and closed their windows, they wanted to be blind to the atrocities they had agreed upon. The men placed Rei on the bandit boss's makeshift alter and tied her down. Rei knew she was going to die, this must have been what happened to the rest of her family. She closed her eyes and went to a deep dark place to escape the terrible truth of her life. The Boss had come up to the alter where all of his bandits bowed before him and worshiped some dark lord that the Boss worshiped himself: these sacrifices were to that dark lord who supposedly empowered him through the loyal sacrifices.

    The Boss used blood from all of her sacrifices family and drew magical runes all over her, it was a slow process and she was told not to move at all during the process or she would suffer worse. She knew she would suffer a terrible death, the blood runes on her body burned her skin and she could feel herself falling towards the void. That day, her fate had changed as somewhere deep within that black void, a powerful and overwhelming voice reached out to her. In her mind, full of darkness, she floated in the twisted tendrils of darkness while a pair of piercing red eyes gazed upon her little form and took pity on her. Does the little girl require power? Does she desire power to take revenge for her lost family? It was a demon, one who found her dark connection on the mortal plain, worth looking into: it had been such a long time since this demon had sensed the sheer pain and grief, especially coming from such a young and pure little girl. I am Abaddon and I shall grant your feeble body the power you desire to exact revenge on your family little girl. All you have to do is agree to a contract with me. The demon voice laughed, already knowing that this little girl had nothing else to lose and was easily influenced.

    Rei agreed, she didn't really know what the voice was, but she could feel it was a powerful presence and she wanted that power to survive, the voices of all her siblings telling her to "survive". Finally the Boss's ritual was ready and he drew his special blade from a case and began to chant in a dark language, his followers chanting his words in echoes.

    That was when things went very wrong for them, Rei's body confined to the alter suddenly broke free of the bindings as her ody was lifting into the air by a thick black magical power that flowed into her body. This black magic surrounded the village, darkening the moonlight and making it near impossible to see anything. The villagers came out from their locked homes to see what was happening: all of that power flowed inside Rei's body while the Boss stared in disbelief. Suddenly the magic finished being absorbed and an eerie calm overtook the village as the pale moonlight returned. The calm before the storm, Rei's eyes opened suddenly as Abaddon used her body as a conduit to fulfill its bargain of their contract. As her eyes opened, a wave of black power erupted from her body and expanded outwards, obliterating everything. The power expanded outward and covered the entire village in its explosion. The black explosion overtook the immediate area and a portion of the treeline to the Spooky Forest nearby. After the explosion ended, the village, the villagers and the bandits were all gone- all that remained was a crater where the village once stood.

    Rei lay unconscious at the center of the crater, overwhelmed by the power of the demon's contract, she had fallen into a deep unconsciousness. The closest village that knew nothing of the small village, saw the explosion and sent some of their men to investigate. Upon finding the village, they found charred corpses and remains of the destroyed village, they also found Rei and took her back to their village. At first, they took pity on the six year old, thinking she was a mere victim of the destroyed village. A week passed and finally she became conscious, now the village thought they could get answers.

    Instead, the little girl realized she had changed, her body would change into that of a demon at randomly- her body parts becoming those of a demon randomly without her control. She was branded as a demon and dark mage and blamed for the destruction of her entire village. The Rune Knights of ERA were called and told of the destruction of a village by a little girl with dark magic. When the Knights came, they were dismayed by the number of corpses at Rei's old village, there were at least one hundred corpses in the destroyed village. Not knowing anything about the village and very little about the village which blamed the little girl for the destruction, the Knights couldn't comprehend what had happened. The girl's body and magic were dark and demonic and it was quite apparent that she couldn't control her power: with the overwhelming number of corpses and testimonies of the second village, it was enough "proof" to convince ERA that Rei was a dangerous criminal even if she was just a little girl.

    Her body and magic were bound and she was taken back to ERA and put on trial. She as convicted of unspeakable crimes with evil magic and sentenced to life confinement like the rest of the worth mages. She was shipped to the confinement area, her body and magic both bound. She was put in a straight-jacket, a mask put over her face and then tied in chains and steel bands and suspended against the farthest wall in a prison cell with a six inch anti-ethernano infused door. She was deprived of light, sound and human interaction for two years- her food was given to her through a funnel system that didn't require her to move.

    For two whole years, the Rune Knights and forensic teams were studying the corpses of her village to identify the deceased. It wasn't until the identified the corpse of the Boss bandit that things seemed wrong. With all the corpses identified, her case was re-opened, statements from surrounding villages and testimonies of villages who were victims of the Boss bandit's sacrifices. It was found that Rei's village had suffered a similar fate, being forced to have sacrifices- whatever had happened to her village was the result of the sacrifice, it couldn't have been a six year old girl who uncontrollable magic. While arguably dangerous to release her with unstable magic, they couldn't simply imprison an innocent little girl. It was decided that they would turn her over to the neutral guild Black Rose's guildmaster and let the neutral guild care for her and teach her how to control and use her magic for good purposes. She was released from imprisonment, giving documentation and identity and set her free from ERA's confinement ward. The eight now eight year old girl didn't know a thing about the world, too mentally scarred to remember much about her family or how she was raised, Rei was given a ticket for a boat and shipped to the island of Silvermoon where the guild of Black Rose resided. There, she was to meet their guildmaster and the guildmaster was to decide how to take care of the little girl.

    RP Sample:
    Rei stood on the deck of the ship sailing across the waters. It would be a long and uneventful trip around the continent of Fiore to arrive at the guild Black Rose's guildhouse. Why a guild owned their own island, little Rei didn't know or hardly understand: all she knew was that she was supposed to go to this guild after being released from that dark confinement. The sunlight hurts Rei's eyes... she complained to herself inwardly as she shielded her eyes from the sun. She had been in solitary magic confinement for too long without sunlight and her eyes and skin were too delicate for the normal sunlight now.

    She wore a simple black frilly dress and held up a matching black frilly umbrella to shield her skin from the sunlight, a nice mage from another guild, a girl named Allison had helped her get the clothing. Otherwise Rei would have had to wear the prison clothing she had been released in. The trip would take a couple of days, so Rei went below deck and hid in her cabin, too fearful of the world and too painful to stay in the sunlight or around people.

    Finally the ship arrived at the docks of the guild island and Rei was released by two Rune Knights onto the docks. Be good, little Rei. We'll be watching you for a probational period. one of the Knights said and then they set sail again, leaving Rei on the docs looking around, not knowing what to do.

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