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    Rei Miyako
    Rei Miyako

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    Animus Empty Animus

    Post by Rei Miyako on 26th July 2015, 8:45 am

    Name: Animus
    Rank: Legendary
    Species: Machine
    Type: Combat Pet
    Description: Animus is a magic-powered mechanical dragonoid. This machine is a complex network of hardware and programming inside a sturdy and fancy weatherized exoskeleton of magic-infused metal. While bipedal, it has the shape and appearance of a feral and wild dragon. Its metal is a dark silver and has dark red sensor modules for eyes. Its arms have wide compartments on the forearms which store a shield in the left arm and an extendable built-in sword in the right arm. Animus is an A.I of high quality, Animus is programmed with only one directive & that is to serve its master.
    Animus is extremely protective of Rei and treats her like a princess rather than a master. While the machine is capable of simulating feelings, it often acts impassive or "not computing" while it studies those around Rei to assess their threat levels to its master.
    While this machine directly reflects its master's skill, so does its size. Its natural size is 7ft high and weighs several hundred pounds, though it is a lot more agile than one would expect. The size of the machine increases based on the magic pool of its master by 7ft per rank though it can suppress its magic to reduce its size, releasing the repressed magic energy causes the machine to return to its maximum size.
    Closed Form:
    Animus Anima210
    Extended Form:

    D Rank Ability:
    Name: Extreme Annihilation
    Rank: D Rank
    Description: This ability does not rely on the use of magic, instead it operates on the principle of science. The core of Animus spins rapidly within its warframe while drawing in oxygen and using the ever-increasing friction of its revolving core to generate an intense laser. This intense laser is then expelled through one of multiple conduits. Namely through its mouth as a beam, from its right-armed sword as a slash or from its left-armed shield as an erected wall. This beam travels a maximum of 15M at 7M/s. 2 post cooldown. Applies D Rank damage.

    • Non-Magic based attack.
    • Close to mid-range.
    • Multi-purposed application.


    • Limited expulsion vents.
    • Indiscriminate attack.
    • Direction oriented- forward.
    • Weak against C Rank+ reflection.

    C Rank Ability(Not yet unlocked):
    Name: A.M.F(Anti-Magic Field)
    Rank: C Rank
    Description: Animus vibrates its magical energy at high frequency from its armor and emits it into a large-scale invisible sphere that nullifies all forms of magic(D Rank or lower) within a 5M circumference with Animus at the center. Duration of 2 posts, Cooldown of 3 posts.

    • Nullifies magic.
    • Defensive area.
    • Negates harmful effects.


    • Does not nullify physical attacks.
    • Limited nullification range.
    • Requires stationary position to use AMF.
    • Owner cannot use magic during duration.

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    Animus Empty Re: Animus

    Post by Guest on 27th July 2015, 6:09 am

    Animus CBsTu5w

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