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    Fun Empty Fun

    Post by Thorn 25th July 2015, 4:37 pm


    Thorn wondered through Hargeon Town her chest itched from the makeup that covered her guild tattoo and in place was the tattoo of the rune knights. even looking at this tattoo thorn felt sick but being in the outfit she was wearing made her feel worse. Her eyes drifted over the passing pedestrians and thought how wonderful it would be for her to kill them.

    Moving slowly through the town Thorn was careful not to sweat as if the did the makeup would flow away and her identity would be on shown and in this town that would be a bad idea.

    Following the road signs and the loud voices thorn quickly moved to the back of the line and waited patiently her plan wait to blend in, this plan was already going wrong as the looks from people infrount made her feel like they where trying to undress her with there eyes.

    "look lads a wench is trying to get a pass port, Sick and tiered of the men here love?" A man with crocked teeth called over from about half way down the line. Thorn smiled sweetly, this looked odd on thorn but turned out fine, and walked up to the lad "let me go in front and i will show you how much i love men from here!" she whispered and he agreed without a second thought.

    Half way gown and not even been here half an hour, thorn softly laughed to her self and started thinking of ways to get further down. Before long thorn noticed a fight begin to happen between some people and she walked down punched them both in the face and whilst no one was looking she slipped in front of them.

    Thorn stayed in that spot for a while not wishing to move again just yet so she would not be caught out. After a hour of standing there thorns foot started to tap as she became inpatient and started to look ahead for the next cut then she sore the cupple gazing into each others eyes not noticing things around then, quickly thorn dashed sown to the space ahead of them and slipped back in line. Thorn could hear people complain but the cupple did not seem to even care about what just happened.

    now she was almost there she was three quarters of the way down but with the amount of people still infrount it was going to take her all day to get to a post and get the passport. Taking a quick glance at her chest Thorn sore that her makeup had survived for now.

    looking ahead thorn smiled softly her eyes drifted over the line again and near the front of the line there was an elderly man his eyes shock and thorn moved forward slipping in front of him st turned to look at him her head tilted slightly and waited for him to say something but when the crowd started to moan the old man turned and smiled softly at the crowd "I am sorry about my grand daughter she had a weak bladder!" he stated before looking up at thorn and winked lightly.

    before long thorn had got her passport and went back o her guild hall to become herself once again.


    Fun S6Eaz9K

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