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    Plans for a visit(Kakuma & Makuna/Private.)

    Kakuma Blackflower
    Kakuma Blackflower

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    Plans for a visit(Kakuma & Makuna/Private.) Empty Plans for a visit(Kakuma & Makuna/Private.)

    Post by Kakuma Blackflower 25th July 2015, 3:31 am

    Kakuma had been waiting for some time to return home, she was sure her mother Fenris was furious still. Kakuma had just left without word, leaving for earthland in a attempt to protect her family. She had not been home in some time and was worried about how the few people she had left behind would respond. She had decided to contact her twin sister, Makuna, first before talking the twins to meet their grandmother. Kakuma had to know if she should even try, so she had decided to send a invitation to her sister. When they were younger they had a place where they could escape to, a small place in between earthland the the Dark Celestial Realm. Her mother had called it Nix, Kakuma called it Sanctuary but its true name was lost. She sat waiting in the small terrace with a tea set sitting in front of her, she was not sure her sister would even show. She had made Lemon tea and has a small tray of sandwiches, she would try and be as mannered as she could for now. she looked around at the walls of the terrace, they showed images of other places while some were black. She would wait, wait until she felt like here sister was not coming or until she did.


    Plans for a visit(Kakuma & Makuna/Private.) KF68skC

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