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    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.)


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    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Empty Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.)

    Post by Admin on 24th July 2015, 5:12 am

    Job Title: Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry!
    Rank: 100Y Job
    Solo Word Count: 12,500 words
    Group Word Count: 25,000 words
    Additional Requirements: Must kill Arianna the White Angel and Diabolos the Black Devil.
    Job Location: Iceberg, within Arianna's Icecrown Citadel, and Sin, inside of Diabolos's Obsidian Palace.
    Job Description: Arianna the White Angel and Diabolos the Black Devil are highly known, yet unknown. They are two vile beings that go beyond the boundaries of humanitarian beliefs. A couple that only exists to cause mischief, misery, suffering, ...and death. Their locations have been unknown, but only because no one has ever found their location, and lived to tell the tale. Many brave warriors have challenged either person, and have come out of their places alive. One thing is known: that Arianna lives within the icy continent of Iceberg, and Diabolos in the hellish wasteland of Sin.

    Now, it's time to take these two down!

    Ascend your way through Arianna's Icecrown Citadel and kill her atop her Frozen Throne. The Icecrown Citadel is trapped and surrounded by an endless blizzard, causing most travelers that even attempt to make their way through to perish. The Icecrown Citadel itself is a massive palace, over seven stories high in its main structure, and getting up to ten in its various towers. The entire Icecrown Citadel is frozen over, both on the outside and inside, but the metal structure underneath is sometimes visible. The only place that is made of pure ice is Arianna's Frozen Throne.

    Then make your way to the Hellish wasteland of Sin, find Diabolos's Obsidian Palace, and kill him in his arena! Diabolos's Obsidian Palace is within an inactive volcano in Sin. The key way to find it is to find the only one that is not smoking, or erupting. Once the player descends into the volcano's crater, they will find themselves in the center of Diabolos's arena. In between rounds, if the player chooses to rest, Diabolos will personally escort them to rooms which they may do so, or if they get hungry, he'll bring them over to a prepared feast, to which Diabolos dines with them! Or even they can take a break in a hot spring.
    Enemies in Arianna's Icecrown Citadel aren't what's key. What's key is the obsticles that lay in way. However, there are enemies from time to time to give a challenge.
    Weak: Primal Vulcans x5: These bad boys have been bred and trained by Arianna's servants to be very powerful Vulcans. They are not the mindless and agressive ape creatures that they are commonly known to be. These apes have the ability to speak with other beings, fight expertly in hand-to-hand combat, and possess further strength and intelligence. It takes 3 S rank hits to down each of these.

    Normal: Arianna's Knights x5: Arianna's knights are all throughout her palace. The normal dice doesn't need to be rolled, as they can appear almost anywhere. They are in groups of 3 to 5, but they are not actual people. They are made by Arianna herself, almost like mindless weapons. Mindless isn't what they are, though, and each is different than the other. They all have unique personalities, strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. Although they all wear the same white knight uniform, they all have different faces, hair colors, eye colors, and facial structure and features. It takes 5 S rank hits to down one of these guys.

    Strong: Arianna's Elite Guard x2:
    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Tyrael_by_carrieli-d4p6wqj
    The Elite Guard are much harder to take down than the regular knights. They come in pairs, and have a variety of weapons. Unlike Arianna's Knights, their faces are not shown. In fact, from their hoods, their faces do not even exist. They are much more skilled fighters, but are much more rare to see than her knights. The elite guards also use light forms of Ice Devil Slayer Magic like Arianna herself. They take 10 S rank hits to take down.

    As the player makes their way through the Icecrown Citadel, they will find that rooms that progress them are locked. Nearby, or perhaps appearing behind them, a Virtue Knight holds the key. The Virtue Knights are several of Arianna's children, which she has brainwashed and trapped their souls into powerful suits of armor to server her for eternity. Even if a person defeats them, they can never die.

    Each Virtue Knight shares something in common: they have no face, and their suits of armor are empty. Every single Virtue Knight wears a complete set of armor, but they are distinguished by their weapons, skills, and armor color. But should the player defeat them, they will find their their armor is completely empty. Each Knight also has Japanese symbols for their Virtue embedded somewhere on their armor.

    Fighting the Virtue Knights is not an option, as each one of them holds a key to proceed to the next room, which will most likely contain a set of stairs in which they ascend to the next floor. Once the last two Virtue Knights are defeated, a hidden passage will open up in the room they are defeat, in which a staircase is revealed that leads to Arianna's Frozen Throne.
    Knight of Chasity:
    The Knight of Chasity, whose symbol is on his shield, is the first of the Virtue Knights the player encounters. A very massive knight, with a height of seven feet, covered in purple and golden trimmed armor, the Knight of Chasity is equipped with a short-sword and a shield. The shield is capable of withstanding H rank attacks, and his sword is capable of dealing S rank damage, and he has the ability to conjure storms, thunder, and lightning, but aside from that, the Knight of Chasity can easily be defeated with 10 S rank hits.

    Knight of Temperance:
    The Knight of Temperance is covered in green golden trimmed armor with green spikes jutting off of his elbows and toes. His symbol is located on his chest. The Knight of Temperance uses his bare hands for his attacks, and each of them are capable of SA damage. S rank damage along with A rank at the same time. He is an expert at hand-to-hand combat, and his strength is enough to match any S ranks, and even their weapons won't be doing much against his armor without any boost. It takes 14 S rank hits to defeat him.

    Knight of Charity:
    The Knight of Charity is suited up with red golden trimmed armor, with two horns atop his head, and four angelic wings on his back. The symbols that spell out Charity are located on the golden two-handed broadsword that he carries on his back. The Knight of Charity's sword is capable of devastating swings, that each deal SS damage, and he also has the ability to manipulate Golden Holy Light, to heal himself, or assault the player with. It takes 16 S rank hits to defeat him.

    Knight of Diligence:
    The Knight of Diligence's golden trimmed armor is a brown color, but is much less bulkier than the rest of his fellow knights. It is a lighter armor with a curvier shape, and his weapon of choice is a one-handed short sword on his right hand, and a small dagger with his left. Each part of the two symbols are located on his thighs: one for each. The Knight of Diligence's Magic slows down the reflexes of the person who he is fighting, making it so they cannot keep up with him, and giving them the illusion that he is moving much faster than they are. Should a person find a way to fight without their sight, disable his Magic, or counter this in any other way, the fight isn't too difficult. It takes 15 S rank hits to defeat this knight.

    Knight of Patience:
    The Knight of Patience has grey golden trimmed armor, and has an opposite fashion to the Knight of Diligence. The Knight of Diligence's armor was lighter than the rest, whilst the Knight of Patience carried the most heavy of them. However, the Knight of Patience does not attack at all. He merely sits there, meditating, and letting the player attack him. Any attack that's directed towards him will have no affect, and the player will be assaulted with all of the damage they would have dealt to him. The key to defeating the Knight of Patience is not to attack, but merely to proceed by stealing the key. The player still needs its key to proceed, but since the knight cannot be defeated, the player must simply steal it. The Knight of Patience was not meant to be a huge challenge, but rather an obstacle that plays with the mind of the person who dares to enter the Icecrown Citadel.

    Knights of Kindness and Humility:
    The Knights of Kindness and Humility are fought together at the same time, and they are the final obstacle between the player and Arianna the White Angel. The Knight of Kindness is the only female among the virtue Knights, with pink and golden trimmed armor, and she carries a short sword in her left hand, and a shield in her right. Despite fighting her much later, she is in fact the weakest of the Virtue Knights, taking only 5 S rank hits to defeat. The reason she is with the Knight of Humility, is that the two fought Arianna together in their lives as Nephalem, and died together, with the Knight of Humility being over protective of her. Even in this life.

    The Knight of Humility, on the other hand, is the strongest of the Virtue Knights. His armor is pure gold, with four angelic wings on his back, as well as a halo above his helmet. His weapon that he wields is a staff with a blade on the end of it, capable of piercing through almost any armor of material. The damage he deals with a single swing of his black is SS, and the Magic he manipulates is Golden Fire. Golden Fire, blessed with the holiest of power, is a devastating form of Magic, that can burn through nearly anything, and each spell and attack that the Knight of Humility uses with it deals S rank damage. To defeat him, it takes 20 S rank attacks.

    Arianna the White Angel:

    Picture 1:
    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Cosmos.full.66216
    Picture 2:
    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Cosmos_dissidia012_secuencia

    The witch herself. A witch is just what they call her, though. She is definitely an angel, as hard as it is to believe. She sits atop the Frozen Throne in her Icecrown Citadel. A beautiful, curvaceous woman with silver/blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. Surely from her looks alone she could make a man fall in love. She seems like the exact opposite of who she really is. She would seem to be more of a demon than an angel, just like her husband, Diabolos.

    She is a very cunning and malicious woman, and is not to be underestimated. She loves to torment people physically and mentally, often using illusions, tricks, lies, and very taunting vernacular. When a challenger enters her Citadel, she welcomes them with open arms to their nightmare.

    The Icecrown Citadel is her palace, indeed, and it is also the living quarters of all of her servants and minions, but it is also the gauntlet a challenger must go through in order to face her. The palace's interiors are made to push a challenger's limits, to weaken them. Arianna's servants and minions won't sit idle either. Because, out of everything she is, she is quite cowardly when it comes to her trickery. She'll do anything to win.

    Despite her trickery, she does want to start off with a fair fight. Using her Holy Energy, she will heal the player, getting all of their Magic Power and Health back, as well as resetting their durations and Cool Downs.

    On to the witch herself, although she can be cowardly with all of her tricks, she is not to be underestimated either. She may look like just a buxom woman, but she possesses strength that could rival Deniel's any day, and let's not get started on her speed. Not only this, but Arianna thrives in cold temperatures and ice, and she'll often use the ice to speed herself up. She's lived in that place for hundreds of years, and has learned how to use it to her advantage.

    Now aside from her very capable physical stats, she has some fearsome magic, too. The Holy Energy that Deniel uses is Arianna's mastery: she can use it and manipulate it just like Deniel would, but perhaps even better. She has a selection of spells she already knows, and can even take to improvising some. Overall: she has complete control over it. Each spell by her will be capable of dealing S rank damage, and her most powerful ones SS damage, two times S rank. And her swift attacks with blinding speed will also be capable of S rank damage.

    Not just with Holy Energy, but since Arianna is surrounded by ice, she has mastered Ice Devil Slayer Magic. And just like the Holy Energy that she uses, her Ice Devil Slayer Magic is very powerful, and doesn't need a certain set of spells: she can make them up as she goes, and manipulates it however she pleases. And because her palace is made of ice, she can never run out of Magic Power. Ever.

    This woman won't go down without a fight: it takes 35 S rank hits to beat her. And good luck actually hitting her.

    In Sin, enemies are much more abundant and deadly than Arianna's Icecrown Citadel. The Obsidian Palace is in fact, not on the surface of Sin, but underground. In a volcano. So in order to get there, a person must fight their way through Sin, and then dive straight down. And then that's where they will be in the arena of Diabolos's Obsidian Palace. However, each monster in Sin is completely unique, aside from the bosses, so descriptions will not be provided. More of how many hits it takes to down them.

    The player must fight their way through the wasteland of Sin, and make their way to Diabolos's Obsidian Palace, which resides in an inactive volcano. A sign that gives it away is the fact that the volcano is not erupting, nor is smoke being emitted from it. Once the player reaches the volcano, they must dive down into the top, straight into Diabolos's arena which he has kindly set up for them. The actual palace is made up of not just Obsidian, a material that is not too hard, but True Obsidian, a near-invincible material that Diabolos created himself using Obsidian and his Magic Power. The True Obsidian is capable of standing up to even H rank spells.

    Weak: Usually around 5 lesser demons for each dice roll. 5 S ranks to defeat each.

    Normal: 5 Normal demons for each dice roll. 8 S rank hits to defeat each.

    Strong: 2 Greater Demons for each dice roll. 10 S rank hits to defeat.

    Bosses: The Sin Lieutenants are fought as a gauntlet of bosses in order to get to Diabolos. They are not meant to be rolled, and are encounter. The order that they are provided is the order that the player must fight them. Diabolos will give the player the option to fight once more after each battle is over, or take a break, recovering the player all of their Health, Magic Power, and resetting their duration and Cool Downs. If a player simply takes a break after every battle, which is possible, they won't lose, but would rather be boo'd and looked on as very cowardly. Each Sin Lieutenant cannot be killed, as Diabolos will call off the match once he considers them defeated )(which is the required hits provided). Should a player attempt to kill or continue further, Diabolos will interrupt the fight himself, knocking out the player out regardless of their strength.
    Sin Lieutenant of Sloth:

    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Belphemon_rage_mode__collectors__by_diihfenty-d76vrj1
    The Sin Lieutenant of Sloth is a monstrous demon with his body covered up in brown fur red markings, as well as purple wings, long horns, and several chains on his body. Being the first Sin Lieutenant, Sloth is not particularly difficult to defeat with higher level mages, but can still be devastating if he is underestimated heavily. Sloth relies mostly on his melee attacks with his golden gauntlets. He also has a variety of ways he uses his chains, such as wrapping them around his opponents, himself, weapons, or even spells. The Magic Sloth uses consists of Black Fire, but is not necessarily a God Slayer type. Oftentimes Sloth will use his chains as a way to direct his fire as if using oil. Sloth takes 12 S rank hits to defeat, and each of his attacks deal S rank damage.

    Sin Lieutenant of Envy:

    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) B877ca3cbfb503b457fa58fd398e986c
    The Sin Lieutenant of Envy appears to be a cross between a human, a dragon, and a demon. He has a very human-like figure and limbs, unlike Sloth, and carries most of his upper body in a human fashion. However, when it comes to his lower body and arms, they quickly shift themselves into a scaled carcass, typical of a demon. Envy's speech manner is like that of a snake, as in he holds out his s's while flicking out his forked tongue inside of his mouth. Envy fights using two blades, and is a master at swordsmanship. He mostly plays on the defensive, as it ties in with his magic and swordplay. Envy hardly goes on any offensive move, and prefers for his opponents to attack so that he may counter them.

    Using his two swift blades, Envy is capable to outplay and outwit almost any swordsman regardless of their skill. His swift and powerful strikes each deal S rank damage, and his snake eyes are able to keep up even with the fastest mages, including H ranks. His blades also serve as the pinnacle of his Magic, with both of them being capable of absorbing an opponent's Magic, save for H rank spells, and fire it back at them in the form of a mysterious Dark Green Energy. A master sword player, and the ability to counter any form of Magic, Envy is a huge step up compared to Sloth, and is very difficult to defeat, but his weaknesses consist of hand-to-hand combat, and going on the offensive. It takes 15 S rank hits to defeat Envy, while each of his swordplay attacks will deal S rank damage, and his Magic Counters deal the same rank that was absorbed.

    Sin Lieutenant of Lust:

    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Cydaea.diablo.3.real

    The Maiden of Lust is the only female member among the Sin Lieutenants. She can be seen as a step down by the standards of those who do not give into Lust, but a huge step up for those who do. She is a massive arachnid with a human upper body, that of a beautiful maiden with pale blue skin. Her voice is like a siren's, able to lure in even the strongest warriors to give into her. Like Envy, Lust does not go on the offensive often. She carries no weapons, but only her powers of Lust. She can be a very easy fight if the person does not give in to or fall for such things, but for those who do, they will find themselves mesmerized and under her spell, before having the life slowly sucked and drained out of them, dealing 10 S rank hits. This fight serves less of a purpose to defeat the player, and more as one to weaken or distract them. It takes only 5 S rank hits to defeat the Maiden of Lust, and she is only capable of A rank damage per hit.

    Sin Lieutenant of Greed:

    Greed's Armor:
    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Latest?cb=20120517182924

    Greed is when the Sin Lieutenants start to become devastating towards even the strongest of Mages. Greed will enter the arena as a mere human, and a very handsome one. He will be wearing a furnished suit, with his hair neatly slicked back, and his posture straight. He will also carry with him a mysterious suitcase, that contains his true power. Upon starting the fight, Greed will open up his Suit Case, shining a blinding light on the player, and once they gain their vision back, Greed will be seen in pitch black armor with the head of a hound, and a massive broadsword that looks nearly impossible to lift. It appears that Greed's source of Magic is non-existent, when in reality it is all poured into his broadsword.

    Despite its size, Greed can swing that sword around with ease, and with every swing, Greed will create seismic shockwaves, sound-breaking attacks, and overall devastating blows. Even if he is not with melee range, and even if they are a thousand miles away, the power of Greed's attack can still hit them, and is practically impossible to block physically. The key is dodging it, but at the rate in which Greed attacks, that is a very difficult task. The worst of it comes with the armor Greed wears. It is invincible. No matter the power of the attack, or the person, the armor Greed wears cannot be broken through, or even scratched. Regardless of the Magic, magnitude, or power, Greed's armor in impenetrable. The only way to defeat Greed is to notice that he is not completely covered in that armor, as that would be impossible. Like any other armor, there are small gaps of cloth holding it together, at his elbows, and behind his knees. Once the player has figured out that they have this weakness, which is not easy to notice as it is the same color of his armor, they must sever one of his limbs, showing Diabolos that they know the weakness, and Diabolos will call off the fight, resulting in the victory. Each attack made by Greed will deal 2 S ranks of damage.

    Sin Lieutenant of Gluttony:

    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Ghom
    The Lord of Gluttony will enter the arena on four limbs, and in a vile, grotesque body that consists of his Puppet Form. Unbeknownst to the player, this is not what the Lord of Gluttony truly looks like, but rather his way of introducing himself. The puppet is capable of spewing out a green bile from its center mouth, assaulting the player with A rank damage. It is also capable of consuming any Magic that they throw at it, and return it from its rear-end as a toxic gas that deals A rank damage as well. But once the player has managed to deal 2 S rank damage, particularly through weapons or their fists, the puppet will explode, spilling its organs everywhere, and letting the true Lord of Gluttony free.

    The Lord of Gluttony:
    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Beelzemon

    Dressed in a biker outfit and wielding two sawed-off shotguns, The Lord of Gluttony is one tough demon to defeat. His Shotguns serve as his primary weapons and his Magic. If the player approaches him at close-range, he will use his Shotguns, never letting go of them, as shields to defend himself, which they are most certainly capable of, being able to withstand even H rank damage. These Shotguns do not fire bullets, but will each fire an extremely large beam, 10 meters in diameter, of pure Black Energy. Each beam will deal S rank damage, but that is not the worst of it.

    Gluttony is very swift, especially in close quarters combat, and is very skilled. He may even use his Shotguns as melee weapons if he so pleases, and point-blank range shots hardly ever miss. But once the player has damaged him for 5 S ranks, he will unleash another ability his shotguns are capable of. Rapid Fire.

    Rapid Fire is when Gluttony holds down the trigger to one of his shotguns, firing one beam after the other in very quick succession. Before one beam was shot at a time, and that was very difficult to dodge, but if the player does not deal with Rapid Fire very swiftly, it will be come so overwhelming that the entire arena, which is not that large, will be flooded with the blackness, and it will be impossible to dodge. Rapid Fire's beams still deal S rank damage, but are capable of dealing much more with the amount of shots produced from it. Once the player has managed to outwit Rapid Fire and deal 2 S ranks worth of damage to him, then he will unveil his final shotgun capability.

    From out of his biker jacket, Gluttony will unveil 4 black crystals, and load them into his shotguns. These crystals act like shotgun shells for his beams. One pull of the trigger will instantly fire out 16 beams of the Black Energy, each dealing S rank damage. Like a shotgun, it does become more inaccurate and spread out the farther the person is, and if they are point-blank, they will receive 16 S rank damage, most likely killing them. This is the player's last chance, and they must deal 5 more S rank damage as fast as they possibly can against Gluttony, or else the amount of shots will overwhelm and destroy them, and he even has the capability of using Rapid Fire with these 16 shots.

    After defeating Gluttony, the arena will widen itself, growing almost 5 times as big, and being around 200 meters in diameter, from its former measly 50.

    Sin Lieutenant of Wrath:

    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Latest?cb=20080326002241
    The last of the two Sin Lieutenants, and based on his appearance: Wrath is a monster. A pure, merciless monster. He has no Magic, but his physical attacks, strength, and speed are devastating. With a single punch Wrath can deal H rank damage, and he has an extreme amount of pain tolerance, laughing at almost any damage inflicted upon him. Wrath's durable body can withstand any S rank spell, and while it does deal damage to him, it does not appear so. And he is no hulking lunk of muscle that can barely move; Wrath is capable of sprinting across the world in a matter of minutes. And to down this monster, the player will have to muster up 20 S rank hits before Diabolos calls off the fight. Good luck.

    Sin Lieutenant of Pride:

    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Lucemon_chaos_mode___digimon_world_re__digitize_by_petronikus-d61lvlb
    The last of the Sin Lieutenants: Pride. The most powerful warrior at Diabolos's disposal aside from himself. Pride was formerly one of Diabolos's kin, but the Black Devil spared him as he admired his tenacity and capabilities, but forced him to serve him forever, as a near mindless slave.

    Pride is a Nephalem, and gains all of the benefits from being one. Any damage from God or Demon slayer spells are cut in half, and he utilizes Chaos Energy for attacking. Chaos Energy is a substance that is highly destructive, as it is an attempted combination of Holy and Unholy Energy. Pride utilizes it with mastery, capable of performing an infinite amount of spells and attacks with each, each of them capable of dealing S rank damage, or below if he pleased. He may also have the ability to conjure up H rank spells, and even one after the other in quick succession. Pride does not use any weapons, but the strength of his hand-to-hand combat can outmatch a sword, spear, dagger, or whatever the player may be using any day. Any physical attack suffered from Pride will deal SS damage.

    Any player attacked by the spells of Pride will be silenced for 1 post should they be hit by it, and if any of his physical attacks land, they will be marked with a bomb that detonates after 3 posts, dealing S rank damage for every attack that they took from him. In addition, every 3 posts, Pride will be able to shield an S rank spell should the player attack him with one. It takes 25 S rank hits to down Pride, and once he is, the player will be ready to fight Diabolos the Black Devil.

    Regardless of their choice, Diabolos will force the player to rest before fighting him. All Health, Magic Power, Durations, and Cool Downs will be set before fighting Diabolos, so the player is in the best condition they could possibly be for this challenge.
    Diabolos the Black Devil:

    Picture 1:
    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Latest?cb=20140204044642

    Picture 2:
    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) Azazel-dxd

    The two of them never really got into a fight, but Diabolos is superior in almost all aspects compared to Arianna. He may not be as fast, but he is certainly stronger, and definitely more durable. Whilst in his "human" form, Diabolos looks like a much more manly version of his son Deniel. His body is quite a bit bulkier, his face much more masculine, along with some facial hair, and he also shares the same red eyes and black hair. However, the front part of his hair is a dirty blonde color. He shares the same smirk that his sons have had on their faces, and often the laid back look. And that's kind of what Diabolos's outside personality is. Contrary to what some might have heard about him, Diabolos appears to be laid back and relaxed, almost as if he doesn't care about a single thing.

    That is far from his personality whenever he is in a fight, however. That's where Diabolos begins to show that the rumors are true. He is full of rage, malice, evil, sin, destruction, annihilation, hate, and...some fatherly love. Despite Diabolos's serious nature in combat, he loves to have fun, and doesn't take it seriously from time to time. This comes from how unbelievably cocky he is in his own abilities, not necessarily arrogant because that would imply that he can't do what he says, but he definitely can.

    Diabolos is a master strategist, being a general of his own army. He has high knowledge of combat; whether it's magic, hand-to-hand combat, or even swordsmanship. Diabolos is an unmatched warrior that has brought the finest warriors to their knees, his magic can stand up to the strongest mages in the world, and his intelligent strategies know almost no bounds. Without a doubt, Diabolos is one of the most fearsome creatures to ever exist.

    Diabolos will enter the arena after the player, and then make his way to the very center. Aligning himself directly underneath the top of the volcano, Diabolos will enter his Black Devil Form. Lava will suddenly create a very swift circle right at his feet in a small diameter, and then erupt in an explosion and inferno of heat. Diabolos's transformation acts as the inactive volcano's eruption. It will surge up and spiral in a cylinder shape, before swiftly become corrupted with Unholy Energy, turning into a jet black color. Underneath the black lava, the player can see the pure red eyes of rage that belong to The Black Devil open up, and then the black lava will completely fade away as if it never existed. Diabolos will then let out a terrifying, feral roar that no other creature can mimic, and create winds strong enough to knock the player away. He will then draw his sword on his back, and the fight will begin!

    Demon Form:
    Make the Angel Scream, and the Devil Cry! (Edited Private. Final Public.) UMvC_3_Dante_DT_Alt

    Just like his son Deniel, Diabolos uses the Unholy Energy, only his is much more fearsome and powerful. In addition, Diabolos has invented his own kind of God Slayer Magic through his extensive knowledge of magic: Lava God Slayer. Lava God Slayer Magic is Diabolos's invented magic, using the Unholy Powers of God Slayer Magic, but using it with not fire, but lava and magma. In addition, since Diabolos's palace is made of Obsidian, solidified lava, he can consume it so he never runs out of Magic Power. Each of Diabolos's spells will at least be an SS rank, dealing two times S rank damage. However, he prefers to use hand-to-hand combat, as a single punch from him will be able to deal H rank damage, and one cut from him will deal HH rank damage. However, that is if Diabolos actually tries. Diabolos loves to have fun during his fights, and toy with his opponents, so he will oftentimes put very little strength into it, but even then, the lowest it can go is A rank damage. In addition to that, Diabolos's strength is so massive that he is able to crush S rank spells and below within the palms of his hands, so unless used very wisely, the fight will be determined by weapons and fists rather than spells.

    Diabolos is far more durable than Arianna. The only thing that will even hurt him are S rank attacks, and it takes 60 of them to down this monster. A lot during the fight will Diabolos let the player land a free hit, but it is only for him to laugh at the pain they inflict, and show them the difference between their power.

    Reward: 155K Jewels

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