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    All Hail the King. // Open // Simon's Introduction

    Simon King

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    All Hail the King. // Open // Simon's Introduction

    Post by Simon King on 21st July 2015, 12:32 pm

    call me the end of your world
    simon king
    call me your genocide
    The cold, the precious, insane cold invaded every fiber of your body as you set foot in the snowy place, the white coat covering the ground being completely smooth, not a single trace of human or animal feet on it. What a shame the uniformity, the perfectly smooth snow coat would soon be destroyed, tainted in red.

    A high pitched, feminine scream resonated in the night, clearly audible miles away, as the petite woman twisted and turned in the apparently weak, yet actually insanely strong grip of a tall, lean male. Her body glued to his as the male would slowly approach the woman's exposed neck, his lips softly caressing the female's smooth, silky skin. From afar, it would seem as if they were a couple which had gotten bored from the simple kissing and holding hands, and had decided to move onto some rather... inappropriate things in a rather public place, although not many people would consider going to a snowy, freezing mountain. And mostly not at this hours of the night. Nobody, except the dirty blond-haired male, who was intelligent enough to know nobody that was sane enough would set foot at a chilly mountain at midnight. The stupid female that had accompanied him because he had promised to her that he'd love her forever, that she was his one and only... as if.

    Oh darling, oh you pretty, pretty thing~! I am so sorry I have to do this, but, you know, a Vampire has his needs. Simon King whispered softly in the woman's ear, nibbling on her ear with his naturally elongated canines. Jeanine, the woman that had accompanied him, sobbed, her entire small body shaking, for she was crying. She was a clever woman, so she possibly realized her end was near. Passing his canines through her soft skin, without piercing it or cutting her, Simon stopped as he felt the arteria at the neck of the woman, feeling the blood flow through it. Oh, the desire, the desire~ His hunger, his thirst increasing as he could almost see the scarlet liquid, his vampiric instinct pushing him, making him want to pierce the female's skin already, rip her apart and drink every drop of blood she had in her body.

    But he was no animal.

    The blood chilling scream ripped the night as Simon quickly introduced his fangs into the woman's neck, a faint blush spreading on his face as he felt the warm blood make contact with his lips, his already red eyes gaining an eerie, creepy glow. Soon enough, the female's grip, her resistance, slowly faded, until her arms fell to the sides lifelessly, soon followed by her body, which was left to fall on the ground, tainting the snow red with the little blood that was left in her. Sorry, sorry, baby~! Look at it this way: you just donated your blood to keep an Original Vampire alive~ You should be proud... If you weren't dead.

    Putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans, Simon turned on his heels, leaving the body behind, only to head towards a massive building in front of him. The chilling wind pushed his sweater backwards, yet it did not bother Simon, despite the fact he only wore a simple T-shirt under his sweater. Vampires did not get affected by cold so easily. Advantages of being a son of the night. Whoever saw him walking through the snow, shrugging of the cold, would consider him a god, a hero. But it was just a very convenient natural resistance to this temperatures in particular. Shame he was weaker to heat, though.

    Basilisk Fang.

    Simon was reluctant. Very. Was he willing to join a human mage organisation? Yes. Curiosity was killing him, and what better way to understand humans than joining their ranks? But was this the right guild? Simon did not know. He was not sure how they'd react to him, to his attitude. And if they reacted poorly, would he have to pull his other persona out? Would he have to act like Abel would have? He did not want to act like Abel now. Not in front of the audience. But would he have to do it? If he would, he'd have to turn around and walk away.

    Without putting much effort in it, the blonde man pushed open the doors, letting the chilly wind invade the Guildhall, making all laughter cease immediately, some members shivering. Oh, humans. They pretty much reside here, and yet they are so weak to cold.... Shaking his head, Simon smiled, putting up his best smile for the audience. An audience that would determine if he stayed or not, an audience that would mark one way or another one for the vampire, depending on its choice. Oh, how intriguing this all was~!

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. May I have the honor to speak to your leader?

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    Re: All Hail the King. // Open // Simon's Introduction

    Post by Elijah on 22nd July 2015, 8:37 am





    A loud bang came from the office of the guild master. A bang, that had been caused by Elijah slamming head head on the table, making everything on it jump up. He was so incredibly tired and bored of all this paper work, and the boredom had gotten to him, causing the man to slam his head onto the table. These papers weren't even anything useful, just requests or letters to join, some letters for the guild members, which were strange, but oh well. The man did feel for the post man who came to the guild, but he was a Vulcan, so it wasn't a real issue. Though for today, it had been enough paperwork, so the man got up from his chair, walked out of his office and closed the wooden door behind him, leaving it unlocked for Laycie or Nera to get in, if they wanted to.

    As the man walked deeper into the guild of Basilisk Fang, he stopped before a door, that said Inner Sanctum on it. Elijah smirked at the name and walked forwards, not paying more attention to the room, as it would come into play much later in the line. But for now, the room would remain empty, it's usage unknown to anyone in the guild, but the guild master. The room Elijah was looking for, was the room nicknamed Grinder. A room only he could enter at will and a room, where no one else left, if you were brought into the Grinder, you would be left there, but not killed, oh no, your fate would be much much more worse.

    In a mere minute, Elijah was out of the room, a fancy glass in his hand, filled with a red liquid, that the man really seemed to like. It was something he never shared with anyone, as no one else needed it, but the guild master, he needed it to live, ever since that mishap with a female five years ago. A mishap he still regretted, as he left him in this state, needing to drink every now and then, to live on.

    Walking past the entrance hall, the man head something, that caught his interest. Someone wanted to meet the leader of Basilisk Fang, well, wasn't this convenient. A new contact at the least, would prove to be interesting and drive away the boredom clogging up Elijah's mind. But this man, seemed much more interesting than a regular new contact, just from the way he spoke, a tone, only used by people, who consider themselves strong. And if that was the case, then the boy really had come to the correct spot.

    ''So, you want to meet the leader of Basilisk Fang, you are looking at him.'' A grin appeared on Elijah's face, this would hopefully be interesting.
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    Re: All Hail the King. // Open // Simon's Introduction

    Post by --Cookie__ on 25th July 2015, 11:47 am

    Rolling from her lazed position in the air, her narrowed with sleep blue orbs travelled from the wall in front of her to the ground beneath her. The loud sound of a door opening had roused her from the nap she was enjoying and slight agitation clawed at her conscious until the sight of someone new passed in front of her sleepy gaze. Now this was something the female could easily enjoy. So, allowed herself to fall from the few feet away she was from the roof, Kukki halted her fall, only to appear upside down a few feet away. Slightly groaning, she reached a hand u- well.. Wouldn't it be downwards with her current position? Well, she reached downward to rub her left temple with two pale fingers. While she was some form of.. Android, the pressure of falling head first was fairly painful.

    But shaking her head, she pushed herself with a grunt into a upward position only to find herself facing the in correct direction. Kukki cocked her head to the right, slightly confused before she raised a hand as she remembered and quickly turned herself around, a widespread grin on her face. "Who might this be?" Her eyes were bright with excitement as they scanned over the newcomer before uncrossing her legs and bringing herself back into a standing position. As she thought for a moment longer, the grin she once wore spread wider across her face, obvious that she grasped a slightly.. Idiotic concept before she spoke again, "Are they here to join? Ooo~ I hope they are! So, are ya? Are ya?" She was much to excited about a newcomer joining as she was with most of them, occasionally she'll meet one that'll just send her to the absolute dumps and she kind of hoped this wasn't the case seeing as situations like that, she couldn't handle.



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    Re: All Hail the King. // Open // Simon's Introduction

    Post by Laycie on 4th August 2015, 6:36 am

    let us plunge into hell, together


    Hollow; the precise word mirroring the expanse of the metallic coated walls layered with a floating aura of frigidness; physical in its formation as a slight, penetrable, light sapphire wall upon the metal. A hover around the vicinity, the specter less prominent in its physicality however, indicated with a chill that resounded through the void, desolated area. Glass encrusted within the multitudes of metallic patinas laminated with an opaque silvery sheet of ice; brisk to the demonic touch of pale, velvety fingers lingering upon the surface; a light trace encompassing the blanket of wintry palpation. “How boring.” The voice, impervious in its magnitude that the mere thought reverberated as a loud echo, splintering the barriers of the woman’s mind. Crease in her countenance, a light tilt downwards of the thin lines of lips that framed upon her visage; her amethyst, amaranthine orbs crinkled at the corners; a surplus indication of the woman’s distaste of the void of silence accumulating her. Flocculent locks of sepia teasingly framing her lithe frame; an audible sigh gracing her lips, exhaling a light achromic fog ensued by an occludent shut of her eyes to momentarily, commence to open them again at a din echoing of a voice; male in its nature resounding from the bottom floor of the guild.

    Laycie, as the female was known by many, ensued a slight tilt of her eyebrows upward; her pale lips mirroring the indication, curving towards one corner as a pernicious look masked her features. Poised arms lay loosely underneath her chest; the action depicted in sonance by a light chuckle that flaccidly escaped her lips. ‘Click, clack’ went the cacophony of heels at the light multitude of strides; the only resonation across the halls of Basilisk Fang coupled with the voices, depicting varying emotions and fluctuations in their tones, emanating from the bottom of the guild hall. A pause at the railing; she stood there, her twin pools of mauve overlooking the scene below, a scintillation of mirth apparent in them as the aphotic haired female glided her hues across the vicinity; her mind analyzing the event that came to pass. 'Another recruit.’ A rather beguiling thought for it intensified the curiosity blazing within her hearth; eyes momentarily, shifting to a pigmentation of crimson before, returning to their unnatural amethyst shade.

    “Well, appears as though we have another guest.” Fluidly, velvety voice perspired from her thin line of lips as her lithe frame idly, leaned against the railing of the upper floor; a tint of a maniacally effervescent tone laden in her words, observing the scene below with a spark of inquisitiveness as a crease in her features was initiated by her gaze on the blond-haired male. ‘He’s not human.’ A concluding statement within her mind albeit, originally an apprehensive query as her mind drew a blank at his heredity, questioning his true descent. Silence followed after her statement whilst her mind drowned in itself; feet moving along with her thought processes till Laycie reached the bottom floor; her form standing amiably close to the Guild Master of Basilisk Fang, Elijah. However, despite the apparent closeness of the two, the demonic woman’s mind reigned with inquires about the blond-haired anomalous new recruit.

    “So, what may your name be?” Interest transformed into a mere question as it sprouted from Laycie’s lips; the current situation making it more than transparent whom it was aimed towards. Now, the three guild members who lined the vicinity merely anticipated his answer, intrigued at the presence of the arcane male.



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