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    Train Fiasco [Solo Job: Irina]

    Irina Naginata
    Irina Naginata

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    Train Fiasco [Solo Job: Irina] Empty Train Fiasco [Solo Job: Irina]

    Post by Irina Naginata 18th July 2015, 8:21 pm

    Job Details:
    Job: Escort on a train
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must by all means make sure that she gets on that train and stay on ride.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description: A scared person requires help riding a train, but because of his fear will not even get on it. He requires to get to his destination by tommorow and the train is the only viable way of travel. So his spouse in order to secure his career has gathered her savings to hire a mage to escort her husband to the train. He is so scared out of his mind that it will be required to drag him on the train kicking and screaming and make keep an eye on him so he won't jump out. You also cannot do any lasting damage to him as he needs to look presentable.
    Reward: 500 Jewels

    Irina strolled off the train into Magnolia with her white coat blowing in the wind, her once pure black hair had tips and streaks of red running through it, a testament to her normal hair color returning to her. Usually on small jobs like this she would have Nova follow and assist her by carrying weapons but for this job she had a gut feeling Nova and here would have a few bad feelings between each other. She wasn't a professional at dealing with train phobia's but she did have some crude tactics lined up for such a feet. Arriving at the door of the client Irina began to knock, standing there awaiting a response as the client opened the door. "Good afternoon mam." Irina said in the most awkward emotionless voice attempting to be courteous for once which didn't turn out to be the best course of action. "ehhem, are you perhaps the woman looking for someone to escort your uh husband on a train trip?" Irina asked as the woman looked at her, the awkwardness was quite heavy in the air, Irina was certainly terrible at socializing, maybe she should have brought Nova along with her. The woman simply raised her eyebrow before disappearing back into the house leaving Irina standing there staring up at the empty doorway, moments later a man was pushed out the door with a briefcase who simply just stood their staring into outer space. Irina grinned at the individual as the individual made eye contact. "I'm going to cut to the chase and just get this underway no need for introductions." Irina said grabbing the man by the arm and dragging him towards the train station squirming.

    The man squirmed the entire way to the train station as Irina dragged him along carefully. "NO I AM NOT GETTING ON A TRAIN I REFUSE!" The man screamed and hollered as if he was being robbed. Upon arrival at the ticket station Irina dug the train tickets out of the mans pocket and placed them on the counter. "If I were you I would supply the rest of the passengers with ear plugs as a precaution." Irina said as she dragged the man away and around a corner. "Now listen up you, we are getting on the train and I will not allow excuses." The man was still trying to get away from her and she simply yanked him back to her which prompted her to grin once again. "Here eat this." She said as she pulled what looked like a cookie out of her pocket which she had prepared earlier that day. The man hesitantly took the cookie however instead of eating it stared on which caused Irina to cross her arms and flare some fire off her shoulder to intimidate him into eating it. The man quickly complied and before long found himself stumbling around like he was drunk. Irina dragged him quite easily to the train and in his groggy state was quite easy to get on the train. After finding their seats Irina sat the man down and sat beside him as the drug she gave him took full effect putting him to sleep for the time being.

    Most of the train ride went uneventful as soon as the train arrived at their destination Irina managed to lug the man off the train and sat him down on a park bench. He was still quite out of it but luckily there was still some time to let the drug wear off. She grinned at the sleeping man before her, he didn't even know he rode on a train in the first place he was simply unconscious the entire time. As he began to come too Irina crossed her arms and checked the time, he had about half an hour to make his so called interview. "Seems you're finally awake." She said as he looked up at her and immediately started to squirm. "I AM NOT GETTING ON A TRAIN!" He screamed out at turned to run away as Irina grabbed him by the arm to stop him. "Actually, you already made the trip sir, you are at your destination so you can stop fearing the train. I don't care how you intend to get home but for the time being my task is done." She stated as the man froze and stared into oblivion confused as to what happened. "What happened?" He asked. "I am not inclined to disclose those details, however you should enjoy the rest of the free time you have before you interview, or you should probably just walk over there." She stated as she turned and began walking back to the train station leaving the man there to fend for himself while she was going to return to Magnolia and collect her payment.


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