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    Completed Trinny

    Post by Mairin on July 18th 2015, 3:26 am

    Name: Spectrine no. 03214 | "Trinny" 
    Rank: Weak
    Species: Clairovie (A Psychic Creature)
    Type: Combat Pet
    Trinny 200px-Ralts

    Trinny is a white and green clairovie. Mairin's mentor, Marchen, has given Trinny to her as something that'd help her on her journey into becoming a better muse. Trinny in particular is a white clairovie whose body look like a pair of long pants with a trailing end. Its head is covered in a green top layer that resembles hair cut like an upside down bowl. Finally, like all Clairovie, they have two slightly curved parts jutting out the center of their heads, the first slightly longer than the other. When conducting a reading, these red horn-like parts turn blue (and for those who have a broken image, its basically ralts from pokemon). The clairovie have eyes as well, two round eyes that're both serious and mystic. At their primary stage however, they're hidden.

    These creatures are known to be psychic and have abilities that surpass the current plane of existence. Possibly, their kind are born through a formation of a warp in the other dimensions, and as a result of the universe trying to balance these incidents for the other planes, the clairovie were created. Normally, they are able to read emotional languages of people and read minds, decipher lost languages, communicate with animals or even inanimate objects. They are able to view the cosmos and look into a person, find their pasts or futures, or even their current state.

    In their most advanced stages, they can even foretell the future of a present civilization and re-tell the past of ancient civilizations. The clairovie are able to this due to the vast amounts of knowledge flowing from their other dimensional counterparts, all to whom their linked to effortlessly. 

    Clairovie often communicate telepathically with their kind. When under ownership, these creatures will still exhibit this trait, making their voices unheard by the outsiders who appear distant from the bond the clairovie and its chosen guardian hold.

    The Clairovie hide in pockets of warping, or a possible magical influx of dimensions. When it is summoned by their guardian, they will merely appear out of their space. 


    Name: Spectral Glance
    Rank: D
    Trinny taps into the cosmos, listening to the voices of the other dimensions to find an answer to something, or call out to the forces guiding its current plane of existence to answer a question. It takes her time to find the answer depending on the availability of the data and the specification. Due to it only being a glance, Trinny can only see a partial shadow of the information, and not the entire view. So at times, the information she collects at her current stage is limited.

    When used outside of battle, Trinny can locate towns or point directions, she may look into a person and know of their current emotional and mental state. Trinny can also answer small, trivial questions like the location of a broomstick or the nearest chocolate factory. It can also answer various academical questions, where she is limited to the basics because of her lack of scope.

    When used in battle, Trinny can point out a comrade's current health, and look into whether they can take on another attack or not, although this kind of reading may stray from accuracy. Otherwise, when used on an opponent, Trinny can point it's current state of mind; pointing out the emotional standing of a user, and the exact magic potency of the opponent. Trinny will eventually calculate all the data and point out the rank of the user, but not the rank of the attack being currently used. Trinny can also use these on inanimate magical objects and magical beasts, all putting them under the average mage ranking.

    - Trinny's readings, although limited, are actually helpful in determining the outcome of a battle.
    - Outside of battle, these readings can shorten the duration of jobs and help its guardian.
    - Trinny's voice, being telepathic, does not leek information to someone other than its guardian. 

    - Trinny needs exactly one post to organize the data into an understandable reading.
    - Trinny is susceptible to damage when reading, at which two D-rank attacks may potentially kill it.
    - Trinny cannot view the rank of the attack, so she cannot calculate damage, but merely allowing a small margin insight for its guardian.
    - Trinny's readings may be blocked or delayed by an equally warping magic, one that disrupts the flow of time and the universe such as time magic or dimensional magic.

    D/CD: 1 post per reading, 2 posts interval for the cosmos to revert back into its pure state before Trinny can ask it again.


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