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    Key to the Kingdom


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    Star Key to the Kingdom

    Post by Admin 17th July 2015, 7:22 pm

    Job Title: Key To The Kingdom
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: B rank only. Must be soloed.
    Job Requirements: 7,500 words minimum. Must defeat Key. This job may only be completed once per mage.
    Job Location: Unknown Lands
    Job Description:
    Recent missing cases have caught the eye of the Magic Council, though the location is not quite confirmed, it seems that these missing cases link to the recent murders that have been going on in those same lands. Many dead bodies lie there, and each body has three word imprinting on their foreheads. "You Are Free". After a recent party of Rune Knights have been left the same way, an emergency call went out to all of the guilds to find the one responsible for this and have that one either arrested or killed. The reward would not change either way since there is no confirmed value of this persons imprisonment, so the jewels will remain as is. Coordinates are given on the map on where the location of where the bodies lie, but there is no confirmed name for the area. When a wizard goes there, they will feel their surroundings shift a little bit, blurry at first. Soon, they will find themselves deep asleep. Once they wake up, surrounded by a glass dome and a white floor and background. As you walk, it seems the end of the dome is moving away from you. See if you can do as the Council wishes and find a way out.

    Distractoid (5x): Small walls that will suddenly pop up while you are running. Don't accidentally hit them, they will inflict D rank damage for each one you hit, which will eventually stack up. Five of these will hit a little more than a B rank attack. Lightning mages will cause these walls to glitch out upon contact, and will gain health equal to the amount of damage that would be inflicted.
    KILLobyte (10): Small little robots that use their numbers and speedy bullets to overwhelm and eventually crush their opponents. They don't do well while alone, finding a way to split them apart if your safest bet. It takes 2 B rank hits to destroy each of these. Each one of their bullets inflicts C rank damage.
    Guardians (2): One of light, one of darkness. Both of them use magic in their melee attacks, and they use default colors to their advantage. Be careful, it's the dark one that uses light magic, and the light one that uses dark magic. They both take 5 B rank attacks each to defeat. They both inflict B rank damage each.

    Guardian of Darkness:
    Key to the Kingdom 997768_20110607_screen023

    Guardian of Light:
    Key to the Kingdom Dark_Fighter-Uprising

    Key: That is his nickname, not much information about his history or existence is known. It is believed that when a victim is about to die, he tells his story to them so they would not die with regret or question. Every attack he carries out inflicts A rank damage, and he carries this out with simply a flick of the wrist. The good thing is, he never fights with full power, even when he is on the losing side of a battle. It takes 20 B rank hits, or 40 C rank hits, to defeat Key. Be wary when he lets out mild amounts of magic, in which the result of taking that hit would be devastating.

    Key's Spells:

    Freedom Dive: Key will put out his palm, exerting almost a quarter of his energy. He surrounds every target within a 20 meter radius with darkness, which will simply throw them 10 meters into the air. For those who can't break the fall, they receive S rank damage.

    The Worlds End: When Key uses half of his energy, he clenches both of his fists and his body begins to glow. He releases all of the energy in his body, causing an explosion from his body that reaches a 30 meter radius. Any wizard caught in it will take A rank damage and will be unable to use their arms for 1 post.
    Key to the Kingdom 38a94c8a12e4a69249d059c976b809b0
    30,000 Jewels.
    The Wizard obtains the "Master Key". The Master Key can unlock any lock or seal once per thread. Unable to work on magic locks.

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