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    Cross Country


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    Cross Country Empty Cross Country

    Post by Triatath 16th July 2015, 5:43 pm

    The line seemed to stretch for miles! Triatath reached into his waistcoat pocket and pulled out a silvery watch. After spending three hours in a line which has not moved, sandwiched between a woman who can't speak the language and a shirtless fat guy who keeps picking his scabs, I think I might be just about done with the magic council... I do believe I have lost my patience... Triatath began walking to the from of the line, he spent a good ten minutes just walking past the oodles and oodles of people lined up just so that they could get a passport. Finally, Triatath found the front of the line. A man dressed in rune knight attire was frantically attempting to deal with all of the requests, clearly they have understaffed here in Hargeon... Triatath waltzed up to the man, he simply looked at Triatath with eyes which clearly showed distress. Triatath came closer "need any help here mate?" Triatath picked up a passport template and walked up the line, he asked a large gentleman "could you give me your details please? Date of birth, place of birth, first name and surname if you will." Triatath walked back to the panicking rune knight and handed him the completed passport, the man glanced at it and stamped it immediately. This is going to be easy! Triatath grabbed a stack of passport templates and began slimming the line down, he asked many people, most people were simply here so that they could have the right to go on vacation in other places. Triatath came up to a tall slender gentleman, He began asking the usual questions, date of birth etc, but when Triatath glanced up, this man seemed rather peculiar, dubious in fact! "Sir, are you a mage?" questioned Triatath "Clearly you can sense my magic level you legal guilded fool" the man promptly had his posture held high "sure... whatever... what guild do you happen to be in mister Rico." Triatath put the pencil he was using to write with in his pocket. The man cackled "THE NOTORIOUS DARK GUILD OF THIS AREA!" the man yelled, silence blanketed over the queue "Oh, I see, one of those guild master-less guilds which have been causing trouble recently..." Triatath frowned. Triatath kicked the man in the stomach. Hard. The dark mage keeled over in pain, screwing his face up. Triatath proceeded to calmly drop kick the mage's neck after he bent over. The now unconscious man lay sprawled across the ground, limp. Triatath picked up the man and slung him over his shoulder. "anyone else care to join him?" Triatath peered about at the terrified faces "I didn't think so. Well then, I must be on my way ladies and gentleman." Triatath calmly and quickly set the man down in front of the overworked rune knight "one less dark guild member, one less crime eh mate? Triatath Filled out a passport for himself and handed it to the Rune knight for stamping. He slammed it with the magical seal. Well that's that done

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    Cross Country Empty Re: Cross Country

    Post by Hikachu 17th July 2015, 3:50 am

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