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    Dliver My Letter!(Solo/Job)

    Rei Miyako
    Rei Miyako

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    Dliver My Letter!(Solo/Job) Empty Dliver My Letter!(Solo/Job)

    Post by Rei Miyako 16th July 2015, 4:59 pm

    Rei knocked on the door of the house that the guild paperwork indicated that the job owner had written down. A movement at the window caught Rei's sharp eyes, a man peered out and seemed confused at seeing a little girl knocking on his door alone. He came to the door moments later and opened it, Yes little girl? Ar you lost? he asked as he knelt down to be eye-to-eye with her.

    Rei wasn't in the mood to be patronized right now, she just smiled softly and held up the guild job paperwork to him. Rei is here for the job you posted. Rei will deliver your letter. The man blinked in surprise and studied the little girl: was couldn't be more than ten years old and yet she had the courage of a lion and the maturity of a full grown adult.

    He breathed in for a moment and thought about it out loud without realizing it. While I did not expect this, it is true that a little girl would be able to sneak in and about without catching too much attention from the security guards... this should be perfect! Whether he realized what he was saying out lout or not, he didn't seem to know- Rei didn't really care one way or the other. To her, it was a very simple job, one that didn't even require the use of magic. He handed her the letter, addressed to a specific individual and told Rei who the person was. He looked at her as if she should be surprised, but Rei wasn't. Rei had spent the last couple of years imprisoned without any clue as to the happenings of the world.

    She took the letter and was off to the nearest convention area- supposedly this "celebrity" was going to be in Magnolia today with a security team to keep her crazy fans at bay. When Rei arrived at the center, it was filled with a whole lote of people- more people than Rei could ever remember seeing. These weren't normal people either, they were screaming, crying and jumping fans. People are weird... she thought to herself as she looked at the letter. Why hadn't the man had the courage himself to take the letter to her instead of sending an eight year old to do it? it just didn't make sense. She sighed and waded through the group of people.

    She got near the front of the stage and saw that the celebrity still wasn't out yet, it was her chance to go backstage and deliver the letter. With her sharp eyes, she studied the group of security guards who paced the stage: the walked about in a half circle formation- this indicated that their relaxed demeanor to the back half of the stage was guarded by at least one more guard. Rei sidled through the crowd to the side and peered out around a large man. There was one more guard and he had just turned his back to radio to the front guards. Rei took that opportunity to quietly sneak past the guard and enter backstage. She walked quickly but quietly until she found the celebrity sitting at a seat and putting her own makeup on. Rei delivers this for you from an old friend... Rei explained quickly and set the letter down. The woman seemed surprised a little girl had managed to sneak past her security guards and the courage to meet her alone. She blinked with surprise and then smiled.

    She recognized the handwriting on the letter and picked it up quickly, she turned to Rei, Thank you.. umm.. Rei? she turned to the girl to say, but Rei was already gone. She had slipped back to the front of the stage and left before whatever was happening was to happen. There were advantages to being small.


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    Dliver My Letter!(Solo/Job) Empty Re: Dliver My Letter!(Solo/Job)

    Post by Hikachu 17th July 2015, 3:53 am

    Dliver My Letter!(Solo/Job) YdROJZD


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