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    Slave Liberation (Kite and??

    Kite Wilhelm
    Kite Wilhelm

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    Slave Liberation (Kite and?? Empty Slave Liberation (Kite and??

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 14th July 2015, 7:18 pm

    The train leaving Magnolia's station started off slow going at first but in about no time the train roared as it poured steam into the air and clicked and clacked its way down the track. Seated in the back of the train leaning against the window looking out the window was Kite. He watched as the landscape in the distance began to shift from right to left moving as the train moved and eventually sped up. Luckily the train was relatively empty and peaceful just how Kite liked his travels.

    Now that he was fully situated on the train he figured it was as good a time as any to read the letter that was delivered to him from the Lamia Scale guild's address. He opened up the letter to re read it while he was unoccupied. The letter simply requested that he come to the Lamia Scale guild. There wasn't a name written signature so he had no idea who it was that actually sent it to him but there were two people, two members of that guild who he had previously met. ”only two people from there who would know me by name as guild. Either Enola or the fire Dragon slayer... Or Make that number three. Enola's companion Agnuis also is there. “ he said as a chill went down his back remembering when the serpent woman attempted to flirt and seduce him. ”but the real question is what sort of job would warrant any of them out source and to seek me for help… Especially seeing as they're in a guild full of mages“ he said concentrating on the words again and again hoping that somehow the words written on the paper would reveal the deeper meaning the reason why they were written in the first place. Kite folded the paper back up so that the contents were hidden as people passed by him.going to the next available train car. While it was a regular occurrence to see a mage on a train going from job to job Kite didn’t want anyone to see the contents of his letter after all it was quite possible that the letter was written short not for lack of information sharing but possibly to be discreet in requesting help. ”Well, might as well “ he said to himself as he crumpled up the letter into a ball and lit the paper on fire and let it burn in his hand. Better take a nap while I can, Have a feeling that things will get interesting as time goes on and I won’t get such an opportunity in the near future. Kite slumped down into his seat and crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes. .

    In about an hour’s time the train finally arrived at the final destination in the form of the port town of Hargeon, which is when Kite woke up to the sound of a conductor yelling out to inform the passengers of the train’s next stop. “ Next Stop! Hargeon! End of the line!” Kite heard the loud man’s voice and started to push himself back up into an upright seated position scratching his head while yawning ”I’ve always hated that saying… End of the line always sounded so ominous to him enough to send a small chill up his spine “. He stood up and threw his arms out to his side stretching his chest and shoulder underneath his armor and proceeded to make his way up the aisle towards the front of the train car towards the exit. The second he exited the train he turned right and headed towards the direction of the Lamia Scale guild hall. He had passed several stores and stands but he eventually was standing outside the Lamia Scale’s building but he didn’t know how to proceed from her. ”Hmmm Do I knock? or ring a door bell or something? “ he asked himself as he looked at the door questioning his next move would be.

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