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    Trip~ Empty Trip~

    Post by --Cookie__ on Tue 14 Jul 2015, 22:56

    My god I hate doing these.. But for the sake of me being lazy and not wanting to go to each person that I've involved myself with currently, this is pretty much the only other option.

    As I've told several people, I think so at least, I'm leaving tomorrow, the 15th, to head to Montana for about.. Two weeks at the most visiting family. So any threads I'm in right now.. Uhh.. I'll try and post as much as humanly possible before tomorrow cause I'll be up all night. After about 3 days into the trip I should pop up for about four or five days, just a bit inactive and then I'll be gone for about another four before being on for quite a bit again~

    About Alex's Slayer position.. I really hope this won't make it even more possible for it to be taken away seeing as I had taken a break for about a month and a half away from posting two months ago which then led to the fact that I never really started any threads for the requirements on the Activity Check. Oh dear..

    So, yeup.
    See ya'll on the flip side in two weeks~

    No.. Like seriously. I hate making these things but I'm stressed out with packing and stuff that I just don't have the energy to inform people one on one or whatever.


    Trip~ XHOO0pR


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    Trip~ Empty Re: Trip~

    Post by Cr1tikal on Wed 15 Jul 2015, 03:39

    Have a safe trip. Make sure to come back, y'here?


    Trip~ MQNhOUw

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